The Hybrid

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Chapter 7

I felt uncomfortable and not wanted the entire time I was in their presence, apart from Olivia and Liam. Olivia would exchange a few words with me here and there and send me a smile. I smiled back, trying to be polite, but it never reached my eyes. Once I finished eating I stood up and was about to leave when I heard Liam's voice louder than necessary "where are you going"

"Back to my room," I said coldly and turned around heading back, not caring for their presence.

As I entered my room I sat at the edge of the bed. I noticed my phone charging on the nightstand. I took my phone wanting to distract myself from the sinking feeling I felt in my heart and went through the pictures I had of my mother and father.

I missed them so much, they were my only family, my closest and dearest. This situation only intensified my sorrow. Being around people that loathed me for what I was, only made me miss my parents even more. I yearned for affection, love and a sense of belonging. I knew I was being pathetic.

Being twenty-six, a full-grown adult, I held on to my memories of my parents like it was my lifeline. Once they died I didn't have anyone else, I broke all ties with my high school friends when ran away.

Memories of my parents and those pictures were the only things that kept me sane. A smile found its way to my lips as I flicked through the pictures. The self-doubts of me being pathetic were out the window. I didn't care anymore. If those memories would help me through my hardships then I would embrace them.

When I placed down the phone on my nightstand I went through my backpack. I checked my purse, all my bank cards were there. Taking out my last spare clothes and pyjama I placed them neatly in my wardrobe.

Needing a shower, because I was locked in that room for days, I gathered my toiletries and pyjama. Leaving the room I entered the bathroom that Marcus brought me and where I also broke the window in an attempt to escape.

Thankfully no one was there when I entered. The window was replaced as well as my eyes scanned the large bathroom. Seeing that there was no place in the shower stall to put my clean pyjama, I had to place my clothes on one of the shelves near the sink and grabbed a clean towel that was folded on the shelf. I wondered if this was a communal bathroom for both men and women.

How do they take shower without seeing each other? Am I missing something?

The thought of men having a shower at the same time as me, made me uncomfortable.

I closed myself in the shower stall and stripped, throwing my dirty clothes over the door. When the hot water hit my skin I watched the steam flow around me as I relaxed my muscles and felt the tension leaving my body. My eyes closed on their own accord, enjoying the feeling of the hot water cascading over my body. After a few minutes of just standing there, leaving the water to drop over me, I began to wash my long raven hair and body. The aroma of peaches and mint filled my senses.

Suddenly I heard the door opening, then closing and faint footsteps. I stopped moving and my eyes widened.

Of course, someone had to come in while I'm here.

I heard one of the stalls opening and closing and then the sound of water. I sighed, closing my eyes in irritation and fought the urge to growl. Thankfully, no noise escaped my lips, not wanting to know the other person I was there.
I could manage to get out of there while the person showered.

I quickly washed off all the shampoo and soap, dried myself and then put the small towel around myself as I stepped out to get my clothes. I mentally beat myself up for not taking a larger towel. Just as I stepped out, the other person opened the stall door and walked out as well. I froze in my steps, my heart began to beat rapidly as panic filled me and my eyes automatically shot towards the person.

Alex stood there only with a towel around his waist. His dark wet hair freely framed his face and the ends clung to his neck. My eyes quickly roamed over his sculpted impressive body, then shot back to his face. His eyebrows were high on his forehead as he eyed me from head to toe. Surprise quickly shifted into an amusement, the corners of his lips twitched.

My eyes widened upon seeing him fighting the urge to laugh and I felt heat rushing to my cheeks when I saw something primal and heavy in his eyes. I was pretty sure the colour of my cheeks was close to a tomato. I quickly turned my back to him, clutching the towel tightly closer to myself as it barely covered me.

"What are you doing here" his deep voice echoed throughout the bathroom.

"What do you think I'm doing here...having a shower," I said with a sharp edge to my voice as I turned my head towards him but my body was still turned away from him.

"I see that...this is men's bathroom" he had a wide smile on his lips.

I froze at the revelation, the flushed colour that rushed to my face mere seconds ago disappeared. I was as white as ghost. At that moment all I wanted was the ground to swallow me if that would be possible. Grabbing my clothes quickly, I ran back into the shower stall locking it after myself.

As I locked the stall door, I leaned against the door and let out a sigh.

Shit! This could only happen to me.

I felt utter humiliation to none other than Alex who seemed to hate my guts. The stares he gave me during the dinner and the coldness I felt from him ever since I first met him told me enough to know he loathed me.

Quickly getting dressed into my pyjamas and gathering my dirty clothes I cautiously opened the door. I scanned the room, making sure I wouldn't face him and left the shower stall. As I walked over to the door and quickly opened it I heard Alex's voice from behind me. Not wanting to face him again, I quickly ran out of the bathroom and headed into my room.

I went straight into bed, it was still early to go to sleep but there was nothing else for me to do and out of embarrassment I didn't want to leave the comfort of my room.

I laid on my side as my mind swirled with thoughts. I wondered how did I not notice it was a men's bathroom, surely there must have been a sign on the door. I was pretty sure Markus brought me there when I needed to use the toilet. Heat rushed to my cheeks once again when I thought of Alex seeing me nearly naked.

For hours I tossed and turned in the bed, I couldn't get Alex out of my head.

A few hours later I finally fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up and got dressed in black skinny high waisted jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue flannel shirt with black combat boots. Grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste I left to find the ladies bathroom since I didn't want the events of last night to happen again. I couldn't deal with more embarrassment.

Seeing my bedroom was the last one in the hallway there was only one way for me to take. So I walked towards the bathroom I now knew as the men's bathroom. As I got to the door I noticed that there was a sign indicating the men's bathroom. I had no idea how did I had not discovered that before. A few meters away was another door. I walked over to the door and glanced at the sign indicating it was the room I was looking for. Women bathroom. A smile found its way to my lips as I walked in.

My eyes scanned the room. It was busy, walking in a few women glanced towards me. I ignored them looking for a free sink. When I found it I walked over and did my usual routine.

"Good morning" I heard next to me as I finished my routine. I looked up into the mirror, Olivia stood next to me.

"Morning," I said as I turned to face her.

"I was wondering if you want to get breakfast together and then I could give you a tour of this place," she said enthusiastically, smiling at me.

I returned the smile "ya that would be nice"

"Great, I'll meet you in ten minutes in the hallway just outside the bathroom."

"I'll be there," I grabbed my stuff and left. I headed back into my bedroom to put away my stuff and then head back out to wait for Olivia.

As I waited a few slayers passed, most of them gave me cautious glances, some smiled at me slightly which surprised me. I returned my smile to them, not wanting to look unfriendly. I didn't need more enemies than I already had. A few minutes later, Olivia finally appeared and we headed towards the cafeteria. She seemed really friendly while we chatted.

As I watched her while she talked, I found myself admiring her beauty. Her long lashes were coated in mascara, making her sky blue eyes more striking than they already were. Her blonde hair was so shiny in a high ponytail and her lips glistened being coated with lip gloss. I couldn't help but compare myself to her. Which wasn't a good idea. Next to her, I felt like the ugly duckling while she was a goddess. I wondered how she got into being a slayer.

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