The Hybrid

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Chapter 5

Hours have passed, the sky was dark. A slither of the moon adorned the inky sky and stars were scattered across, shining like specks of diamonds. It was beautiful. I always preferred night, it made me feel more secure. Perhaps because I could hide easily in the night and the shadows than in the light of day.

There was no light in my cell which I appreciated, I could see in the darkness just fine thanks to my genes. It also showed me that there were no street lamps around, meaning only one thing, I was in the middle of nowhere. Which, if I managed to escape would be to my advantage. I could shift into my beast and run faster not being scared of anyone seeing me.

The annoying feeling to use the toilet was getting uncomfortable. I've been holding it for a few hours. I got off the bed and walked towards the camera. If they heard me the first time they might hear me again, I just hoped someone was there. "I need to use the toilet!" I yelled, beginning to pace around the room, the urge to pee was getting unbearable.

A few minutes later while I still paced around the room nervously, a man walked in and closed the door behind him. I stopped pacing once my eyes landed on him. I've never seen him before.

He was tall with a fair bit of muscles and he wore the same clothes as the other two I saw so far. Another slayer, looks like everyone here was a slayer. I wondered how many were there. He held a silver gun pointing at me. The moonlight that was shining through the window reflected on the hilt of the gun. "If you try anything, I'll shoot you" his voice was sharp, his facial expression stoic.

I smiled "don't worry, I won't try anything. I don't intend to run...yet" I said calmly as I walked towards him, trying to intimidate him. However, that didn't seem to work.

A smirk appeared on his face as he took out handcuffs that were hooked in a compartment on his belt. I sighed, my mood fell a fraction as I held out my hands. He put them on rather tightly then went to the side and opened the door to let me pass through the door.

Once getting into the hallway the harsh light greeted me and I had to blink my eyes a few times to get used to it. As we walked he kept behind me, his gun poking me in my back, from time to time.

I noticed the halls were plain it gave a hospital or laboratory type of feel. Clean, plain white, harshly lit. And nothing was indicating where I was. He stopped in front of the door, and because I walked in front of him I didn't see he stopped. I felt his hand on my elbow as he roughly pulled me back, nearly falling on my bum. "Hey!" I said annoyed. His eyes flashed with irritation, his lips in a tight line as he opened the door.

Anger flared within me "No need to treat me like an animal" my voice was cold, but I tried to control it.

He looked at me, hatred flashed in his emerald eyes. I could feel the loathing he felt towards me, in waves as they crashed into me.

"To me, you're worse than an animal," he said with so much venom in his voice, I fought the urge not to flinch. That hit me right in the heart. Even though I didn't know him, he hating me only because of what I was really struck me

He roughly pushed me in as he turned on the light. It was a big room, shower stalls on one side and the other toilets separated by a wall. I walked towards the toilets quickly wanting to be as far away from him as possible. I opened the door of the stalls and walked in, as I was about to close it he stopped it with his hand holding the door firmly.

"The door will stay open,"

I narrowed my eyes at him, my eyebrows furrowed and anger began to bubble inside of me threatening to spill over once again "seriously?".

He didn't say anything, just glared at me

"I'm not doing it in front of you." I hissed through my clenched teeth. He looked at my hands still handcuffed then bored his eyes into mine. He looked as if he had an inner argument with himself. He let go of the door and took a step back, his eyes staring into my soul.

I harshly closed and locked the door, then leaned on one side of the stall. Closing my eyes as I began to feel hopeless. I felt my eyes burning as they began to fill with tears but I quickly wiped them away. I sighed loudly, thinking it wasn't time for crying and showing him how his behaviour got to me. I sit on the toilet and did my business.

Once I returned to my cell I began feeling tired. I laid down on the bed. My mind swirled with thoughts of Liam's offer once again. Maybe he was honourable and he would keep his word. Well, if he wouldn't he'd still need me to help him and before he would even try anything, I would run. Escape wouldn't be easy, I had a feeling there were a lot more slayers than I thought. Plus there were cameras everywhere. Starting to feel the heaviness of my eyes, I curled up and closed them as sleep overtook my body.


The noise of the keys juggling in the door woke me up. I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes and sat up. Liam walked in by the time I checked who it was. Wiping the sleep away from my eyes, his deep voice echoed in the room "good morning" he had a smile on his face, looking relaxed as my eyes shot towards him.

"Someone had good night sleep," I said sarcastically.

He smiled even wider "no, that's me being nice," he said with amusement in his voice.

I narrowed my eyes at him "what do you want"

"I came to see if you made the decision"

"I have a question," I said my eyes boring into his "what would happen to me if I said no"

His amusement shifted into serious demeanour, his smile fading "You would be killed"

I scoffed, knowing his answer before he even replied "so you're blackmailing me" anger began to fill my body slowly.

His eyes moved to the floor "just take the offer and you will get to live" his voice was cold.

"No, I have a better idea. I should just kill all of you and get on with my life" I was fuming inside but I managed to keep it under control, which surprised me.

His eyes widened for a split second then he quickly composed himself into his usual emotionless facial expression "good luck with that" he said as he began walking towards the door.

"I've killed vampires and werewolves before" I stated coldly and he stopped walking still facing the door. "They were easy to kill, what makes you think I wouldn't be able to kill you either"

He stood still for a second before he spoke "As I said, good luck with that" and with that, he left the room locking behind him. I kept sitting on the bed staring at the door. Anger still boiled within me and I wasn't in a good situation. Thankfully, that drug was out of my system and I could transform. Perhaps I should have taken the risk and tried to escape. I couldn't trust him with my life, any of them for that matter.

A few minutes passed, I was drowned in my thoughts. I heard the door open again and my eyes snapped towards the person. A woman walked holding a tray full of food.

When the delicious smell of waffles and bacon hit my sensitive nose, my stomach gurgled. But the food was the last thing on my mind. Something snapped in my mind and I rapidly stood up.

This could be my chance.

In split second my beastly fangs elongated with my sharp claws and I felt my muscles and bones get stronger. I let out a growl, startling the woman that was oblivious of me shifting while she put the food on the bed.

Her wide eyes snapped to me, fear plastered all over her face at the sight of me. She took a step back and I pounced on her. By the time she took out her gun, I pushed her into the wall so hard I heard her skull hitting the wall and then she slid off to the floor unconscious, leaving a thick streak of crimson blood behind her on the wall.

I just stood there, staring at her as it slowly sank in of what just happened. Regret and guilt filled my mind and body, I didn't want to kill her, only to startle her. I didn't anticipate that she was this weak.

When I couldn't find her pulse on the wrist, I gently moved her head to the other side for better access, checking her pulse on her neck. There was no pulse, and my eyes moved to the floor, my shoulders sagged "I'm sorry" I whispered as I placed her hand down on her lap.

I gently moved her body to the corner under the camera, took her gun and put it behind my belt. I quickly gave her a last glance. She was young, barely in her twenties. My heart sank for her, tear escaped from one of my eyes. The expression on her face of surprise and utter terror would haunt me for a very long time.

I cautiously walked out into the hall as quietly as I could, checking both sides if anyone was coming. I strained my ears but heard no footsteps nearing. I had no idea where I was going. Maybe I should have thought that through. Not having much time either, I had to hurry.

Then I remembered the bathroom; it had windows. I quickly ran back until found the familiar door of the bathroom. Slamming the door open, I headed for the window. I had to be quick, it was only a matter of seconds until they would come barreling through the door.

The window had no metal bars or anything. I began to punch the window a few times but it didn't budge. Pain seared through my knuckles and as the flesh on my hands burst open blood oozed out of the wounds, panic began filling my body.

I didn't anticipate the windows being hardened glass. I heard footsteps approaching in the hall and faint clicks of the guns. I took a few steps back, mustering all my might and strength and ran as fast as I could towards the window. Thankfully, the window broke when my body collided with it. As I flew through the window I felt a sharp pinch on my back and by the time I fell into the grass that was below me I felt my body getting limp and lost my consciousness.

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