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Werewolf- The Human Trespasser

My boots crunched along the leaf-littered forest floor. It was late I really should have turned back hours ago, but I had never been this deep in the forest before. I had taken my jacket off miles back but I was wondering if I should put it back on. The temperature was definitely starting to drop.

I stared into the branches above, mum always said I had my head in the clouds. I guess that’s true as I pulled my small notebook out of the back pocket of my jeans. Scribbling down a few ideas I kept walking... yeah shouldn’t have done that.

I felt the ground change beneath my feet but didn’t notice at first until I tucked my notebook safely back where it always is. I blinked... well this was new. There were houses around me, like big family homes. A clearing had been made in the trees and now... it seemed 4 houses sat nestled amongst the trees.

What the hell? I’m about 10 miles from anything close to civilisation. Even that was just a single track road. Wouldn’t lie, the place gave me the creeps, night had begun to set in and the clearing seemed to constantly be in a level of fog... yeah I should have turned back.

But I didn’t, foolish stupid me being nosy. I crept up to the largest of the houses. I was curious who would think to live in the middle of the forest? There were no lights on in any of the houses, maybe they were all out? I peered into a window but couldn’t make anything out. So I snuck to the back, there was more flattened land here, probably a similar size of a large swimming pool of grass stretched to the trees.

No-one was around but I decided that as no-one was home I wouldn’t find anything out, I turned to the treeline to continue walking, maybe I’d come back later. I stifled the scream that rose in my throat. Between the trees was a gigantic black wolf, its ice-blue eyes glowing. I took a step back keeping my eyes trained on it. It’s huge! That’s not a wolf... can’t be it’s more the size of a bear!

I took another step back and kept going until my back’s against the house... OK, I was going to die. I tried to press myself against the house... don’t ask what I was thinking. Maybe I could press myself so hard I’d go through? But I trod on something and looked down...

Feet... big bare (human) feet. Large hands turned me like I weighed nothing... I wasn’t against a house I was against a rather large... very muscular, topless male. “Run!” I squeaked, only thinking of the wolf behind me. He chuckled... was he insane? “What are you doing here?” his voice held so much authority... he wasn’t that old though, I’d say he was mid-20s, only a few years older than me. I gulped, not quite able to form words.

“You’re trespassing,” his voice low and menacing.

“Sorry,” I squeaked again... why was I only squeaking? Oh yeah! This guy’s scary... handsome... but very scary. He looked like he could snap me with no effort. I gulped again he hadn’t spoken, he seemed to not be seeing me... his grey eyes were trained on me. But you know when someone’s looking but not seeing? That was the look he was giving me.

“I-I’ll just go,” I managed to get out, even sounding confident. I went to turn around, but his hands were still firmly on my upper arms. I struggled to pull out of his grasp but nothing happened. I wriggled and pulled but his grip tightened the more I wriggled. His fingers digging into my flesh painfully. I stamped on his foot but when I looked back at him he had a small amused smile on his face. How did that not hurt? He hadn’t even flinched.

I brought my knee up to his crotch but before I got anywhere near, I’d been swept over his shoulder so my view was of his very defined back. “Let me go!” I screamed, wriggling. “Get off!” He’s begun walking so I screamed an ear-splitting high pitched sound... that made him flinch. I did it again but no-one’s coming to help. My only chance was running, he just needed to drop me. “Stop that!” he growled, like actually growled. I felt his chest vibrate under my thighs. I hit at his back as my view’s changed to no longer being outside. I screamed again and I was thrown from his shoulder. I landed on something soft, I was on a leather sofa. I stood and scrambled to the door but he’s caught me before I even made it three paces.

“It’s not safe!” He placed me back on the sofa.

“Well, I know that!” I sprinted towards the door again. I heard a sigh as thick arms pinned my arms to my sides and he lifted me. This time he sat on the sofa, still holding me to him. I struggled against him which made him chuckle again. He’d pulled me so I was sat on his lap. “I’ll hold you all night if I have to,” he whispered in my ear. I wriggle and tried to wrench my body free. “Let me go!” My confidence waning; I was scared. He’s going to kill me, or... other things.

I buck to see if that loosened his grasp. “You have to tire at some point.” There was a note of frustration, good. I thrashed, but... he was right, my muscles were aching with the effort, but I couldn’t let him do whatever he wants. Maybe another tack.

I stilled. Hoping he thought I’d ran out of energy, if my fight or flight hadn’t kicked in I would be exhausted. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me. “That’s better,” his voice was muffled and I noticed his head was in my neck... what the hell was he doing? Was he... smelling me? I doubt I smelt that amazing... I’d hiked for 15 miles.

I shifted to try and get off his lap... not to escape... yet. His grip tightened. “I’ve always been told not to sit on stranger’s laps,” I complained with a bite of attitude.

Another chuckle came from him, “Tough, you’re trespassing and it’s not safe at night.” Why was his deep voice sending tingles down my back?

“So I can leave in the morning?” I asked hopefully.

“Mhm,” his noise of confirmation. “If you still want to leave,” he added.

“Of course I will... can I sit next to you? I prefer to talk to people face to face.” His arms relaxed slightly around me. So I made a move to get off his lap, but before I could, he’d gripped my waist and twisted me one-eighty so I was straddling him. “This... isn’t what I meant,” a quiver in my voice.

“You’re obviously a flight risk, it’s this... or handcuffs.” He smirked, shrugging.

I gulped. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to trespass, I was just walking.” I took in his features a bit better. His prominent square jaw laced with stubble led to slightly hollowed cheeks before his high cheekbones. He was definitely handsome, and his steel eyes were enchanting.

“I know, or you’d be dead.” I blanch at his words and tone; he said it so matter of factly. My adrenaline’s failing me, and I start to shake, my body racked with quivers. My reaction seemed to amuse this man. “I’m not going to kill you, I don’t kill women,” his words didn’t quell my fear.

A tear slipped from my eye, “Please?” I found myself begging... I wasn’t really sure what I was asking for.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” his voice much gentler than before. His dark hair fell into his eyes and I had an urge to brush it back but refrained. One of his arms left my waist and he swept his hair back, raking his fingers through the long strands. I flinched when he placed his large hand on the side of my face. He began to rub my cheek with his thumb, I hadn’t realised I was still crying and he was brushing the tears away. “Honestly, I have no intention of hurting you, I want to keep you safe.”

His smooth voice wrapped around me, I felt myself calming while he’s stroking me. It was like a lullaby to a child… but I shouldn’t be feeling calm, he’s basically kidnapped me. But he said I can leave in the morning, and there did seem to be wolves out there. I was pretty sure wolves couldn’t open doors, so maybe I was better staying here the night. Then as soon as it’s light start hiking back home.

“That’s better.” He leant forward and laid a gentle kiss on my cheek, his stubble slightly scratching my jaw. I frowned at him, why did he do that?

He shrugged, “You’re beautiful,” he seemed to reply, wait... did I say that aloud? I scratched my arm self consciously, then my stomach made a loud rumble. I reddened slightly with embarrassment, he looked down. “You’re hungry,” he said bluntly. Standing and placing me on his hip like you would a toddler. “I can walk.” I huff, my arms folded at feeling babied.

A rumble of laughter came from his muscular chest. “And?” He walked into the kitchen area, opening a fridge and one-handed before he began pulling things out.

“You can put me down? It’s not exactly normal to be carrying someone around.” I wriggled slightly making him have to readjust his grip.

So he’s not infallible.

A small smile played on my lips, I could so get out of his grasp in the position he’d put me in. While he’s distracted I shuffled and flung backwards, much like my brother had done when he was small. I just hoped I didn’t hit my head like he did though.

His arm disappeared but grabbed me to stop me from landing heavily. I felt my feet on the ground but then he’s over me, and I was pushed into the kitchen island. His strong arms on either side of me caging me in. “You could have hurt yourself!” he yelled into my face making me flinch. His eyes weren’t grey anymore, they’re ice blue.

Alright, that calmness?... Long gone.

Gone, gone gone. He’s terrifying!

I cowered from him, he looked furious. “I’m sorry,” my voice tiny. I wrapped my arms around myself. He’s still glowering down at me. Why did his eyes look like the wolf I saw?

I was trembling as I apologised again, tears of fear streaking down my cheeks. I attempted to slide down the kitchen cupboard just to give me a little distance from him. He looked like he’s about to hit me, or headbutt me. He blinked and his eyes were grey again, his face relaxing as his arms moved from either side of me. I slid down the cupboard, my chest heaving with my heavy breaths.

What the hell just happened?

I hugged my knees as I watched him busy himself around the kitchen, seemingly ignoring me.

He came towards me with a plate and put it on the counter above me. “Eat,” his voice gruff, before I heard a stool grind across the floor then noises of him eating. “Sorry,” his voice still gruff but I could tell he’s trying to calm down. Why would me hurting myself make him so angry? I wiped my tears and slowly stood. I didn’t say anything as I started to eat, standing at the island. “Sit,” his voice demanding. I shook my head. The only place to sit was next to him, and he still sounded a little pissed off.

He huffed and stood, walking around the island a little and grabbing my plate, he placed it next to his and sat again. I made a small noise of protest which he either didn’t hear or ignored. I was still hungry so I sat on the stool next to him. Pulling the stool away so I wasn’t quite so close to him. I started to eat again and felt the stool moving under me, he dragged me so I was almost touching him.

I kept eating trying to ignore him when his hand slid around my waist again. “Why do you keep touching me?” I turned, it was my turn to glower at him.

“You’re pretty, pretty things need touching.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “No, pretty things need to be left alone. Have you ever been to a museum?” He chuckled his low chuckle again.

“I like that you’re feisty, it’s adorable. Particularly as you’re... well...” he didn’t continue.

“Particularly as I’m... what?” I sniped.

He chuckled again... he likes to chuckle. “You’re human. Human’s are weak.” I turned to look at him, physically turning in the stool this time.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Nothing,” and his lips are on mine.

I freeze...

What the fuck?

His hands came up to cup my face, preventing my head from moving. His lips were warm and soft against mine, then he began to massage my lips. I was confused but my body seemed to have a different idea and responded, kissing him back. My hands found his neck and I played with the tips of his hair. There’s something about him, his power, his scent that seemed to make me not want to pull away. I’d never experienced anything like this. It’s like a magnet I can’t possibly repel from him.

He pulled me onto his lap to deepen the kiss. His hands finding my dirty blonde hair, pulling my head closer to him. He nibbled at my bottom lip which made me gasp and just like that his tongue’s in my mouth. He’s great at this, wow.

No-one has kissed me like this before.

His hands untangled from my hair and they’re beginning to roam down. They reached the hem of my t-shirt and his rough hands rubbed against the skin of my back. Trailing his fingers up and down my spine sending tingles all over my back. I managed to come to my senses a little and pull away. “What are we doing?” I pant.

His lips formed a smirk. “Doing what our bodies are wanting,” he replied huskily and he pulled me back down so our lips crashed together.

It’s hard to resist him, it’s like everything about him was making me want this. I barely knew him! He’d stopped me from leaving. What was I doing? Just as I was about to pull away, a noise made him stop.


I looked around and a tall blonde haired man, similar build to the one I’m straddling, was stood in the doorway. I tried to get off his lap, embarrassed, but his hands had firmly clamped onto my hips preventing my moving. “What?” he snapped at the man that’d just arrived. “Can’t you see I’m busy Fin?”

“Jackson... why is there a human here?” The man, Fin narrowed his eyes in my direction. I shrunk slightly, wanting a barrier between us. I wriggled again, wanting to put distance between myself and the new man.

As I’ve found out I’m on top of a man called Jackson, that’s what I’ll call him. Jackson growled at my movements. I stopped, feeling his arousal realising what I had been doing. “Oh, you don’t have to stop,” an amusement evident in his voice as his focus returned to me. “Fin, leave,” it was a command.

“But, Alpha...” he seemed to be struggling to talk, why was he calling him Alpha? “Rogues.” Jackson’s eyes snapped from mine. He swiftly set on the floor while he stood. My knees weakened and I stumbled a little catching myself on the island.

A howl nearby sent a chill over my skin. “Darling, please don’t leave the house... it’s not safe and I mean it. If you want to live do not leave this house.” I could tell he wasn’t messing around. His face set and his tone deadly serious. I nod to show I understood and to prove my point, I sat on the stool he’d vacated. He nodded and was out of the house before I blinked.

I looked around the downstairs of Jackson’s house. It’s completely open plan with wooden stairs appearing to be the feature in the centre. Around the stairs was the kitchen, then more of the entranceway which wasn’t where Jackson left through. Then the sitting room with 2 leather sofas and a large TV on a stand. I noticed a door and go in, it’s a study. A dark room with a desk. Stacks of papers were strewn all over the place, I decided not to snoop and close the door again.

I slid out my notebook and started writing; I didn’t know how long Jackson would be and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity like this.

I heard the door unlock an hour later. Jackson looked to the stool where I was no longer sitting. His eyes went wide until he looked over to the sofa, where I was sitting. He let out a little sigh and sat next to me. “Everything OK?”

“Nothing for you to worry about. Now, where were we?” I put my hand on his bare chest to stop him. “Jackson?” I was almost questioning just in case that’s not his name, he didn’t react so I continued, “Why did he call you Alpha?”

“Because I am the Alpha.”

I furrowed my brows at him, that’s not really answering my question. Like… there’s Alpha males… guys that like to be in charge…

“So... you’re the boss?” I can’t really think of the right words to use.

He shrugged, seemingly uninterested in talking about it.

“Why did you and that man call me a human?”

“Well you are, aren’t you?”

“I... yeah, but so are you so why are you making a point about it?” He laughed this time, a bark of laughter that vibrated my chest. “Because we’re not humans,” he whispered before pushing me down on the sofa. Covering my body with his and melting my questions away with his passionate needy kiss.

He broke the kiss only to pull my t-shirt over my head. I gasp, I didn’t expect it. His eyes roamed over my chest and stomach. He seemed happy as his palms ran from my stomach to my bra. He hummed, his finger running along the underwire. I squirm under his touch, he’s teasing and my body was begging for him to get on with it.

He stood and lifted me so my legs were wrapped around his waist. He carried me effortlessly up the stairs and he pushed a door open. A teal room with a king-sized bed. He laid me down on the soft white sheets “Two seconds, I’ll be right back,” he left the room.

I scrambled to write this next section down while I could hear him. I think he was rummaging through a box by the sound of it.


I stir feeling myself in strong warm arms, but it could have been a dream. My eyes slowly open as the birds are making such a racket I can’t sleep anymore. I look around, I’m at the edge of the forest. I’m laid on the hard cold ground, my car ten feet away. I sit up, confused. How did I get here? My head’s pounding, did I take something last night? I don’t remember eating anything but my stomach isn’t rumbling with hunger so I must have eaten recently.

I feel something tug a little at my hair. I reach around, there’s a necklace tangled a little in my baby hairs. I pluck the chain from them and look down at it, I can’t see it properly so I take it off. A silver pendant dangled from the chain, only about half a centimetre wide, an ice blue gem nestled within the silver. I turn it over and two words are scrawled into the metal. “Find me.”

I slowly make my way to the car, flashes crossing my mind. Grey eyes. A safe feeling when I shouldn’t feel safe. Jeez, I felt like I was coming out of a seriously weird trip. Wait... houses I was in a house. I look around but there’s nothing around. I get in my car, pulling out my notebook, and there was a story. This story.

I’ve searched for that clearing for the last year, but I seem to just not be able to find it. Pieces of my memory have returned and I want to find him... Jackson.

I was about to give up my search, it’s exactly a year since I was last there.

But something makes me stop... I’ve found the clearing.

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