The Hybrid

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Chapter 4

I stood there frozen, watching the door open, the delicious smell of blood hit me. The coppery smell invaded my senses; my mouth started salivating and it took all my strength, not to lung at the person opening the door.

My hands curled up into fists, my nails dag into my flesh to distract myself from the urge to suck the person dry. I didn't want to hurt the person, but my control hanged on a thin thread.

The person slowly walked in with a blood bag in his hand. The strong heart pumping the blood into his entire body invaded my ears. My eyes were glued to the blood bag the human held, not daring to move them towards the face of the person.

I felt eyes on me and the tense atmosphere between us. Every agonising second we stood there, I mentally fought my body to stay still. Every cell of my body screamed at me to take what I needed. My fangs ached, my hands shook and all I saw was the blood in his hand and heard the loud beating of his heart.

I turned away facing the window, fearing if I look at the person any longer I would lose control. Second, later I heard a slushing noise coming from the bed. My eyes shot towards the bed and the blood bag laying there.

Quickly grabbing it, I pierced my sharp nail through the plastic container at the top and began drinking the blood desperately quick. Once the coppery taste of the delicious crimson liquid hit my tongue, I let out a guttural groan and closed my eyes in relief. I just couldn't help it. I took a big greedy gulps and felt my muscles relax, my throat didn't feel parched and my fangs didn't hurt anymore.

My vampire side began to subside. Once I finished the blood, a loud sigh of relief left my lips and my shoulders sagged a little bit as my body completely relaxed. I dropped the empty bag to the floor.

I slowly turned around, feeling the presence of the man that brought me the blood. He eyed me cautiously, taking in my every move. We stood there staring at each other for God knows how long.

I noticed his emerald eyes were very similar to the man who kidnapped me. His facial features were similar too. They both had a sharp jawline, nearly the same height and same broad shoulders packed with muscles. The only difference was that this man had short dark brown hair. Cut shorter on the sides and in the back but a bit longer on top.

The only thing that popped into my mind was they were brothers. I noticed the tenseness in his posture. His facial expression was hard, unreadable, still watching my every move as if I would attack him.

The corners of my lips raised into a smile which I tried to hide. I liked the way he was cautious of me. My long sharp nails disappeared but my fangs stayed. It always took longer for the fangs to go back to their normal length. I sat across the bed, my back leaning against the cold wall my legs crossed at the knees dangling over the edge. His eyes were still glued to me, his stone-hard stare piercing through me.

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice stern and steady, finally breaking the silence that engulfed us.

My eyes went to his weapon fastened on his belt. The same weapon the other guy used to shoot me with the drug. "And don't you dare shooting me with the drug" my voice laced with steel as I pointed towards his gun with my forefinger.

That seemed to snap him out of the stare and he chuckled. Amusement flashed in his eyes. "If you don't try anything I won't shoot you, plus the drug is still in your system." His deep voice rang in my ears as he took a few steps into the room. "As of who I am? I could be your enemy or your ally. That's up to you to decide" he said, his voice calm and steady.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion and I narrowed my eyes at him. "How can we be allies... you're a slayer. My species doesn't mix with yours" I replied with venom in my voice.

He smiled "oh so you pieced that together" he raised his eyebrow at me. I just watched him, wanting him to answer my question. "We could work together, help me bring down the vampires and I let you live," he said seriously his eyes boring into mine.

I stared at him for a second, when my mind registered what he said I began to laugh loudly. I laughed so much my stomach began to ache and tears ran down my cheeks. When I glanced at him, he was staring at me his eyebrows furrowed and irritation flashed in his eyes.

I finally calmed down after a few minutes "what makes you think I want to work with you." I smiled at the end of the sentence.

"Don't you want a normal life?" He asked me raising an eyebrow at me.

The smile and amusement left my face. Of course, I wanted a normal life. This was something I wanted more than anything. But could I trust him? I learned not to trust people after running for so long. Certainly not a slayer. He hunted my species; how could I trust him he wouldn't kill me once I helped him. This was something I couldn't risk.

When he saw I wasn't going to give him an answer he added "with the vampire council alive, they won't leave you alone. You will be on the run until they get to you and kill you. This is your chance"

My eyes were on him, watching him take in all the words he was saying. I knew very well they wouldn't leave me alone. I knew very well I had no chance to have a normal life but I still couldn't trust him.

He was eyeing me, his face stoic. I knew he was trying to read my face but I kept my face unreadable too. We stared at each other for a good minute.

A mental war stormed in my head, one side of me wanted to take this offer and finally get my life together, this side wanted me to trust him. Trust that he was honourable and wouldn't betray me. But the other side doubted everything he said. He would let me live only until I would help him but then he would kill me. That's what he does. Killing vampires. And I was half-vampire. He could see me as a threat.

"Help me and you will be free of them." He said, snapping me out of my mental war, interrupting the silence that filled the room.

I narrowed my eyes at him "and how do I know you won't stab me in the back once I help you. How do I know you won't kill me"

"All I can do is to give you my word." He said calmly.

Suddenly anger took over my body "Your word means nothing to me. I've been abducted and drugged more than once by one of your people. You keep me here locked like a prisoner, and I have done nothing wrong to you. Yes, I am a hybrid, half-vampire and werewolf but I never feed on people. You want me to trust you yet you treat me like a prisoner. Trust needs to be earned...not demanded"

His eyes widened at my outburst. He opened his mouth to say something but all of a sudden the door opened and my eyes shoot to the person interrupting.

A tall blonde woman walked in, she wore the same outfit as he did, she was a slayer too. Her curious eyes found me for a second before turning towards the slayer.

"Liam, Alex is looking for you," she said calmly with a monotone voice. He just nodded still watching me with an unreadable facial expression, his eyes left my face as he turned around and then began walking. They both left the room locking after them.

I let out an angry sigh, I brought my knees closer to my chest, hugging them my forehead resting on them. Anger was still bubbling within me but slowly subsiding. My mind drowned in thoughts of the conversation I just had with him. He wanted me to work with him, to kill the ones who wanted me dead. But trust was a luxury I couldn't afford. I always had a problem trusting people, now, I would have to trust him.

No...I need to escape.

My mind wandered to what would my life be if we did succeed, what would I do. Would I find love and home? Would I have children? Or career?

I let out a sigh and shook my head as I gazed out of the window. I needed a break from those thoughts.

The sky was blue, not a single cloud could be seen and the sun was shining brightly. It was a nice day considering we were heading into December. The sun was a lot higher in the sky than when I woke up. It must have been afternoon.

I slowly laid down on the bed. My eyes still watching the sky. I wondered what would my life be if I was just a regular human. Would I have children, or would I reach my dream and work in NASA. Would my parents be still alive if we would be humans? Would I be married? I sighed again I am not a regular human, no point thinking about it.

Get it together Ellie! Think of an escape plan.

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