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Vampire Mating Ceremony

Alphaeus awoke to the sound of knocking on his door, he stretched and dropped his legs from the bed. “Yes?” He rubbed his eyes then down to his dry fangs.

“Your meal.” Bina came in followed by a guard and a human female. “Will this do for you?”

“Yes, yes, put it over there.” He waved his hand to the corner as he stood and stretched, hand running through his tangled hair. His fangs grew as the scent of the human reached him. He waved the guard and Bina from his chambers.

“What do we have today?” he asked himself, his fangs pressing into his chin slightly, where usually they fit quite nicely into his mouth. He padded over to the human now chained to the ring affixed to the floor. He smirked to himself a little, this one must have been new, there was a fear within the green eyes. “Vă rog, domnule, Vă rog, domnule!” she begged, backing away from him, feet sliding along the stone floor. His pale hand clamped over her mouth, silencing the begs he didn’t understand. He fisted the ebony hair, dragging its head to the side before his long fangs sunk into the dizzyingly fast pumping vein.

Crimson delight flooded his tongue, its squeals and pleas grew quieter in his ear the more he feast. It wasn’t the same as on the road, he didn’t know what was different, maybe it was just the human tasted different, but there was less sweetness within this one’s blood. He had his fill nonetheless, knowing if he were to be picked at the ceremony he’d need his strength and stamina.

Bina came back with a bowl of scented water before a guard came in to remove the limp, muttering human. “How long have I got, Bina?”

“Half an hour or so, do you need help dressing?”

“Just the jacket Bina, do you think I have time for a trim?”

“Really sir? I think your hair looks good. Needs a comb though.”

“If you think. If my hair stops me being picked I’m changing maids,” he jested.

“You’ll be picked sir, any female would be lucky to have you,” she reassured as she picked up his comb. He washed his face, neck and intimates (you know, just in case) before sitting for Bina to brush his hair.

He headed down to the grand hall, ready to be paraded as a suitable candidate. He was, he was by far suitable with his pointed angular face, pale with the hint of blue that many deemed desirable and a symbol of good blood. His maroon eyes held a stern seriousness that he hoped one of the volunteers could see themselves gazing into as they bred the next generation of royal purebloods. However, he knew he was up against two cousins and his elder brother. He had a fifty-fifty chance of being picked that night and although he was arrogant and still coming down from the high of his first scouting mission, there was a well of doubt within him.

He was slightly displeased he hadn’t heard Katriel’s name. She was the female he had always looked upon with favour but he knew if she hadn’t volunteered she had no interest in him. Which meant, even if he were not picked today, he had no right to ask for her companionship. It saddening him somewhat but there was nothing he could do. The eligible royals were always made known to of age females. If they were interested they signed their name, if they were not… they did not. He swept into the hall, greeted his cousin Makis before taking a seat. The females weren’t there yet, he could rest his still aching feet. Jarius was next to arrive, his raven hair cropped shorter than Alphaeus remembered, “Cousin,” he greeted.

“Uh huh, who do you want?” Jarius asked.

“From memory, Kanara is easy on the eyes,” Alphaeus replied.

“Oh good, I’m banking on Jerusha.”

“Of course you wish for the ash blonde, where next to you, you would actually appear intelligent,” Alphaeus teased.

“Shut up, do you know who your brother wants?”

“I haven’t spoken to him, been on important business, remember.”

“Thought you stank of dog,” Jarius sneered. Alphaeus almost instinctively sniffed himself but was glad to smell pine and chestnuts. “Ha!” Jarius exclaimed in triumph. Alphaeus rolled his eyes and settled back waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Jarius had to nudge Alphaeus awake just as the ceremony began as he had dozed off. King Tyrek was stood, the two ladies on either side of him in beautiful ball gowns. Kanara wearing a deep azure while Jerusha a crimson with delicate beading. “Gentleman, positions please.” Alphaeus heaved himself to his feet, squaring his shoulders he made his way to the centre of the room. His brother Azariah to his left by a few feet, while Jarius was in front giving him a goofy smile. “Feel OK, Al?” Azariah asked.

“Yes, you?” He gave a stiff nod in return as the music began, the ladies swept onto the dance floor. Jerusha instantly took up Alphaeus’ hands while Kanara, Jaruis’.

“Wonderfully fine evening, don’t you think?” he asked while they danced, twirling in a practised manner. “It is, I heard you’ve been away? Was it frightfully awful?”

“Not at all, sweet Jerusha, I am quite capable, nothing brings fear to me.”

“Aren’t you brave.” He gave her a warm dashing smile, his fangs flashing in the candlelight.

The beat changed ever so slightly, signalling a change. Jerusha turned from his arms into Azariah, Alphaeus connected wrists with Jarius, “What did you think?”

“Charming, you?”

“I could, she pressed her body right into me, I think she wants me.”

“She has three others to dance with, don’t get your hopes up.” They changed wrists, circling each other like prey. Alphaeus glanced to the two couples dancing, smiles on both ladies’ faces. Alphaeus experienced a small gnaw of jealousy in his stomach, they looked happy, happier than he believed him able to make either of them. Maybe he wasn’t suitable, he’d be better suited to the life of a scout, although of course, he would still have to be away every now and then even if he were picked. He shook the thought, he wouldn’t be picked, his brother was more attractive than him, and so was Jarius, even if he did tease him.

The music changed again and he found himself wrist to wrist with his brother, so he was to be last with Kanara. Not good odds. She didn’t want to go with him so left him last. He put on a smile so his brother wouldn’t guess his thoughts. “You seem a little distracted, little brother.”

“I think I’m tired from the mission is all, unfortunate the ceremony had to land so close to my arrival.”

“World doesn’t revolve around you,” Azariah snapped.

“Nor you.”

“Well aware, with any luck you won’t be picked and you can get back to your chambers, sleep off your foul mood.”

“You are a fine one to talk, Azariah, maybe you should smile, or no one will want you.”

“Oh you have a lot to learn about ladies, they don’t want smiles, they want serious so they know I’ll be a no-nonsense father and bring up our newlings correctly.” Alphaeus rolled his eyes at his brother’s belief.

Finally, it was the final dance, Kanara held his hands in front of her, allowing him to lead. “How have you found the suitors?”

“OK, it’s going to be a hard choice,” she replied.

“You’ll make the right choice for you. Never doubt your gut, it’s often there for a reason.” He smiled warmly, earning a small smile in return. “Thank you.” He slipped his hand to her waist, tugging her a little closer, he may not have a chance but he may as well feel her body pressed against his one time. The music drew to an end and so did the dance. He kissed her hand gently in thanks before she linked arms with Jerusha to walk back to King Tyrek. He kissed both their hands before they disappeared through a door.

Alphaeus relaxed his posture a little while the King announced, “Please, while the ladies make their decisions you may feast to build strength for your night ahead.” Four humans were led into the hall, chains around their ankles and wrists. Alphaeus felt more tired than hungry but it may help his lethargy. He leant over the blond male he’d been given and winced at the bitterness of his blood. “Switch,” Jarius spoke from next to him, Alphaeus looked to the black-haired female and nodded, so they traded humans. The female’s blood was much sweeter.

He did feel better for taking a drink… A very large drink. The four gentlemen sat back in their respective chairs, waiting for the ladies to return. “So, what do you think?” Jarius asked.

“I honestly do not know. Jerusha seemed nice.”

“She did, very polite, quite a nice body too. I think after dancing I preferred Kanara though. She was sweet, and what I felt beneath that dress...” His eyes glinted in desire.

“We’ll have to see Jarius, no one’s going to pick you though. Who wants that over them?” Alphaeus gestured to the whole of Jarius with a smirk of mischief on his face, trying to hide the dread and despair he himself felt. Jarius was much more likely to be picked over him.

It wasn’t long before the two ladies arrived back in the hall. “Gentlemen, to the centre please, hands behind your back.” King Tyrek directed. All four men rose and formed a line. Alphaeus closed his eyes, knowing that was to be the next direction and, in all honestly he didn’t want to see who was picked. He stood tall, sensing apprehension from the three others before he felt the swish of fabric against his legs as someone went past him. He stayed still, feeling the ladies dresses swish past his legs as they circled the line. Going up and down, inspecting, judging, ensuring.

A cool hand clasped Alphaeus’ and he fought to not open his eyes in surprise. He had been picked! By who he couldn’t be sure, “Jarius and Azariah. Thank you ever so much for taking your time for the ceremony. As is our customs you are welcome to acquire your own female from this point on if you wish.” Footsteps echoed in the hall while Alphaeus squeezed his eyes shut. Who had picked him? He could peak… but no he wouldn’t. That was against the rules.

“Congratulations, I’m sure you will both have a wonderful partnership and bear many newlings for our pure line. Gentleman, you can now see your respective breeders.” Alphaeus peeled his eyes open to see blue; Kanara. He gave her a smile, surprised, but pleased. She was fair and lovely. Chestnut curls cascaded over her shoulders, her maroon eyes deep and innocent. Her skin, flawlessly translucent and smooth. “Ladies, your new quarters are ready, please lead your chosen gentleman.” Alphaeus squeezed her hand gently as a maid approached before leading them both through the castle.

As soon as they were alone in her new quarters she dropped his hand. “I’ll… go get ready,” she whispered, nerves rippling off her in droves. “Kanara, we can get to know each other first. No need to jump straight into breeding.” She looked up to him with wide eyes. “I wanted to thank you for picking me,” he continued.

“You were the only one that said it was my decision. The others just said why I should pick them.”

“Well, I’m most pleased. I can’t tell you how happy I was to open my eyes and see you,” he stated warmly, wanting her to feel as if she’d picked correctly, and make her feel at ease.

“I’d quite like to get out of this dress. It’s very uncomfortable.”

“Of course, there will be garments for you in the wardrobe. Shall I get a maid to help you?”

“Erm… you could… help me.” Alphaeus felt his blood rush to his cheeks in a mild blush.

“Of course,” he breathed, he swallowed and composed himself. “I’d love to.”

He followed her into her bed chambers, partly wanting her to guide him, but he knew he needed to prove he was capable as a head of household. He opened her wardrobe, “Will this make you more comfortable?” He picked out a simple full-length linen day dress. She nodded with a smile, showing her pointed fangs. “Can you…?” She turned from him, showing the laced up back of her velvet dress. Alphaeus sucked his teeth, of course, he knew he could be seeing a lady in a state of undress if he were picked but he never thought he would be the one to do the undressing.

With slightly fumbling fingers he began unlacing the soft velvet, helping her out of the overdress before her dress cage went. “Do you wish to remove some of your undergarments to be more comfortable?”

“Yes please, I can barely breathe.” He nodded to himself before he began on the stiff corset, his fingers gliding over the cotton underclothes that were oh so close to her skin. As the corset dropped away he couldn’t help slipping his hand over her petite waist. “You’re beautiful Kanara.”

“Thank you, I was worried you wouldn’t like me.”

“How could I not?” He didn’t have feelings for her as such, but he could appreciate what he could see in her in future.

Alphaeus’ life had always been about expectations, the King being his Uncle, he had to conduct himself appropriately and with decorum. He had rules to uphold, there was a behaviour expected of him. He knew the part he had to play. He dipped, his hand catching the hem of her underskirt until he felt the skin of her thigh. She gasped in surprise but leant back into his chest while he gently caressed her cool skin.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” he whispered, running his nose down her cheek.

“No-one’s ever touched me like this before.”

“How about like this?” He ran his hand to her upper thigh, dangerously close to her most intimate area, his fingers gliding, teasing. “No,” she breathed, her skin heating ever so slightly.

“Do you wish to get back to getting to know each other?”

“I can get to know you this way,” she whispered, her voice slightly higher.

He hummed and chuckled against her. His hands searched for the ties to her underskirt, letting it drop to the floor before he lifted her undershirt. “You’re like a painting my dear.” His eyes could only roam over her back. She shivered against him before he gripped her hip, spinning her. He crashed his lips against hers, tugging her into him. He felt small hands tugging on his jacket, he shrugged it off. In no time he was undressed, his clothes in a puddle on the floor. His fingers glided into her luscious hair, their breathing increasing as they sank further into the haze of arousal and desire.

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