The Hybrid

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Chapter 9

Liam’s eyes shot to us as we entered his office. Walking towards them, we both stopped behind Olivia and Markus.

“Ok, now that you’re all here we can start” Liam started, his eyes skimmed over all of us.

He continued as everyone kept their undivided attention to him. “tomorrow night I want Markus, Alex and Ellie to go into the city. There is a new bar that opened a few weeks ago and vampires seem to use it for their feeds. It’s owned by humans but I’m suspicious that the owner is being used by them or even threatened.”

“Are you sure it’s safe to take her?” Asked Markus suddenly, irritation evident in his voice. I furrowed my eyebrows glaring daggers into the back of his head. Anger began bubbling within me, my hands curled into fists, the white colour appeared on my knuckles.

Liam glanced at me, amusement flashed in his eyes when he noticed my anger, then turned his attention back to Markus “I think you’ll be safer more with her than with Alex or me”

I glued my gaze to the floor not wanting to see any of their faces as they turned their attention away from me. I understood, I wasn’t a human and for them, I was just another creature as they call us. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of pain in the pit of my stomach. I wasn’t a part of their group, I didn't belong with anyone, the constant loneliness was my best friend. It shouldn't bother me, but it did and I hated myself for it.

“Any idea how many are going to be there?” Alex's deep voice resonated next to me and pulled me back into the present.

“Around fifteen, the rest should be humans. Nothing will happen to them” Liam eyed me, all amusement left as he stated the last part. As if I’d want to hurt humans that did nothing wrong to me.

“What time tomorrow,” I asked sharply, steel laced in my voice as anger began to bubble slowly within me once again.

“Ten pm and the name of the club is called ‘The Oasis’” he said cautiously as his eyes bored into mine. He noticed the anger that slowly threatened to spill over and he knew my anger was directed towards him.

Once he gave me the information I needed, I turned around and walked towards the door, not wanting to be in their presence any longer than necessary.

Just as I reached for the door, Liam's irritated voice echoed in the room “we are not finished”.

Without me turning around still facing the door and holding the doorknob I said angrily “but I am”. Then I opened the door and left.

I quickly walked towards my room, taking deep breaths to calm myself down. I couldn’t stand them. Well, most of them. When they all looked at me they saw me as a creature not worth a second glance. Every time I was in their presence I felt like I wasn't worth breathing the air we were all entitled to breathe. They only left me alive and tolerated me because they wanted help. When Olivia looked at me she saw me as a person. And that I appreciated.

When I finally reached my room and closed the door behind me sharply with a rather loud bang, I leaned against the door and slid down to the floor. Hugging my knees I rested my forehead on top of them. Once anger diminished, deep despair replaced it. Tears threatened to escape my eyes but I quickly wiped them away.

I wondered how did I get into this situation. I should have stopped running and let the vampires and werewolves kill me. Then I wouldn't have to lead such miserable life. I would do anything to have a normal life.

I don’t know how long I sat there on the floor by the door when suddenly a soft knock resonated from the door. Once again wiping the tears that were rolling down my cheeks I let out a sigh, stood up and opened the door.

Olivia stood there, her brows furrowed with worry flashing in her sky blue eyes “are you ok?”

The edge of my lips rose slightly at her concern “ya I’m fine”.

“Are you sure?” Her eyebrows rose higher on her forehead. “You looked like you were going to murder someone” she added.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t murder anyone. It’s just-” I stopped mid-sentence realising Olivia was nice to me, but she was one of them. I sighed and shook my head, my shoulders sagged “nothing”

She walked inside my room, her face softened “please talk to me. I know we don’t know each other well but you can trust me” her eyes filled with sincerity. "We girls need to watch each other's back"

“Thanks, but it’s fine, I’m fine” I stated, in truth, I wasn’t fine I struggled a lot but I was too proud to admit it to anyone. I couldn’t look weak in front of them.

She sighed obviously not buying my lie “you know, Markus doesn’t trust anyone at first, it’s nothing personal against you, it’s just his personality”, I raised my eyebrow at her watching her, not expecting to explain anything but I let her speak.

“Liam, he thinks you can help us, he trusts you, you heard it yourself”, my eyes travelled to the floor as I thought about it.

Maybe he does trust me but that doesn't mean he wouldn't hurt me if it would help him.

“And Alex? I think you caught his eye” her voice sounded excited, at that statement my eyes shot to her. A wide smile slowly appeared on her face.

“You are imagining things”, I stated not believing her the least bit. ” Markus hates me, only because of what I am and Alex is the same. I can feel it.”

She sighed again sitting at the edge of the bed while I closed the door. “I don’t think Markus hates you, he hates your species. Vampires. They killed his fiancee last year in front of his eyes. Even though it’s been a year nearly, he is still grieving”

My eyes widened at the revelation. I began to feel sorry for him but it still didn't give him the right to treat me like an animal. I sat next to her ” I understand but he is still an asshole. I'm sorry” I said after a few seconds.

A faint smile appeared on her face “As for Alex, trust me he doesn’t hate you. He offered to give you a tour when I got caught up with Liam. Which surprised me. He doesn’t give the time of his day to anyone. Of course apart from Liam and Markus” She said a bit excited.

“That doesn’t mean I caught his eye. He could just try to get to know me, to see if I’m a threat. You know the saying. Keep your friends close, enemies even closer” I said my eyes glued to my hands on my lap.

Quickly changing the subject I asked “is Liam fuming that I left before the meeting was finished”

“He is but he’ll get over it” she smiled “since you’re on a mission tomorrow, I think you need new clothes” she stated.

I furrowed my eyebrows “what’s wrong with my clothes“, I glanced at myself.

“Nothing, you just need our uniform and you might need a dress for tomorrow,” she said as a matter of factly.

“Why do I need a dress for? We are going to kill, not to party”

“You need to blend in, the security won’t let you in wearing this”, she pointed her finger at my being, eyeing my clothes “or our uniform”

I sighed in defeat as my eyes wandered to the floor. “Ok...stay here, I’ll bring you your uniform”, she walked to the door and left. I sat on the edge of my bed drowned in my thoughts of tomorrow’s mission.

I kept fidgeting with my fingers as I thought about it. I’ve never been on a mission like this, I had no idea how it’s going to go down.

Anxiousness hit me hard when the realisation of going on a mission with slayers who detested settled in. More and more enemies surrounded me, my anxiousness shifted into fear. Genuine fear. Both Alex and Markus could easily turn on me. Leave me behind. They could just tell Liam I was killed.

I let out a shaky breath and walked over to the window. The sinking feeling of my heart never left my body while I tried to distract myself. These thoughts wouldn't help me with this situation. I needed to be extremely careful.

A soft knock came from the door. I knew it was Olivia. “Come in,” I said loudly as turned around, away from the window. She came in holding a big pile of clothes. My eyes widened as she walked over to the bed and placed it down.

I gave her a questioning look once I noticed there was more than just a uniform. The corners of her lips raised slightly when she saw my facial expression.

“I noticed you needed more clothes. I have a full wardrobe of clothes, I was happy to get rid of some”, she said happily.

I grinned at her as I went through the clothes. There were t-shirts, jeans, working out clothes, anything I needed. I stood up and gave her a hug ” thank you” I mumbled. I didn’t expect this from her. The last time I came across kindness like this was from my parents and my high school friends. My hug took her by surprise, freezing at first but then she returned it.

I blushed as I realised what I did and quickly let her go “I’m sorry” I mumbled awkwardly.

“Don’t be sorry” she said reassuringly.

I smiled. “Ok, I’m going to train a bit” I stated fully knowing she wanted to train with me. I wanted to return the kindness.

Her eyes widened “can I come?” She asked anticipation growing inside of her.

“Sure, I need someone to spar with,” She smiled widely, happiness written all over her face as she clapped her hands and I returned the smile.

“I’m going to change and I’ll meet you in the gym in fifteen minutes.” She said hurriedly, heading for the door and leaving.

I turned around grabbing the workout clothes Olivia gave me. Once I put them on I smiled, the clothes fit me perfectly. I wore black workout leggings, a black sports bra and a loose-fitting white tank top. I pulled my long black hair into a high ponytail.

Once I got into the gym a couple of stares greeted me. Passing the slayers my eyes scanned the large gym looking for the stunning blonde. Olivia was already there stretching by the large mirrors on the far end of the large area and warming up. I joined her, her smile never left her face. Once we were ready we headed for the sparring area.

We both faced each other, circling and concentrating on one another. My eyes never left hers. She finally lunged aiming for my face and I dodged it. She lunged and I dodged it again. She lunged for the third time and I caught her wrist as it passed my face a few centimetres away. Holding her wrist I caught the other and pushed her away from me. She turned around sending a kick my way which landed in my stomach. I took a step back clutching at my abdomen.

She was good but I held back. I didn’t want to hurt her. Naturally, vampires and werewolves were a lot stronger. I wasn’t using my full strength. I didn’t want to hurt the only friend I had. Was she my friend?

“Come on Ellie, you can do better than this” she taunted me with a mischievous look in her eyes.

Without waiting any second I lunged at her, my fist hitting her midsection and sending a kick into her back. She fell forward her front hitting the floor. I walked towards her extending my hand to help her to stand up.

Once she turned to me she had a wicked smile on her face. I was too late when I realised what she intended to do. Still lying on the ground she kicked into my ankles, my legs unbuckled under me, my body colliding with the floor.

She laughed loudly and I joined as we laid next to each other clutching at our stomachs. Seconds later, she stood up, smiling and extending her arm to me and I took it. Her eyes roamed around us happiness evident on her face and my gaze followed. Few slayers decided to watch our sparring. Some of them stared cautiously, some smiled.

“Who thought you to fight”, I heard Olivia ask as she pulled me up to my feet.

I turned to her, she watched me curiously. “No one, I learned by myself”

“You’re good” she stated.

“Thanks” slight heat rushed to my cheeks.

“I wonder what you can do when you shift,” she said eagerly.

“Um..." I shifted my weight from one leg to another "You don’t want to see that” I said awkwardly. “Plus, I didn’t use my full strength on you”

“Why didn’t you use your full power?” her perfectly shaped eyebrows flew high on her forehead.

“It wouldn’t be fair, you’re human I didn’t want to hurt you. I only shift when werewolves or vampires fight me,” I said looking at her and seeing her happiness slowly diminishing, her smile slowly left her face.

“Wait, so you can use your strength only when you shift?” Her eyebrow rose on her forehead.

“No, I can use it in my human form too. I just chose not to use it for now.” I smiled awkwardly. “Shifting is not something I like about myself. I do it only when I have to” I added feeling self-conscious.

Her eyes widened at that statement but decided to let it go which I was thankful for. I hated the beastly side of myself.

Well I didn’t look like a beast, yes my teeth changed into a lot of sharp teeth and my fangs got longer than usual vampire fangs. My eyes would glow and my nails elongated and got sharp. I felt like a beast though. That’s why I hated it so much.

I knew it was who I was but the fact that I was on run for so long and didn't belong to either vampires or werewolves because of it I learned to hate it even more. If I wasn’t hybrid my life would be so much different, so much better.

“Do you want another round?” She asked with a mischievous smile on her lips. I nodded same mischievous smile appeared on my face.

We fought for another hour. We were both equally good and I was happy I had a sparring buddy. Thankfully, no more slayers came to watch our little tournament because I hated the attention, whether it was good or bad.

Once we were finished both of us were soaked in sweat. My baby hair that framed my face clung to my forehead and my neck and the loose tank top was clinging to my back. I felt disgusting.

I sat leaning my back on the cool wall enjoying the coldness it provided. I drank water from my bottle feeling exhausted. Olivia sat next to me and watched the other slayers sparring. We sat there in comfortable silence for a few minutes until she spoke “I told you you caught his eye” amusement laced in her voice.

My wide eyes shot her “what do you mean”

She just gently pointed her head in one direction. My eyes followed into a corner full of working out equipment. Then I saw him, Alex was on one of the benches lifting weights. I shook my head.

“He is working out”, I stated flatly as I returned my eyes to her.

“He watched”, she grinned when she said the last part.

“Oh Olivia, I don’t know if you noticed, but others watched us too, that doesn’t make him like me” I held my forehead shaking my head.

“Trust me he does, as I said before he doesn’t give his time to anyone, yet he watched you sparring” she seemed almost excited.

I scoffed “he was just curious probably”

She shook her head as she smiled and watched the other slayers sparring. Comfortable silence engulfed us.

After a few seconds of watching she asked, “do you find him attractive?” She raised an eyebrow at me

My eyes widened “oh my god, Olivia!”

“Do you?” She kept pushing the question with a smile on her face.

I sighed in defeat “you’re not going to let this go, do you?”

“Nope,” I felt her excitement rolling off of her.

I kept quiet, hoping she would get my hint of not wanting to talk about it but she kept boring her eyes into the side of my face. When I glanced at her she kept staring “well, I am waiting” her voice was stern but laced with amusement.

I pinched the bridge of my nose “Ok, he’s hot,” I muttered, defeated.

She let out a sigh “I knew it”

“Nothing is going to happen between me and him” I stated flatly shooting my eyes towards her.

“Why not” her eyebrows furrowed, her narrowed eyes watched me.

“Once I’m finished here, I’m going to leave,” I said my eyes moving to the black floor.

“You could stay here”, I heard her say next to me. I slightly smiled at the thought of me belonging somewhere and having people in my life. But then all the glares from all the slayers and Markus’s comments flashed in my head and I blinked the thoughts away.

“I’m not one of you, I’d never be accepted,” I said standing up and making my way to the exit.

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