The Hybrid

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Just as the dagger flew past in between their heads, they both turned around. Two pairs of wide crimson eyes found mine, shock and surprise flashed in both of their eyes along with something else. Perhaps fear?

"What're you going to do.....kill both of us?" asked Henry annoyed, glaring at me.

I began walking towards them "yea, that's what im gonna do", after saying it I threw the other silver dagger at Henry. I aimed at his head this time, he dodged it but late as it grazed his cheek. Crimson red oozed out of his wound as he wiped it and looked at his blood in shock and disbelief.

"You bitch" he spat out, in his scarlet eyes flashed with anger while his hands curled into fists and his body visibly tensed. He ran towards me, getting his arm ready to hit me. I saw it coming and caught his hand in my grip. He tried to hit me with his other hand while I still held his first hand, but he was sloppy, it looked like it wasn't his dominant hand. I caught the other one too. Once I had a good grip on both of them, I sent a powerful kick into his chest. I heard the sickening crack of bones and ligaments tearing right before he flew halfway across the room.

Not waiting for him to fall to the ground I turned my attention to my mother. Her wide eyes met mine and she closed her mouth that was hanging open. Her shock shifted into determination, a smirk appeared on her face.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she said right before she began to run towards me. Through the growling and chaos that was around me, I heard quick footsteps nearing as they got louder. Quickly turning my head, Henry was on his feet making his way to me. In my distraction, searing pain erupted in my chest as my mother kicked me and I found myself flying few meters away. Quickly getting to my feet I watched as my mother took Henry's hand and guided him hurriedly towards the door.

"COWARDS" I screamed at them "finish this...NOW" I demanded while I got to my feet. They both stopped in their tracks.

"Henry you must go" I heard her say to him urgently. Pang of pain surge through my heart when I saw the way she looked at him. It was the same way she used to look at me. Pure care and admiration.

She looked away from him, her eyes roamed over the room, assessing the situation "go" she urged him once she turned her attention back to him.

I looked around as well. Dead bodies were scattered all over the floor, laying in their pools of blood. Sam and the guys were fighting off a few of the last remaining vampires alive.

When I turned my head back towards her, she was staring me down, the care and love in her gaze she held towards Henry were gone, filled with utter anger and hatred. "You call me a coward?" she spat out as she took a few steps towards me.

"Stop trying to run and finish this" I spat out with the same venom she used towards me.

"You're right, we should finish this," she said with a lighter voice "but let get something clear...I'm not a coward. Because of your father and YOU, I left behind my life. Your father brainwashed me, thinking he loved me, but my true love waited for me here in this mansion. He's dead, so don't call me a coward for going back to my true family." Her venom was back at the last sentence.

As I listened to her, I wondered if that's how she felt the whole time about me and my father. When memories of my childhood flashed in my mind I couldn't remember anything less than love towards me and dad. I couldn't understand how could she change like this. Perhaps, Henry was the one who brainwashed her.

"Thanks for the clarification," I said with a steely voice, as I glared at her and sorrow filled my core. She was still my mother despite the fact she hated me with passion and wanted me dead.

By the time I said it, she didn't lose any second and ran towards me. Once she was close enough she jumped on me, placing both her hands on my temple, trying to twist my head. Thanks to the impact I lost balance and we both tumbled to the floor while she was still on top of me. At this point, she straddled me, her both hands on my neck squeezing the life out of me. I opened my mouth trying to get much-needed air but nothing came rushing into my lungs.

With my newfound power, I was strong than any vampire apart from my mother. She was a millennium old. With age appeared more power. And she was ancient.

As I gasped for air, a hateful triumphant smirk appeared on her face. Suddenly her hands disappeared from my neck and I took in a greedy deep breath while she was pushed off of me. Quickly sitting up and clutching at my raw neck, I glanced towards my mother. Two wolves were fighting her. I immediately knew it was Sam and Will. As I stood up to my feet still watching the scene in front of me, Will's wolf was thrown into a wall. Whimpers left his mouth. Running towards him I glanced at Sam. He sure knew what he was doing, he was strong thanks to his alpha blood and was effectively dodging and jumping away from my mother's sharp nails.

Reaching Will, he was getting to his four legs, but slightly limping on his hind leg. I pet him on his head "can you please take Alex's body out of here." he looked me in the eyes and nodded slightly "and please make sure the rest of you gets out" I pet him one more time and made my way towards my mother and Sam.

My advantage was that she was busy with Sam, not seeing me coming. I picked up my speed and just as she stood there aiming for Sam's snout, I slid on the flood and kicked into her ankles, falling to the flood. In a split second, I was on top of her, blowing punches into her stunning ethereal face. Blood began to pour from her lip. She caught my fists and sat up, staring dead in my eyes. She was so close to my face, I felt her breath on my skin gently fanning it. As I stared into her eyes, her scarlets darkened and pure rage flashed in them. Not waiting any second for her to gain the upper hand, I did the only thing at that moment I could think of. With all my strength I slammed my forehead onto her already bleeding nose. Very loud cracking of bones filled my ears while pain seared through my head from the impact.

Letting go of my hands she fell to the ground again clutching at her nose. I stood up, she was distracted, letting out a hiss, I didn't notice the movement of one of her legs. She kicked my feet and my legs unbuckled under me. Sam was to my side immediately, sniffing and licking my face. Swatting him away I stood up. It wasn't time to be all lovey-dovey. "I'm sorry, but it's not the right time," I said apologetically. He moved his gaze towards my mother. I did the same, she just got to her feet.

Before she could do anything, I began to punch her, in her face and stomach, then used my long claws, slicing through her flesh on her back as her body turned away from the impact of my first. I went in again, this time sending a powerful kick into her jaw as she spat out blood and fell to the ground. Not waiting any second and not giving her a window to strike I straddled her again, but before I could put my hands on her temples to twist her head, she managed to put one of her legs on my chest from behind and pulled me off of her. I tumbled backwards.

By the time I was on my feet, she was already up and fighting Sam. This time her sharp nails cut through Sam's flesh on his neck. He fell to the ground whimpering. She got ahold of his head and tried to twist it. He whimpered louder and tried to pull away from her, struggling. Her grip on him was too strong.

Just as she tried to twist his head again, I yelled "Nooo" as panic and fear filled my body. I couldn't handle losing my mate. I lost Alex, losing Sam was out of the question.

She snapped her scarlet eyes to me, then her eyes widened once she saw the fear in my face and realised what Sam was to me "he's your mate" she breathed out. Then a wicked smile appeared on her face "this is getting better"

Sam still struggled in her hold, his molten gold gaze briefly met mine, panic written in them.

"Come and get him then" taunting me, just so she could kill him. I was frozen to the spot, replying in my head Alex's death. A sudden gunshot echoed throughout the place. It snapped me out of my frozen state. My mother whipped her head towards the exit door where the gunshot came from. I took the opportunity and ran towards her, my sharp claws ready. As I reached them I jumped over Sam's humongous wolf, my hands landing on her neck my claws digging into her neck. I threw her across the large room, her body collided with the wall and then fell to the ground.

Quickly glancing at Sam to check if he was ok which he was, I turned my attention towards my mother. Just as she got to her feet I jumped towards her, my hand with my claws on her neck returning the favour of squeezing the life out of her. Her hands shot towards my arms digging her sharp nails into my flesh. Blood oozed out of my forearms as she struggled to get some air into her lungs. As I looked into her wide crimson eyes, memories flooded my mind.

Remembering her tugging me into bed when I was small, her loving eyes stared into mine as she lowered her face to kiss me on my cheek. My hold on her neck loosened a bit and she took the opportunity and pushed me away, my hands slipping from her neck. I stumbled back a few steps as tears formed in my eyes threatening to escape. Her piercing gaze never left my face as she rubbed her neck. "Sweetheart... you'll never be able to kill me," she said in a mocking voice. Suddenly she bolted towards me, tackling me down. Before she could do anything I pushed her off with all my might and she flew few meters away. As I abruptly stood up Sam's voice echoed in the late room "Ellie!" He shouted, now in his human form and I whipped my head towards him. He threw one of the silver daggers at me. I caught it with ease and turned towards my mother. She was just on her legs about to run towards me when I threw the dagger at her. In the split second the dagger was sticking out of her chest all the way to the hilt, dark crimson oozed out of her chest down her belly. Her wide eyes found mine and I stared as she tumbled to the floor.

I stood there still staring at her unmoving lifeless body, my body and mind numb from what just happened. I suddenly felt tears falling down my cheeks and my vision got blurry from the wetness. I sank to the floor holding my face in my hands and I shook from the sobs my body let out.




Those emotions stormed in my body as I cried my eyes out for the woman I loved. She hated me in the last hours of her life. Realising I didn't know her at all. I killed my own mother. At that moment I wished she was dead the first time. I wanted to remember her as a loving mother. I wanted to cherish those sweet memories I had with her. She was a person who I looked up to. She was the kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up. My father popped into my head. He still loved her, still missed her and longed for her. How could I tell him she hated us, that we were only a burden to her. She never loved us.

More tears spilt from my eyes as I felt strong warm arms engulfing me into a hug. I lifted my head from my hands finding Sam's deep gaze filled with compassion and understanding. I placed my arms around his neck hugging him tightly.

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