The Hybrid

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Chapter 8

Once we entered the cafeteria, the smell of food filled my sensitive nose and the sun shone through the large windows. My eyes scanned the room, it was busy, everyone sitting at their tables and eating or bustling around with their food on the tray. Everyone casually chatted in their groups which was quite loud to my sensitive ears.

My eyes wandered towards the back table, where Liam, Alex and Markus usually sat for their meals. I closed my eyes for a second and let out a sigh of relief when it was empty. I didn't want to face Alex after my yesterday's embarrassment. I knew I would have to face him soon since we were in the same building constantly, but if I could push it away as far as possible I would. I just hoped we would finish our breakfast before they would appear. We both picked up a tray and headed to get our food.

As we sat down at our table and began to eat I asked Olivia "Do you have any idea how Liam wants to take down the vampires?"

"No, but he is constantly working on a plan. We should have a meeting about it sometime today or tomorrow" she replied while lifting a spoon full of eggs into her mouth.

"Hmm" was all I said as I chewed my food. After a few seconds of silence as we enjoyed our breakfast I decided to change a subject "so what do you do all day if you're not hunting?" I asked being curious.

"We train a lot, we gather intel on potential places where a lair of vampires could be. They are very secretive. But we hunt every day. Usually, most of them are out at night. Even just walking through the city we always come across at least one." She answered. "If you're bored you could train with me. I'd love to see your strength" she added her voice hitched, excitement glimmered in her eyes.

My eyes widened but I kept my eyes down on the food in front of me.

She'd be in for a big disappointment. I don't know why she thinks that. Even Liam does.

I nodded anyway a slight smile appeared on my face but didn't meet my eyes as I moved them to look in her sky blue depths. I needed the training if I was meant to help them.

While we chatted, Liam appeared holding his tray of food next to Olivia, giving her a slight peck on her lips and greeting me. Right after him, appeared Markus that sat next to me not even sparing me a glance, ignoring me while he greeted Olivia. Alex decided to sit across from me, his emerald eyes never leaving mine.

I nervously gulped at the sight of him and began to feel uncomfortable under his intense gaze. Heat rushed to my cheeks as embarrassment began to grow within me. The corner of his lips slightly lifted. When I noticed that, I tore away my eyes from him. My heart sank, I couldn't shake the feeling of him mocking me with unspoken words. I kept my attention on the food in from of me but my appetite was gone.

They began chatting as I wallowed in my embarrassment, but when I overheard my name I turned my attention to them and shook off the embarrassment in the process.

"Ellie asked about your plan for taking down the creatures" Olivia stated to Liam. I looked at him expectantly, waiting for his answer.

He met my eyes "I and Alex are working on a plan." He answered. "But since you decided to join us," he said still looking at me. I scoffed at that statement. If he wouldn't blackmail me and I wouldn't feel such guilt of killing the girl I wouldn't choose this willingly. "We might include you in the planning" he added keeping eye contact waiting for my response.

"Ya, whatever speeds the process of getting it done," I said with a sharp edge to my voice. It came out stronger than I intended to.

"Why the rush?" My gaze snapped to Alex and my eyebrows furrowed at his words. What the hell is his problem. He should be happy I want to get it over with.

"Just want to get out of here as soon as possible" I replied coldly. He had an unreadable expression on his face. He held my gaze a few seconds longer until I heard Liam and my eyes snapped back to him.

"Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, soon you will have your freedom," Liam said calmly, eating his breakfast oblivious of the tension between me and Alex.

I didn't reply to him and they began to chat after a few seconds about something else. I ate a few more spoons of my breakfast since my appetite was gone but I knew better not to leave my stomach empty.

I didn't want to be in Alex's or Markus's presence anymore so I stood up to leave, Olivia spoke to me "Ellie, you finished already?"

My eyes shot to her and I nodded

"Do you still want the tour?" she asked her eyebrows high on her forehead.

"I do, I could meet you somewhere in an hour, I've something to do," The truth was, I didn't need to do anything, I just wanted to get out of there. I knew very well to keep my distance from them.

"I'll come and get you from your room" she smiled. I nodded and left.

Once I got into my room the sun was shining through the windows and I heard the birds singing. Normally, I would enjoy it if I wouldn't be stuck in a building full of slayers. I sprawled over the bed burying my face in the pillow. I itched to get away from there, hating the situation I was in. Despair filled my body and I let out a shaky breath fighting the tears.

I lay there for about fifteen minutes just contemplating my life before I heard a knock on the door. My head shot up and my eyebrows furrowed. Would this be Olivia, I told her in an hour. It couldn't be an hour already. I checked my phone to see what time it was before I got on my feet, walking towards the door. Irritated, I sharply opened the door. Alex stood there, his hands in his pockets, his posture seemed tense, he nervously shifted his weight from one leg to another.

I furrowed my eyebrows as my eyes meet his emerald depths "what do you want?" I asked with a sharp edge to my voice, this time I meant it.

If my tone of voice bothered him, he didn't show it.

"I'm here to give you a tour" his voice was calm, but the nervousness was still there even though he tried to conceal it.

I cocked my head to the side "You?" My eyebrow rose slightly.

A smile found its way on his lips "Liam needed Olivia for something so I offered"

My eyes widened at his change of behaviour towards me. Why is he so friendly suddenly? "Fine" I breathed out and shook my head.

He took a step to the side to let me leave the room. Closing it behind me, we began walking side by side. At first, it was quiet and I felt a bit awkward. I wasn't exactly a talkative person. Thankfully, he soon started showing me all the room once we passed the living quarters.

He showed me the training hall which was filled with gym equipment and a few large areas for sparring. Then there was the weaponry. My eyes roamed the room, in awe with all the gadgets and weapons that could kill instantly. Then there was a briefing room. A large room with a big screen over one wall and dozens of chairs facing it. Lastly, he showed me the control room. As we walked in and my eyes roamed over the place, I was once again in awe. Computers filled the large room and a few pairs of eyes turned to us, sitting in front of the screens but didn't pay us much attention.

"Who's funding everything?" I asked once I realized everything was the latest tech.

"The government", he stated simply looking around the room.

My eyes widened and my eyebrows shot high in my forehead "the government?" I repeated, "they know about vampires?" As far as I knew, they kept their existence a secret. And they were pretty good at it.

"Of course they do. They want to keep them at bay. However, they don't control us. As far as we do our job they don't intervene."

My eyes roamed over the room once more before we left. As he led me back I heard a faint barely noticeable male voice. If it wouldn't be for my heightened senses I wouldn't hear it.

I looked towards the voice and my eyes landed on Alex. He stopped and I noticed a small black communication piece in his ear. This was something spies would use. He didn't move just listened. Then his head snapped to me "Liam needs to talk to us"

"Ok," I muttered.

"Let's go, he is in his office," he said, turning around and walking in the opposite direction. I followed wondering why Liam needed both of us.

Once entering his office, Liam sat lazily at his massive dark desk, he leaned on his chair with hands in his lap. Olivia and Markus were sitting in the chairs across from him, chatting and as we entered their attention turned towards us.

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