The Hybrid

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Chapter 6

The first thing I felt was pain, everywhere. As I opened my eyes slowly, I noticed it was dark around me but because of my genes, I saw very well in the darkness.
A light groan escaped my lips. The coppery smell of blood greeted me with the same four walls, same small stupid window and door.

I slowly sat up on the bed feeling pain everywhere. The memory of me jumping out the window had my legs and arms moving to see if anything was broken. Thankfully, my limbs seemed to be fine.

I let out a sigh and shook my head at my stupidity as I replayed the events of my attempted escape. Feeling despair in the pit of my stomach, a tear escaped my eye as I held my head.

Why can't everyone leave me alone? I'm sick and tired of this.

My eyes found the thick streak of blood on the wall from the woman I accidentally killed. More tears rolled down my cheeks. Her death will haunt me forever and she died for nothing.

Faint movement just outside the door had my eyes moving in that direction. I quickly wiped my tears away upon hearing soft noise of keys moving in the lock and then turning the doorknob. Liam walked in slowly, cautiously watching me.

He switched on the light and I couldn't help but blink my sensitive eyes a few times to get used to the harsh lightning as he walked right in front of me. He just stood there, watching me with his usual emotionless facial expression. I couldn't tell if he was angry with me for killing one of his people. I couldn't read anything from his face.

Bringing my knees to my chest I tried to make myself smaller under his scrutiny. My eyes were glued to the blanket in front of me, regret filling every cell of my body. I didn't want to look at him and see the judgement in his eyes. I was beating myself for killing the young woman already. The silence between us began to feel unbearable and awkward after several more seconds passed.

"What do you want from me," I asked, my voice sounded weak and deflated. Keeping my eyes on the blanket, I couldn't stop the tears from escaping. I didn't want him to see me this weak and I quickly wiped them away again.

"Take the offer" he answered coldly.

My eyes widened, still watching the blanket in front of me. I didn't expect him to tell me about the offer. I expected outburst, hate and judgement.

"I don't trust you" I narrowed my eyes at him when I look at his cold face. "You will kill me once I help you"

"I gave you my word"

"Why do you need me so much huh?" I asked my eyes intesely boring into his.

"You are powerful, it's good to have someone like you on my side."

My eyebrows furrowed upon wondering where he got that information. I was weak, not powerful "I'm not as powerful as you think"

"Why do you think both werewolves and vampires are after you?" He asked raising an eyebrow at me, the corners of his lips lifted the tiniest bit. His coldness slowly shifting into an amusement.

I sighed "because it's forbidden for vampires and werewolves to reproduce. My parents broke the law, they paid for it and I am paying for it too."

The corner of his lips lifted even higher into a full-on smile and he shook his head, as he slowly walked towards me then squatting in front of the bed I sat on.

"No Ellie, they're afraid of you. You are more powerful than you think" his voice was a lot warmer and softer, his eyes flicked between mine, sincerity flashing in his depths.

My eyes widened "how do you know all of this, and how do you know my name"

"I watched you for years. I had to know why are they after you" he said matter of factly.

"Wow, so you stalked me" I shook my head in disbelief, tearing my eyes from his.

He laughed as he stood up and walked into the middle of the room. "Are you taking the offer?" he asked raising an eyebrow at me.

I slowly stood up walking towards him "ya...but if I find out or even sense you or anyone from here trying to stab me in the back, I won't hesitate to kill you and them"

At the end of the day, I didn't really have a choice. It was either me helping him or be killed by him. Escape wasn't an option. I tried it and failed miserably.

He kept smiling his eyes boring into mine "that won't happen"

"And one more thing...don't EVER shoot me with that drug again"

"I'll behave if you behave. that all?" He asked

"No, I have one more thing to tell you" his eyes met mine, waiting. "I'm sorry" I tore my eyes from his and looked everywhere but him. "I never meant to kill her. I only wanted to scare her or knock her out but not to kill her"

He was quiet, again I expected an outburst of words laced with venom but he said nothing. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, I dared to look at him. He watched me, his facial expression void of any emotions as usual, his lips in a thin line.

"Let's go," he suddenly said as he began walking towards the door.

I frowned, was he not going to tell me anything? He just brushed it off "where" I found myself saying.

"To your room, or do you want to stay here?" he turned his face towards me his eyebrow high on his forehead.

"No" I answered quickly, not wanting to stay in that room any longer and walking towards him.

He led me through halls and stairs, the whole time we were quiet. I was deep in thoughts when he suddenly stopped and I managed to stop right behind him few inches away from him, avoiding crashing into him. He opened the door and walked in. I walked behind him as my eyes roamed over the room.

It was a bedroom with a double bed, two nightstands, a table and a chest of drawers. Everything was plain, generic. My wide eyes stopped at the bed. My backpack was laying there with my phone next to it. I ran up to it as excitement bubbled through me.

"How did you get it," I asked, holding my phone as I faced him.

"From the crash, Alex managed to get everything out," his voice sounded warmer, friendly and his facial expression looked relaxed.

"I need to thank him" I muttered to myself.

He grinned "let's go get dinner" he turned around "I don't need you to get all vampire beast on me" I giggled at that statement.

Yeah, I didn't want to get vampire beast either.

He led me to the cafeteria. As we entered my eyes scanned the room. It was full of people. They all seemed to be slayers judging by their uniforms. They all wore black military-style jackets with cargo pants and combat boots. Some were without jackets wearing black long sleeve t-shirt. As we entered all eyes snapped to us. Most of them had emotionless facial expressions, few of them looked angry, irritated. I gulped, I wasn't good with big groups, some of them looked like they didn't like me already. Well, they were slayers, I should have expected that.

Liam walked towards the window grabbing a tray and I followed him. We got our food and he began walking towards the back of the room. I stopped, I didn't know whether to follow him or not, we weren't exactly friends. My eyes roamed over the cafeteria looking for an empty table. He noticed that I stopped walking and waved his hand for me to follow him. I gulped as I did, anxiety taking over my body.

I nervously walked towards him, hating that I would have to sit at the table with him and possibly more slayers. I knew he was trying to be friendly but being so long alone, I got used to the loneliness and being around so many people made me anxious. The fact they were all slayers made it even worse.

We stopped at the table. I immediately recognised the two men and the woman. She was the one with blonde hair that came to my cell. As I looked at her I noticed how stunning she was. She had bright sky baby blue eyes, full round lips and a small button nose, her skin was slightly tanned and flawless. She could easily be a model.

The man sitting across from her was the slayer that took me to the toilet. His gaze was filled with hatred and disgust. I gulped as his words flashed in my mind. "To me, you are an animal" my heart sank a little bit as I held his gaze a bit longer and noticed his features. He had lighter brown hair with the same haircut as Liam. He had very similar emerald eyes to Liam too. He seemed leaner, with not as much muscle on him as the others but he still looked as intimidating as the other two slayers. He looked younger. I tore my gaze away from him and landed on the man next to him.

Alex was his name I learned from Liam. He was the one who abducted me and shot me several times with that damn drug. For a second, curiosity flashed in his eyes as he eyed me but then his usual stoic emotionless facial expression appeared. His chocolate brown hair was let loose framing his face. He wore the same uniform as everyone else.

They all looked at Liam and then at me. They were good at hiding their emotions, I on the other hand was the complete opposite. They could probably read the uneasiness in me. Liam sat down and I followed sitting beside him on the chair.

Then Liam looked at me and gestured towards Alex "I'm sure you know my brother Alex, second in command" he nodded acknowledging me.

Then Liam gestured to the other male "Markus, he's my youngest brother, the baby of the family" he chuckled and Markus rolled their eyes at him but glared at me.

"And lastly," he said gesturing towards the woman "Olivia, my girlfriend" he smiled at her lovingly and she returned her smile. Then she turned her attention to me and smiled at me warmly. I returned the smile.

She leaned towards me "Don't mind the other two" she nearly whispered "they take longer to warm up"

"I don't mind" I replied to her with my voice lower as well.

I began feeling that familiar feeling of my throat getting parched so I quickly started to eat. I didn't want to become a vampire beast as Liam called me earlier. I hated the feeling of not being able to control my own body. The last time I ate was the day before. As I ate, the feeling subsided and relief washed over me.

I scanned the faces in front of me. They were submerged in conversation I didn't care to listen. I needed to be cautious of them. At the end of the day, Liam blackmailed me into helping them and held me hostage and the fact that I accidentally killed one of the slayers made me accept his offer out of guilt.

The feeling of guilt was weighing me down. And they were slayers. I couldn't trust them. They hunted and killed my species and I couldn't shake the feeling that they would end me too, without thinking about it twice.

I felt someone's intense eyes on me. I looked around the table and my eyes landed on Alex. He was eyeing me cautiously and his eyes were narrowed at me ever so slightly.

I stopped eating and narrowed my eyes at him too, challenging him to say something. We stared at each other down for a few seconds then he broke the stare. He wasn't happy with my presence, even though he was the one who brought me here in the first place. He wasn't friendly before and now wasn't any different.

I had to keep my facade strong, I couldn't show any weakness. I felt like I was their prey, especially now, seeing how many of them there were. If they all turned on me, I wouldn't have a chance.

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