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Beyond the Amaranthine Veil

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Tristan served nearly two decades as a Templar - slayers of monsters, mages and men. Abruptly walking away meant leaving that life far behind him, along with a scorned, former lover and countless enemies. Now, far removed from the life of a Templar, Tristan works by order of the King as a professional mercenary. His latest assignment is a politically contested marriage to one high-ranking noblewoman. Kirin Talmarian is every man's dream but can Tristan keep her safe? Demons from his past career soon find root in his present, dragging Tristan and Kirin into a political conflict, which breaks the borders of kingdoms and realms. Now, they must fight for their lives against the overwhelming threat of monsters, rogue sorcerers, and above all else, the corruption of men.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Convergence marked the birth of magic in the world of Anon. Great beasts, from bipedal giants to magically infused polypods, now plagued the once peaceful lands. Through the chaos of the advent and their own ability to adapt, the denizens of the land discovered the power of the gods; the Amaranthine.

These sorcerers, now armed with the power to manipulate the fabric of reality, quickly ran amok. Thus, began the rise of corrupt kingdoms of magic and the first of the mage wars. Falling into ruin time and time again, surviving bands of mages and knights bonded together to form the Templar Order.

Trained in the art of magic and war, the Templars led a swift and bloody revolt against the magic empires. Over a century later, the Templar Order is now reformed as a part of the Cabal, a magical coalition between sorcerers and those who keep them in check. While some members of the Cabal seek out their own acquisitions of power through advising kings and queens, many Templars still exist to slay those machinations of magic, which threaten the people of Anon.

One such man, having walked the bloody path of a Templar Sword far longer than most, now seeks the comforts of his homeland. Mind and body wrought with scars and drenched in the blood of countless battles, Tristan Stryfe of Altair now lives in the service of his King, hoping to finally earn his long-fought freedom from the mantle of killsword.

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