The Last Vampire

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Lilly Moon grew up around humans and werewolves. Everyone expected her to be human until her 18th birthday. On her 18th birthday she saw her fangs for the first time. This is the story of the last vampire.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Lilly Moon. I am a human or so I thought I was. I was raised by both vampires and werewolves. My parents left me on a werewolf packs’ pack house. The werewolves act as if I am their slave. I’m 17 years old I’m turning 18 next week. I am faster then most werewolves even though I’m human. I can’t wait to get out of here.

I run down the stairs and start to make the pack breakfast. On the way downstairs I accidentally bump into the Alpha’s daughter Penelope. The Alpha’s family are the only ones nice to me.

“I’m so sorry Penelope.” I said
“It’s fine Lilly you did nothing wrong. Do you want to hang out later?” Penelope said
“Sure let’s go to the mall.” I said
“Okay see you later.” She said
We hug and say bye to each other. I walk into the kitchen and see the Alpha and Luna.

“Good morning Alpha and Luna. What would you like for breakfast?” I ask
“Morning Lilly and how many times have we told you to call us James and Daisy.” Daisy said
“Sorry Daisy.” I said
“Scrambled eggs for us Lilly.” James said
“Okay no problem James. By the way me and Penelope are hanging out after school today.” I said
“That’s great if only you and Grayson would get along. You know he turns 18 in two days and he will be able find his mate. I can’t turn over the Alpha title until he has found his mate.” James said
“I know that James and I will start on the eggs.”

I start to make the eggs and Grayson walks in.

“Hey babe.” Grayson said
“How many times do I have to tell you that I am NOT your girlfriend?” I asked
“GRAYSON stop calling Lilly your girlfriend. All three of us know that you think she is your mate.” James said

What they don’t know is that I secretly like Grayson and I hope I am his mate. I just make them think that I hate him.

“You don’t think that I know that dad.” Grayson said
“Don’t talk back to your father Grayson.” Daisy said
“Sorry mom.” Grayson said

I go back to making breakfast for Daisy, James, Grayson, and Penelope. I make some bacon to go with it.

“ILL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE LILLY!” Penelope yelled
“Lilly please don’t yell across the house.” Daisy said
“Sorry Daisy.” I say

Penelope comes running downstairs. I hand her her plate just as the rest of the pack walk in. Bethany walks right into me and makes me drop James and Daisy’s breakfast.

“Bethany why would you do that?” Grayson asked
“Because she stole you from me.” Bethany said
“She hates me!” He says at the same time that I say
“I hate him.”
“Then why is he always with you?” Bethany asked
“He wants her to be his mate.” Penelope said
“Penelope please stay out of our conversation.” I said
“Yes Lilly.” Penelope said
“Sorry that your food fell James and Daisy. I will remake it for you.” I said
“Give them some respect.” Bethany said
“We told her to call us by our names and Lilly sweetheart it’s just fine we will have the omegas make us breakfast.” Daisy said
“Okay bye see you guys after school.” I said

Me, Penelope, and Grayson all get in Grayson’s car. I go to sit in the backseat but Grayson makes me sit in his lap.

“Don’t you have to drive?” I asked
“No remember this car is self driving.” Grayson said
“So why do I have to sit on your lap?” I asked
“Because I already know that you are my mate.” Grayson said
“What how?” I asked
“My Wolf told me early.” He said
“Seriously now I have to figure out how to stay away from you.” I say
“I’ll always find you sweetheart.” Grayson said
“Don’t call me that.” I say

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