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Werewolf- My Little Trespasser

A year, a fucking year it’s been. Why won’t she come? The whispers around my pack are driving me crazy. So what I had a human on pack lands for a night? Why the fuck does it matter to them? Many might as well be female for the amount they gossip.

“Alpha?” the familiar voice instantly clenches my jaw, the fuck he want now?

“What?!” I snap as my Beta entered the room

“Alright, Jacks, chill dude.” He puts his hands out to show he means no harm. Yeah right.

“What do you want?” I snap, my nerves are fried... rogues have been attacking almost daily... and then there’s her. I can’t get her off my mind but I know I’ll never see her again... She’d have come back by now, I probably scared her.

“We’ve captured some of the rogues.” Well that made me lookup

“Finally!” another snap, “Where are they?”

“Dungeons, Alpha.” I nod to him rising from my leather chair. I huff through my nose as he leads the way.

We found an old human army bunker and that’s where our dungeon is. It’s perfect, hidden within the trees. I climb down the ladder feeling the drop in temperature through my thin t-shirt. I usually leave my men to deal with prisoners, I hate coming down here it stinks and the silver we’ve laced around makes my skin crawl.

I scratch at my slightly too long stubble as Fin leads me down the corridor, cells lining the walls. Until he stops, “These three, Alpha.” I draw myself up, the more intimidating I look the better. I look over the young men, they all look similar age. I sneer, the scrawny little twats, who did they think they were coming into my land? I growl asserting dominance. One of them had to be more of a leader.

Two of the rogues cowered... one didn’t. Guess I know who their leader is. I open the door to his cell, “Who are you?” I snarl. My eyes flickering darker, I can feel my wolf wanting to surface, he wants to punish them. But I need to find out if these are the rogues that have been attacking and stealing from us first.

His response was to shrug. Does he not realise who I am? I allow a growl to rumble and rip from my chest. He will bow down to me and explain himself. He’s not actually looked at me yet, so maybe he does recognise my rank. I grip his face roughly, pulling his face into the light. His blue almost colourless eyes look anywhere but my face. He looks around wildly, I squeeze his jaw until I feel the bones almost giving way. He whimpers. Good.

“I didn’t realise pups could shift.” I lift his face until he’s forced to stand before me. He looks like a boy. His thin arms and lack of muscle disgusts me. Wolves should never look as weak as a human.

“I’m not a pup!”

“Ah, it does speak. Why have you been stealing from me!”

“I... I haven’t.” I study his face for any hint of a lie. I bring my knee to his stomach.

“I would learn to lie before you lie to an Alpha, pup.” I’m still holding him up, I can feel his body trying to curl up against the pain. Pathetic. I throw him against the wall. “I’m sorry, we’re hungry. We didn’t want to steal. We didn’t mean to kill anyone,” he whimpers, there’s the truth.

I fold my arms looking at the pup. I let out a long breath through my nose, taking in the feel of the hot breeze over my top lip. “Fin.”

“Yes, Alpha?”

“Get these pups a hot meal.”

“Sorry Alpha?”

“Did I stutter?” I turn to look at my Beta, I swear he’s getting thicker by the day.

“No, Alpha.” He looks away from my piercing gaze.

“Then go.” I turn back to the pup curled up on the dirty cement floor.

“For the death of my men, you will remain my prisoners. I will decide what to do with you later.” I turn on my heel and lock the cell behind me. “They will be fed,” I growl to the two guards around me. Before climbing out of the bunker.

The packs had been declining. It saddened me that wolves felt the need to steal from one another. We had always been a rich and prosperous race. A race that lived off the land, but the packs had got lazy. Relying on human money too much, relying on convenience. Meaning many were now too poor to survive, and their instincts to hunt – gone. We by far live more comfortably than others, so my pack do not complain of our vigorous training or our isolation from the human world.

As I reach our clearing Fin’s walking with a large pot of something. “Jacks, are you going to explain why you’re feeding the thieving scum, using our precious supplies?”

“I want them to have the satisfaction of a full belly before I decide their fate,” I growl back to him. He’s my best friend but he seems to question everything I do now, and it irks me.

“Jackson... they can’t live.”

“Did I say that!?” I grab at his shirt, dangerously close to spilling the soup.

“No, Alpha.”

“Get out of my sight!” I let him go forcefully, making him stumble a step back. I watch his receding back for a second before making my way to my house. I was proud of my house, I had built it myself with the help of dad. Every time I stepped through the door a sense of pride washed over me. But something made me stop before I took the step this time... a smell.

I turn back out into the sunlight, although the sun brings no warmth today. I find my nose in the air, sniffing deeply. Honey, coffee and roses swirl in the air. Goddess how I’ve missed that smell. I lick my lips nervously before following the smell. It takes me around my house towards the other end of the clearing towards my parents’ house.

God that smell is delightful. My heart begins pounding heavily in my chest as I see a flash of dirty blonde hair. She’s walking through the trees but not looking this way.

I slowly side step to keep my view on her. As she walks slightly diagonally, if she keeps straight she’ll find me. I told her to find me. I slip between a house just as she crosses the threshold of our clearing.

She’s mine.

I watch from my hiding place as she looks around, seemingly in awe. She’s fiddling with something around her neck. I feel a smirk turn my lips. I can’t believe she’s actually here. I wonder if she had even looked until today?

I walk behind the houses, getting to my own. I peek around to her, she’s only moved a few steps. Do I go to her? No, I can’t make her think I want her, she needs to come to me. She looks around, a frightened expression lining her beautiful face. “Jackson?” her small voice barely above a whisper, she remembers my name? I didn’t even get to know hers.

She looks away from my house towards the other houses, I slip around the front of my house and lean against it like I’d been there all along. I fold my arms, she’s still not looking towards me. That’s fine, I can wait. I drum my fingers against my arm.

OK... come on now, look at me. She’s still staring at the other houses, I wonder if she remembers which one was mine... maybe her memory isn’t full, it has been a year. I allow a small growl to vibrate my chest, I need to touch her, I need to kiss her again. I’ve waited so long.

She doesn’t look around, seemingly not hearing me. Fuck, I know humans have shit hearing but come on, woman, listen. I growl a little louder this time.

She looks around.

There we go, she sees me and takes a few hesitant steps. “A-are you Jackson?” I let a chuckle through my nose. Allowing my eyes to rake in her body, remembering the last time she was here... she won’t be leaving this time. Her beautiful moss green eyes are staring straight at me, a fear still evident.

“You found me,” I allow my deep voice to rumble in my chest first. She seemed to like that last time.

She nods to me, the smallest of movement. Why isn’t she moving? She knows I won’t hurt her... well maybe a little, I grin to myself. “D-did you g-give me this necklace?” She fiddles with the pendant. I see the tiniest tremble ripple down her body.

I’ll make you tremble girl don’t you worry about that.

I’ve had enough of her lack of movement. I stride towards her making her stumble backwards. Before she can go too far I’ve gripped her upper arms, I won’t lose her again.

She starts muttering and stammering about needing to go... then why did she come? I can’t wait any more, I move one of my hands from her tiny arm to the back of her head and crash my lips to hers. It feels like a release in my brain as soon as our lips meet. Fuck she tastes so good. I took her by surprise but her fingers soon find my hair. And her lips move with mine. I slide my other hand down to the small of her back and kneed with my fingers. Her mouth opens in a gasp and I take the opportunity, passing my tongue beyond her perfectly straight teeth. I find her tongue and allow them to dance together.

She tries to get dominance over me, oh no you don’t. I growl and lace my fingers into her hair, dragging her head back. Exposing her neck to me. My wolf purrs in pleasure. She whimpers against my mouth and I pull away. Seeing pain in her face, she winces and I realise I was too rough.

I grunt at her and untangle my fingers. Her face relaxes again. And looks into my eyes. “Sorry,” I grunt to her. She shakes her head to me. “I... I only came to give you the necklace back.” I feel her body begin to shake against me, I’ve pulled her so close I can feel her breasts against my ribcage. Her hips against my upper thighs.

I trail my fingers along her cheekbones, I love her cheekbones, they’re beautiful. They’re soft and delicate, but they’re cheeky, I can imagine them pop when she smiles... Goddess make her smile for me. I let my fingertips trace down to her feminine jaw. “What are you?” Her gorgeous eyes searching mine. She doesn’t know? Well I won’t tell her yet. She can find out in due course.

I press my lips against hers again but she pushes me away. I growl at her. She repeats her question “What are you!?” her voice demanding and confident. I like that she’s strong, she’s not physically strong of course but her mind... she doesn’t care that she’s scared. My wolf growls at her insolence but I admire her for it.

I yank her wrist pulling her to my house, she squeaks but can’t get out of my grasp... does she learn nothing?

I can’t break the code out in the open. I push her onto my couch and lock both doors. I turn back to her, she’s been watching me but she hasn’t moved. Her smell’s overpowering now we’re inside, fuck I wanna jump on her. I try to breathe through my mouth but then I can just taste her. I got to the couch and sit next to her, pulling her onto my lap sideways.

I nuzzle into her neck, breathing in her sweet scent, it’s the only way I can control myself. “Well, I’m Jackson,” I mutter against her soft neck.

“Yes... I know that,” irritation evident in her tone “You said you aren’t human... what are you?” I take a deep lungful of her scent “I’m a wolf. I’m the Alpha of the Hunter pack.” I feel her stiffen against me so I wrap my arms around her tightly. She is not leaving my lap. “W-what do you mean?... You look like a man!” She begins wriggling against me... Goddess she turns me on when she does that. “Stay still.” I have to grit my teeth she’s wriggling over my dick. Fuck woman!

“Let me go!”

“You came here!” I growl, I grip her tighter, she’s mine.

“How can you be a wolf!?” She’s trying to get out of my grip, I can’t risk her running off though. I’m breaking our only rule – don’t tell humans.

“Well... whenever I- stop wriggling- want to, I can turn into a wolf. We all can.” I feel my jeans tighten as I get harder. She really needs to quieten down. “You’re eyes change colour...” her voice quieter than before while her fine arse dances over the bulge forming, I’m surprised she can’t feel it.

“Yes. You know where you’re wriggling right?” again through gritted teeth. I want to take her right here, bend her over the sofa and slam into her until she can’t walk... Hmm.

She looks down and ceases her movement, a blush creeping over her pale cheeks. I shift her a little so I know she can feel what she’s done. Her blush deepening to a dark red. I chuckle, her shyness is endearing. She shouldn’t be shy after what we did last time. I run my nose down her neck. “Why do you sniff me? Do I smell bad or something?”

“Quite the opposite, you smell divine. Smelling you calms my wolf.”

“Oh.” She looks down into her lap. I wonder what’s going through her head. Does she remember everything that happened last time? Does she remember me explaining how I had to drug her so I could make sure she was safe? I couldn’t risk her walking back through my territory, someone may have picked her up. So I carried her sleeping (OK drugged) form back the way she'd came.

I use my fingers to swipe some of her hair from her face she looks at me. “Did we have sex?”

I cock my head to the side a little, “Yes... do you not remember?” She shakes her head and wriggles placing her hand oh so close to my dick. I clench my jaw. But she just removes a well worn small notebook. “I only remember what I wrote.”

Well, that’s piqued my interest. I hold out my hand for the notebook, she hesitates for a moment but hands it over.

I flip it open and see descriptions of random stuff. Trees, a bunny, some birds. She points to a page when I’ve flipped through. I start reading. I can’t read some of the words they’re in shorthand but I get the gist.

I chuckle at some of her thoughts, she thinks I’m handsome huh? “I’m a good kisser?” She shrugs another blush colouring her cheeks. I smile at the memories of her last on this couch, lying under me shivering at my touch. But then it stops... she wasn’t able to write down anything after when I was finding the necklace for her.

I hand her back the notebook “What else happened?” she whispers turning around slightly to face me more. “We had a wonderful passionate night. I asked you to come back, be with me. You said you needed time to think, but if you wanted to stay with me you would come back. I accepted that hoping you would find me.” I’m a little upset she doesn’t know... can’t remember. Why can’t she remember? I only sedated her.

“I don’t remember... I remember you, I remember being in this house, but then it goes hazy.” She’s shifted her gaze back to her lap, her hands fidgeting. “Do... do you want to be with me?” I’m not sure I want to hear the answer to that.

“I’m not sure.”

Well, at least it wasn’t a flat out no. I shift her legs and spin her so her legs are on either side of mine. “Let me show you what you missed.” I lift her from the couch... honestly she weighs nothing.

I lay her gently on the bed, I’m glad I changed the sheets this morning as I clamber on top of her. She’s looking up to me and I’m sure I can see a little doubt. I press my lips against hers and she responds so I deepen the kiss trying to show how much I’ve missed her this last year... Goddess I’ve missed her. I gently stroke her cheek, her hands go to the hem of my t-shirt. She’s pulling it until her fingers trace my abs. I pull the t-shirt off, she can touch any part of me. I break away from her for a second and I can see her eyes roaming over my chest, a small smirk presses on my lips. It’s always nice to be checked out by the most gorgeous woman to ever grace the planet.

My hands graze down her chest and stomach, I reach the hem of her t-shirt. I look up, I’m not normally one to ask permission for anything but this is like her first time with me again so I don’t want her to feel like I’m making her... she can stop at any point.

She inclines her head a fraction and her t-shirt is gone. I look to her pink and black bra, wanting it to be gone but I feel small hands on the side of my face pulling me towards her lips. I oblige. I quite like those lips anyway... can’t wait to get between those other ones though.

While I explore her delicious mouth with my tongue I make quick work of her bra, throwing that to the floor too. I run my fingers over her hard buds, massaging her perky breasts, they’re perfect, like the rest of her. I run my fingers down her stomach which elicits a tremble under my touch. I growl against her lips as my hand reaches her jeans, I want to go quicker, but I want to tease her... I want her to beg.

I trail my lips down her jaw, then slowly down her neck. Kissing and sucking as I go, rewarding me with moans and gasps. I linger over her nipples, perfect for biting. Her chest rises and falls almost enough I don’t even need to move to capture her into my mouth. I lick and she sighs in pleasure so I take the bud of her nipple right into my mouth, sucking and grazing my teeth against it.

I remember from last time that biting hard doesn’t go well for her so I refrain, going gently. My hands find the waistband of her jeans so I slide my fingers under, feeling the lace of her panties. I drag my fingers along under her waistband. Goddess make her beg, please. I want to rip her jeans off right now.

Her breathing’s becoming more ragged but she’s not said anything yet, hmm guess I need to up the ante a little. I release her nipple and work my lips down her ribcage and over her perfectly flat stomach. I breathe over her noticing the little goosebumps.

I can smell she’s aroused. I’m certain her panties aren’t very dry right now. Her hands have found my hair and she’s twisting her fingers in. She’s pushing me downward! Ha! Well, little one, you need to beg before I get down there.

I stop my kissing at her waistband, my hands finding her thighs. I trail my hands up, her inner thigh, teasing but not going near where I want to touch. She’s writhing a little now, I know she wants it. I know she’s close to asking for me.

I undo her jeans button with my teeth, listening as she gives a sharp intake of breath. I chuckle quietly as I shove my nose to her slightly exposed black panties, her body quivering in anticipation.

I stop and move back up to her lips she squeaks with the lack of contact, I love it when she makes that little noise, she’s like a mouse, my little mouse.

“No,” she moans as my hands release her legs.

“You want it?”

“Yes!” I grab her bottom lip between my teeth, applying a little pressure to make her moan. I flatten my hand against her stomach and slowly slide my fingers into the lace, feeling her soft mound of hair. My fingertips resting before her clit. I ravage her mouth, she can’t beg if she can’t talk and she can’t have my fingers if she doesn’t beg...

She manages to break away from my lips. “Please,” her voice quaking.

“Please what?” I hide my smirk of triumph.

“Touch me, please!” Her hips buck a little to move my fingers closer to her sweet spot.

“Hmm, What do I get?” my voice huskier than before, I can feel my wolf trying to surface, I’m going too slow for him.

“Anything! Please!” I withdraw my hand giving me another of her wonderful squeaks and rip her jeans from her, tearing the fabric. I look down to her panties... I like them, maybe they need to stay intact so I can see them again. I wipe my thumb on the outside of them, over her folds. I can feel her wetness through the fabric. I hum as she groans. I move so I’m crouched on the floor, giving me the wonderful view of her full body and slide the panties down her legs. And yank her legs so her arse is at the edge of the bed.

Her juices flowing freely, I haven’t even touched her yet. I love how I affect her, it’s rewarding and to be honest boosts my ego. I swipe my thumb between her folds, feeling her throbbing clit and the edge of her opening. Her hips move, trying to rub herself against my thumb. Tut tut. I place my large hand over her lower stomach, clamping her against the bed. I’m going to control her pleasure.

I explore my fingers around her clit and opening, blessing my ears with the sounds of her gasps and moans. Her musky smell is overpowering, I can still smell her honey and roses but... her pheromones are making it hard to not just slam into her. I push the thoughts away, I want to tease. I want her to want this as much as I do. I want to show her that it won’t always be about what I want.

I circle my thumb over her clit, this is what she wants. Her hips wriggle against me as I keep her pinned. Her gasps are music. I slide my fingers to her opening still circling her clit slowly. I take her moan as a yes so glide in two fingers effortlessly, she’s so wet there’s no resistance, I’ve got to stretch her a little though, found out the hard way last time I’m too big for her tight pussy.

I lean into her folds, allowing her musk to flood my senses as I remove my thumb replacing it with my tongue. My lips join in and start sucking eliciting the most beautiful moans while my fingers quicken their pace, juices soaking them and running down my hand. I insert another finger, twisting them around stretching her ready, but first I want her to come for me.

I keep going curling my fingers feeling the different texture as I hit her g spot. I look up to her to see her fingers twisting into my sheets, her knees either side of me shaking. I quicken my fingers and increase the pressure of sucking her, she’s close. Her breaths coming out in sharp little bursts as her hips arc upward a little.

I move my hand holding her down, I want her to ride that wave of pleasure. Her moans are turning higher-pitched so I grab her clit in my teeth gently, applying pressure. She shakes against me, “Jackson!” she squeals and I feel her walls close on my fingers, clenching and pulsing. I slow my fingers, holding them in her as her orgasm takes hold. I remove my teeth and gently lick her clit as she writhes in pleasure.

I stay still until her pussy stops pulsing around my fingers and slowly remove them as she twitches, her fatigue obvious, but we’re not done yet. I kiss up her body removing my jeans in the process. I pull her back onto the bed fully laying my almost naked form over the top of her, her body dwarfed under my own. “I love it when you scream my name,” I rumble to her. Her arms wrap around the back of my neck, her eyes closed. My boxers are so tight as my hardness desperately wants release. The discomfort makes me take them off. “You ready to not be able to walk tomorrow?” I ask as I position at her opening.

Her eyes open looking up to me, the pools of moss shadowed my her eyebrows furrowing slightly. “I’m not leaving tomorrow morning am I?” her voice small, like the mouse she truly is.

“No.” And I slam into her making her back arch and her moan catch in her throat. I was going to go gentle but my wolf won’t let me any more, I’ve teased enough.

She’s mine, and I’m never letting her go again.

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