Lost Princess

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Kidnapped at the age of two, Maggie was raised by another family that adopted her after her parents were killed. One day at the market, she is met by the man who has been searching for nineteen years for her. When faced with the possibility of being a royal, what will her life become now that she learns the truth about her past and what she really is? Can she leave the only life she knows behind to become the person she was born to be? What will happen when her true birth parents catch wind that their daughter is alive and they want her back? Will she be able to please them and keep up with everything that she lost while missing for so many years?

Fantasy / Romance
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Going to Market


“Mom, Abby and I are going to town for awhile. I need to pick up some new items that I have requested at the cloth vendor” trying to slide out of the house quickly.

“Be careful as usual please” my mom’s voice rings down the grand staircase from her sewing room.

“We will” Abby pipes in cheerfully “I want to see the new dance they are going to do for the lost princess. You know her birthday was yesterday?” she looks at me with her eyes brightly shining.

I hear the sewing machine stop and mom walks out with a frown on her face. Then whatever was there is gone in a flash.

“What happened to her? I have never heard the story much. A little here and there, but you know how rumors are. Did she die or run away?” my sister’s face is sad at this question.

“I heard she was kidnapped nineteen years ago and disappeared. The king and queen have been looking for her ever since but have never found her. They are not giving up hope like a lot of people do, most of the kingdom have told them to stop looking and refuse to accept she is dead. They want her back so she can marry Prince William due to they were betrothed when she was born. According to the news, they did that so they could unite the two kingdoms together and have a bigger and better ruling of them” my brother says in a flat voice.

“How do you know so much about that son?” our dad has just walked out of his office and into the room.

“David, my best friend. His parents have worked at the palace for years and he has heard all kinds of hearsay about what happened” he answers.

“You can not always believe what you hear son” my dad calmly says.

“I know, but that story came from the king and queen themselves to their head security. He is still roaming the countryside looking for her with the hope that she can be found” crossing his arms.

“Matt” my mom looks a little nervous now “Go with them please. Just to keep them safe.”

“No mom, please! They are going to spend hours shopping and looking around. I hate that” clinching his fist.

I lean forward and whisper in his ear “You can leave us along once we arrive and go see your friends.”

He turns to me and grins while nodding his head. We all head out and walk to down the long dirt road that leads to town. Once we get there, he breaks off and goes to find his friends that are somewhere talking or looking at girls. He loves to hang out with them.

“Ooooh!” Abby points at him as he leaves “He is going to be in trouble.”

“No, I told him once he got us here he could leave. They just said to come with us to keep us safe, not that he had to stay with us the entire time. He will be back here in two hours to walk us back home. There is nothing bad that will happen to us while we are here” giving her a hard look.

“I won’t say anything. He did do what our parents told him to by escorting us here safely.”

We walk around the market for a short time looking at all the new items that were not here last week and seeing if there is anything new that we would like to have. All of a sudden we hear shouts and cheers along the streets. Hoof beats are heard as a huge group of men dressed in the kingdom colors approach, heading towards the castle. Must mean that the Head of Security is back with his army. Rushing to an opening that we see, we squeeze in and watch as the huge line of men and horses approach us. All of a sudden, one man in the front looks over at me and stops his horse immediately. He gives me a very long and hard look before he continues down the street.

“I wonder what that was all about?” Abby scratches her head “Why did he stare at you like that, it was almost like he knew you or something.”

“I do not think so. He might have been looking at me because we are never here in town when they come through or might have thought that we were new comers” watching as the disappear around the corner of the road.

“I don’t know, he had a weird look on his face to me” looking at me in a strange way.

“It’s nothing. Come on, we have to grab the last little bit of stuff we need and meet Matt in thirty minutes to go back home” dragging her back to the market.

We go to the vendors that I need to see getting the items I have ordered or told them I would purchase the next time we came back into the marketplace. We meet up with Matt and start heading back down the road towards the house. The sound of rapid approaching hoof beats are coming from behind us so we move over into a single file on the edge of the road to let the rider pass but the horse is pulled to a halt behind us.

“Excuse me miss?” a very handsome man on a huge black steed has come up behind us “Can I have a quick word with you?”

“Who me?” looking at the man that was staring me down earlier.

“Yes miss, please just for a minute” his eyes are soft but begging for me to talk to him.

Looking at Matt and Abby, I walk off towards him and he jumps off his horse. We walk a small distance away from my siblings when he says “I have a few questions for you please.”

“What can I help you with, sir” remembering he is from the palace.

“What is your name” as he slowly looks over my facial features.

“Maggie Callaway, sir” fiddling with my finger a little.

“How old are you?” looking at my curly blonde hair.

“Just turned twenty-one yesterday, why?” trying to figure out where he is going with these questions about my personal life.

“Have you live here your whole life?” he looks at me with a hint of tiredness in his face.

“Yes sir” I nod “My parents were killed in a flood when I was two years old so I live with now the people who took me in and eventually adopted me.”

“Who were you real parents?” his eyes have gotten a spark in them now.

“Scott and Donna Murray were my real parents. After they died, my parents kept me and raised me as their own. I live with Chris and Peggy Callaway now.”

He takes a deep, sharp breath and a wave of relief washes over his face. “You live here in the kingdom correct?”

“Yes sir, on the outskirts in our parents house” pointing in the direction we were going.

“Thank you so much. I am sorry for inconveniencing you. Please, continue on your way” he turns towards his horse and mounts it very quickly.

He gives us all a nod and then spurs his horse, taking off towards the palace at a very quick pace. I walk back over and they look at me with questions on their faces.

“He just wanted to know who my real parents were and if I have lived here my whole life. He then apologized for bothering me” as we start back down the road.

“That’s weird” Matt looks at me in a sideways glance “I wonder why he wanted to talk to you?”

“Maybe he likes her” Abby’s says in a chipper voice. Her mind is always on boys.

We laugh as we walk back to the house. When we get home of course Abby spills everything that happened to our parents.

“Did you tell him our names” dad looks a little nervous now.

“I told them I lived with you now, but he wanted to know my biological parents names” sitting down on the couch slowly.

“And you told him?” now mom’s voice is very nervous.

“Well yes, he is from the palace. Why, was that wrong to do?” seeing something is now very wrong with both of them.

They look at each other with a look that I can not quite understand.

“What’s wrong?” now Matt has concern in his voice “You have that look like something is wrong with what she said.”

“We need to really talk to you Maggie. I mean really talk to you about something” my dad is rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

“To the dining room then” Abby bounces towards it.

“Alone!” my mother burst it out to quickly.

“No” Matt comes and stands beside me “Something is off about this so we all need to know what is going on here.”

“Not now. this is very important” my dad’s voice is sharp as a knife.

All of a sudden, there are hard knocks on the front door. “I got it” Abby rushes at the door.”

“Abby don’t” my mom’s voice breaks almost into a sob.

She is at the door before we know it and opens it. The man from the road steps in with an army of men behind him. Abby backs away very quickly.

“Hello Maggie. I am so glad I finally found you. My name is Alex” he bows when he gets in front of me.

“Um, you met me earlier when you talked to me and asked me those questions” looking at my parents who are now about to cry.

He stands up straight and looks me in the eyes with much excitement.

“You are Princess Maggie Elizabeth Stanton. I have been looking for you for nineteen years” as he stares down my parents.

“What are you talking about?” Matt comes to my side “She is our sister, not a princess.”

“Yes she is” his gaze has now shifted to my brother “When she told me who her so called biological parents were, they are the ones who kidnapped her when she was two years old from her real parents.”

“What?” stumbling backwards a few steps “Are you sure?”

“Can we sit down and talk a minute? Obviously your parents never told you the truth” he spears them with a almost murderous look.

We walk into the dining room and my parents sink down into their chairs. Alex takes a seat beside me after pulling my chair out.

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