The Hybrid

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Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Two weeks have passed since the killing of Alex and my mother. Since then I've barely left my room, wallowing in deep depression and sorrow. That day, I lost two people I loved, two people I would end my life for. Instead, my mother was killed by my own hands and Alex, by my own mother.

Sam stayed with me for a few days but was forced to get back to his pack, promising he would visit as often as he could. Every time he would visit I felt happy but a pang of guilt filled my heart. I knew he wanted to claim me but he refused to do so. When I voiced it, he told me that he wants me happy that he would wait as long as needed. And I was grateful for that.

Few days after returning I needed to let know Liam and Olivia about Alex. That phone call was the hardest I ever had to make. I'd never forgotten Olivia's cries and Liam as he went quiet. It tore my heart to shreds. It was even worse for Markus. It was hard enough for him to get used to being a werewolf. When I told him about Alex's death, he ran off into the woods and didn't come back for a week. I wanted to go after him but my father stopped me, telling me he needed time to grieve.

Telling father about mother, about everything she said and felt towards us, he tried to look like it didn't affect him but I knew it did. I saw the sadness in his eyes every time he came to my room. He was trying to be strong for me but deep down he was in pain. My mother was his mate and I was certain she loved him when they were together. I didn't understand what happened to her, why she changed so much. My heart ached for my dad every time I saw him. Every time I looked at him he would just hug me without saying anything.

"I wish I met Alex," he said to me pulling out of the embrace.

A weak sad smile appeared on my face "me too. You'd like him"

My dad chuckled lightly as he looked at his hands his shoulders slouched slightly. A knock came through the door. Letting the person behind the door know that they could enter, Will's head peeked inside. I smiled at his goofy smile that was plastered all over his face. He always tried to lift my spirits.

"I found him," he said as he strolled into my room. I straightened up at his revelation, the smile wiped from my face.

"Where," I said urgently

"In Boston," he said carefully his eyes never leaving mine.

I furrowed my eyebrows. Boston? What is he doing in Boston? I thought to myself. Then it hit me like a rock. Liam and Olivia were still in Boston. I was pretty sure Henry was planning revenge involving Olivia and Liam. He couldn't get to me because I was surrounded by my pack so he chose an easier target. Without waiting any longer I grabbed my phone that was on my nightstand and dialled Olivia's number. It rang two times before her melodic voice echoed through.

"Hello" I heard her voice from the other side of the line.

"Olivia. You have to get out of Boston" I said urgently

"Why," she said sceptically

"Henry is after you and Liam," I said quickly

It was quiet on the other side of the phone. I was breathing rapidly, my hands shook and I heard my heart thumping erratically against my chest bone. After agonisingly long two seconds Liam's voice echoed through the phone.

"What's going on Ellie" his voice sounded impatient and irritated.

"Liam you need to get out of there. Henry is after the two of you"

I heard him taking a deep breath

"Come to my pack" I looked at my dad and he nodded slightly "he won't try anything here"

Liam was quiet on the other side then he agreed.

"I can't believe he's doing this" I mumbled to myself after ending the phone call, my gaze travelled to the wooden floor. I felt my dad's hand on my shoulder "this is a nightmare, I feel like this is never going to end unless he is dead" I said to my dad as I looked at him. My eyes flicked to Will while he watched me intensely.

My dad's eyes widened when he saw the determination that filled my body. I didn't need to tell him anything, he knew by just looking at me "Ellie, you just got back. Have someone else to deal with it" he said worry rolling off of him in waves.

"Dad, I have to do this"

He pressed his lips in a thin line and nodded once seeing I wouldn't change my mind. Placing my hand on his shoulder and slightly squeezed, stood up and began to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going" Will's voice filled my ears.

I turned my head around to glance at him "I need a plan, get your father." He nodded and walked past me. I turned my attention towards my dad and gestured for him to follow me.


My dad sat in his chair by his big desk as I sat across from him waiting for Will and Rick. Once they entered I filled Rick on everything and we began to plan. It turned out that there was a whole vampire council in Boston.

"Dad I need your contacts in Boston to make it look like an accident," I said as I studied the map sprawled on the table. He nodded as I looked at him. The entire time we planned he was quiet. He was upset with me that much I knew. He didn't want me to go and I understood his concern but I had to. This time I would do it differently.

We decided that it would be best if only a few werewolves came. Me, Will and one other named Joe. He loved anything about bombs which was exactly what we needed.

After finishing the plan I left the office, satisfied and hoping that the plan would work. I decided that I wouldn't tell Sam about it. He had enough of his problems to deal with in his pack. I had Will, my right hand, and I knew with him by my side nothing would happen to me.


Two days later

Sitting behind the half wall on top of the roof across the building where currently the vampire council was held, I looked through the binoculars. I saw perfectly, Henry sitting at the large wooden table talking with the rest of the council, as he casually took a sip of his glass that he held in one of his hands. I moved the binoculars down towards the slayers that were dressed in casual clothes walking into the building.

It was night, the street lamps illuminating the streets below me. I had contacted the slayers that same night after the planning, asking for help. I needed someone to sneak into the building. Thankfully the leader was more than happy to help. At the end of the day, I was helping them to get rid of the vampires.

Dialing Will's phone number I said with a hushed tone "how is it going down there"

"Good, Joe is placing the last one" his voice rang through the phone.

"Perfect, after you're finished come to me" and I swiped the red button to end the call.

I glanced at Liam next to me, his back was to the half wall, his emerald gaze on me. Those eyes, that reminded me so much of Alex.

"Two more minutes, just waiting for the slayers to leave the building," I spoke to Liam, looking through the binoculars, scanning the building. He didn't say anything just waited patiently with his hand on the sniper ready for action.

When I told Liam about my plan he insisted on killing Henry himself. And I gladly left it to him. I was sick and tired of death, even though Henry was my brother and wanted to kill him more than anything I left it to Liam. He was seeking revenge for Alex and Markus. When he told me of his useful skills with the sniper I didn't hesitate a second.

Moments later I saw the three slayers leaving the building and then heard footsteps behind. I whipped my head towards the footsteps, Will and Joe heading towards me.

"Ready?" I asked both of them.

Will nodded as he sat next to me on the other side from Liam, his back to the half wall.

I turned my head towards Liam and nodded. He impatiently got off his backside and knelt in front of the half wall and leaning against it as he held his sniper, aiming and concentrating. Grabbing my binoculars I found Henry still sitting at the table talking, oblivious of what was about to happen. Suddenly I heard the sharp noise that came from the sniper and felt the waves through the air as the bullet rushed towards its target. Second later, I saw the silver bullet piercing through the glass and sinking into Henry's chest.

The glass Henry held, fell to the table the blood spilling everywhere as the bullet hit him in the middle of his chest where his heart would be. In a split of a second, he was dead, leaning against the comfortable looking leather chair. Another three pairs of crimson red eyes shot towards the glass but Liam was quick. One after another he shot them with the silver bullets into their chests, effectively killing them before they could attempt to run.

"Now Joe," I said still looking through the binoculars.

I hid behind the half wall a second later as the bombs that Joe and the slayers placed on and in the building went off. I clutched at my sensitive ears as the loudest bang filled my ears. We were far enough, I made sure that the explosion wouldn't affect us but I felt the wave as the air shifted and the loud noise filled my ears. Seconds later, I still lied on the roof clutching my ears. Smoke, the smell of burn and fire filled my nose. The loudest ringing I ever experienced echoed in my ears.

Slowly sitting up once the ringing in my ears eased off, my eyes scanned my companions. Everyone was fine, some still clutching at their ears. Then I looked out over the half wall and the building that proudly stood there was gone. Instead, some ruins were still lit on fire as the smoke kept filling the air. Sirens of police and firefighters echoed in the night as they rushed towards the destroyed building.

I turned around sitting back, leaning my back on the half wall I let out a deep breath and closed my eyes. A sense of relief washed over me and I felt like a large boulder lifted off of my shoulders. Finally. I thought to myself. I wished my relationship with Henry wasn't an absolute disaster, literally. But if I wouldn't kill him, he sure would try to kill me again. I wouldn't be able to get him off of my back until he was dead. His or my death was inevitable.

It didn't bring Alex back, but at least justice was served. His death was avenged and I hoped he was in peace. He would always have a piece of my heart, I would never forget about him. I still loved him and missed him and I hoped, one day we would meet again.


Three months later

"Ellie Evan the new Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack," my dad said through the microphone with the biggest smile on his lips. His eyes flickered to me, pride and happiness flashed in his gaze. I returned his gaze then my eyes found Sam right underneath the podium watching me with pure love in his depths.

That day I became the Alpha. A few days before, me and Sam sealed the deal. We claimed each other. I was his Luna but also Alpha in my pack. Since our packs were neighbours we decided we would merge our packs, making it one giant pack that dominated North America. Our pack would be called Lunae Lumen Pack. We would make that announcement later that day.

At last, I was happy. I had everything I ever wanted, loving family and loving mate. I was surrounded by family and my pack. It felt surreal. If you would tell me last year, I would end up having everything I dreamed of wouldn't believe you. Now all left to do were the pups.

The End
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