12 immortals of shadow

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Camellia was an ordinary young woman, like everyone, she had dreams, a job she hated as a waitress in a shady restaurant, and a drive to better her life. What she did not expect, was to fall into the darkest of rabbit holes, and have her whole life turned upside down.

Fantasy / Horror
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Author's note and Content Warnings

Hey folks! I’m making these small notes so you are aware of certains things for my story as well as being aware of the content warnings!

First off, we are two writers on this book, Irajiack, being “me”, and one of my friends some kind of paranoid hermit crab living somewhere, hidden.

Both of us are really happy to work on this project! And even if that story and those characters are mine, my friend helps a lot for the writing and the smooth pace of the reading! Obviously, The Hermit Crab get to see each comments and reviews as well! :D

A small disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this story by the characters do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the writer(s)! It would be greatly appreciated if you can take that into consideration before trying to burn us at the stake! Thank you!

OK now that this is out, time for the content warnings!

- Strong language.

- Depictions of Alcohol and drug usage.

- Depictions of violences, abuses, death, self harm and other violent themes.

- Depictions of blood and body horror and other horrific themes.

- Depictions of nudity and adult themes.

Also some of the characters will have different sexuality and/or ethnicity and/or have one or multiple disabilities!

It would be greatly appreciated if you can remain respectful when giving a review/criticism!

Thanks for giving my book a small read and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

If you want to tip the writers of this story you can always drop a ko-fi here => https://ko-fi.com/irajiack

Cordially, Irajiack and The Hermit Crab.

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