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Werewolf- Trespasser to Luna

I’m in love with a werewolf.

Those words swirl around my head on a daily basis. I still couldn’t wrap my head around that werewolves… existed. But I knew it was true, Jackson had transformed right in front of me. I’d screamed, his bear sized black wolf standing in the middle of his living room. So strange.

But back to the present. Jackson said he’d have to mark me soon, he tried to explain but it didn’t make much sense. Either that, or I was too terrified to listen. I think it was that in all honesty.

I was tapping my pen, thinking of any ideas when I felt the familiar arms of Jackson. I close my eyes involuntarily. His mouth trailing kisses down my neck, I hum against him. For all the loneliness I feel he does make up for it. He said as soon as I’m ‘marked’ I’ll be able to do whatever I like, but I’m nervous.

I feel his teeth scrape against my shoulder, “I have some questions.”

He sighs against my skin and turns me around in the stool. I have to look up, despite him bending over. “Will marking me hurt?”

His strong angular jaw set hard as it ticks slightly. “For a little while,” came his reply, his tone one of boredom. I had asked all these questions a million times.

“Will I turn into a massive wolf?”

“At the next full moon, but you won’t be as big as me, bitten humans aren’t as strong as born wolves.”

“Will turning into a wolf hurt?”

“The first time yes, then it’ll be easy.” Everything just sounds like pain!

“Can I leave the house?”

“As soon as I mark you!” a growl rising from his chest in frustration, I frustrated him a lot. At first it was a bit scary, now I find it amusing. I bite my lip trying to think of any other questions. “You don’t have to like… pee on me or anything?”

Jackson looks at me incredulously, taking a step back and straightening to his ridiculous height. He rubs his face, “Why the fuck would you ask that?”

“I don’t know, animals pee on stuff to mark their territory.” I shrug, he hadn’t actually told me how he would mark me. “I bite you! I leave a physical mark on your skin!” Oh! That sounds familiar, yeah I think I remember him mentioning that before…

I fold my arms at him raising his voice at me. He sighs at my glare, “Darling, you’re making this really hard. My pack will start finding out about you, and you’re going to go crazy being stuck in this house. You’ve been here a month, please,” he sounds close to begging as he places his large hands on my face, his steel grey eyes boring into mine.

I let out a sigh. “OK, fine.” I felt a little defeated, and that, I didn’t really have an option. No… I don’t have an option. “Go have a bath, relax. Then I’ll give you a massage before I do it… probably be easier if you’re relaxed.” His hands running up and down my arms.

“When you give me a massage you just finger me.” I fold my arms, pouting at him.

“Alright, fuck me… I won’t give you an orgasm… happy?” My eyes narrow at him. “I promise, innocent massage,” His voice softening slightly. He pulls me off the stool, setting me to my feet before tapping my butt. “Bath.”

I step into the scalding water, so… he’s going to bite me, wonder where? He’s always on my neck so probably there like some kind of vampire. I stretch out under the bubble filled water, the smell of lavender and bergamot swirling in steam around me. I run through all the information he’s given me the last month. I’m his mate, which explains why I kissed him so easily without resisting, and why everything about him makes me want him. He describes it like a religion… but this has to be more real or why would I feel so much for this man?

The whole situation I find myself in is both terrifying and completely intriguing. I stare up at the white ceiling, his bite will turn me into a wolf… but I won’t be as strong as him. To be honest I don’t want to be that strong, he’s like a freak with his strength, nothing seems to bother him. Yes he’s built as fuck with his broad shoulders and chisled muscle. But the cement weights in the spare room I can’t even move, yet he pushes at least 200 reps a day! I climbed on once and he didn’t break a sweat. Has to be a wolf thing though… can’t just be Jackson.

I’ve met his blonde haired ‘beta’ a few times, Fin (he’s just as muscular as Jackson). He doesn’t really talk though, humans really are distrusted in this world. I suppose humans outnumber them by miles and would probably cut them up and experiment on them like in the X-Files. Fin only ever comes in to say, “Rogues.” Then Jackson disappears for a few hours. Whatever they are, they always put Jackson in a bad mood. I don’t mind his bad moods though, he’s never laid a hand on me regardless of what you may think with his animalistic and primal ways. And usually a little cock sucking get’s him out of it.

I leave the bathroom wrapped in a towel padding down the hall to the bedroom. I do like his room, his bed is rather comfortable and, I don’t know… maybe it’s the teal, maybe because it always smells like Jackson. It’s very much Jackson’s room though, it’s hard to put a feminine stamp on things out here, not like I can just nip to the shops. So the only thing I’ve managed is making (yes making) a candle. I’d love to make more but it was so much work! Jackson got the honey coated beeswax for me from their bees (yes the big bad wolves keep bees). So that creation sits on the windowsill.

Jackson walks in behind me, wrapping his arms around my towel covered waist, “Ready darling?” he murmurs against my bare neck.

“As I’ll ever be.” I climb under the sheets, discarding the towel. I settle on my stomach, feeling Jackson sit on the curve of my butt. He reaches up and smooths the hairs that have escaped the bun on the top of my head before running his hands gently down my back, ensuring every inch has been touched before increasing his pressure. I feel his fingers rippling the skin and muscle as he runs his fingers a little deeper to release any tension within the muscles. My eyes are closed by this point, a small groan escaping my lips even though I’m trying not to. I don’t want to work him up; I’m rather enjoying the non sexual contact.

He works his palms into my lower back, twisting my flesh gently between his palms before working up to my ribcage, I sink further into the mattress with a mixture of relaxation and his weight pressing me down which relaxes me more into a cocoon of safety. His fingers expertly work around the bone of my shoulder blade, releasing a knot that I’d felt building.

His warmth goes over me when he leans down, laying kisses over my neck and shoulders before his hands replace his lips. kneading his hands along my shoulders and neck and I can’t hold in the sigh of pleasure, then a moan when he hits a particular spot between my neck and shoulder. His fingers linger on that spot longer than he has on any other. I feel his warmth again before his breath tickles my ear. “Roll over darling,” he breathes.

I sigh. I don’t want to roll over, this feels amazing. “You only want to fondle,” I murmur into the pillow. His weight lifts from me and he’s slowly rolling me, so I shift to roll myself the rest of the way so I’m on my back.

He lifts my arm up and entwines our fingers, rubbing and massaging each finger before travelling to my wrist then up my arm, massaging as he goes. He repeats on my other arm before moving to my chest above my breasts. Running his fingers and palms gently over my ribs. I almost crack my eye open when he travels between my breasts, leaving them alone and massaging down my rib cage to my stomach. Seemed he was keeping his word so I relax again.

“Keep your eyes closed beautiful,” he mutters as his body heat is back over me, his skin on mine but he must be holding himself up because the only weight is still over my hips. He lays a gentle kiss to my lips as his fingers work over my shoulder, then my other shoulder. His lips leave mine to lay butterfly kisses down my jaw, all the way to my ear then down my neck. I let out a small sigh through my nose, his hand trails down my side before gripping my waist, his hand almost engulfing half of my waist. He kisses his favourite spot and honestly I love it when he kisses the little dip just below my neck. He sucks the area and I release a little half moan half sigh in pleasure. His teeth scrape the area before I feel his teeth change against my skin, they’re sharper but before I can really contemplate it I’m on fire.

Heat bursts from my neck and seems to spread to every area of my body. I struggle and try to wriggle away from the pain. I squeal and hiss and then it’s gone. The fire retracts back to the place it originated from and only my shoulder feels on fire. “Ow,” I whine at him as he lifts himself up.

“Sorry beautiful.” He kisses all around my face. But exhaustion hits me in a wave. You know when you’ve been in an accident and hurt yourself… that kind of exhaustion. I reach to feel my shoulder but he grabs my hand before I can, kissing each fingertip. “I’ll clean it first.”

“C-clean?” that took way too much effort to say.

“Sleep,” he whispers as if knowing exactly what I’m feeling and I don’t need to argue. I’m out.

I stretch feeling warmth under me, all my muscles feel sore like I’ve ran a marathon. I realise there’s skin under my hands as I press slightly, I don’t need to open my eyes to realise I’m lying on top of Jackson. I shift slightly to get off him only to be pinned by his arms. I hum in frustration and crane my neck to look at him. Ow. A severe ache bursts through my shoulder and neck on my right hand side. I reach up to touch it, it’s hot under my fingers and I can feel the roughness of scabs. I want to go look so not so gently elbow him. He grunts and opens his eyes, “Wha’ that for?” he mumbles, his voice groggy in sleep.

“Bathroom,” I shoot at him as he’s still not releasing me. He grunts again but finally releases me. Getting out of bed was more effort than it should be, but I scuttle as quickly as I can down the hall to the bathroom.

I switch on the light mildly blinding myself and reach the mirror. And freeze. I’m not sure if I want to scream, or cry. So I do both. I scream and burst into tears at the sight of my neck and shoulder. A huge animal looking bite mark, surrounded by black and blue skin. The bruising engulfs my shoulder, traveling up my neck and cascades to my chest. No wonder I feel like shit. Jackson skids to a halt in the bathroom, seemingly looking around… probably for danger.

“Oh, my little mouse!” he cries as I point in horror to the bruised bite mark. “Goddess wasn’t expecting that,” he mutters as he inspects his own stupid handiwork. What was he expecting exactly? “I’m sorry, darling.” He cups my cheeks and swipes my tears swiftly. “I must have gone too hard… or something,” he breathes apologetically.

I purse my lips at him and he kisses them but I continue to glare at him. “You said it would barely hurt and only for a little while… this!” I gesture wildly to the bruising, “Is going to hurt for ages AND I feel like I’ve been hit by a train!”

“I’m really sorry,” he all but whines. “It’ll be completely healed after full moon; when your wolf is granted down to you.”

“When’s that?” I snap, irritated at him.

“Three days, full moon’s in three days,” he rushes out. “I’m sorry, look I’m at your beck and call… make it up to you.”

And that’s what he did… although I was still mad. My feet are up and the TV on as he brings me coffee. He nipped out for a few minutes after he brought me the coffee. He came back in with a bunch of wild flowers. “These are for you,” he mutters sheepishly.

“Thank you.”

“Oh Jesus Christ what have you done to the poor girl?!” a woman’s voice came from behind Jackson. I narrow my eyes as a dark haired woman steps more into view. “Oh sweetie he’s done a right number on you!” She rushes over and I shift slightly. “I’m the dickhead’s mother by the way.” She gestures to Jackson.

“Mum,” he whisper-groaned in much the same way many son’s whinge at their mum’s.

“I’m Lyn, can I have a look sweet?” I give a tiny nod to try and not disturb the bruising. She gently places her fingers around it, her hands a little cooler than Jackson’s. “I don’t think he’s actually done serious damage. But he’s hit the muscle, his father was much gentler.” She turns to glare at him. “Don’t worry, it’ll all go after the full moon… but you will be sore after the full moon. The first shift takes its toll on your previous human body,” she states matter of factly… as if she’d experienced it.

“Were you…?” I ask quietly.

“Oh yes dear, human through and through me. Now how do you feel?”

“Like I’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson then used by giants in a game of break the human.” Lyn laughs, “Yes… nice analogy. I think I’ve got some medication at home. Wolves don’t use it but… I don’t know, always knew my son’s mate would be human. Be back in a tick.” She bustles out of the house.

“She’s nice.”

“You would think that, only because she’s mean to me like you,” he grumps.

“Daaawwww is itty bitty Jacksy scared of his mummy?” I tease from the safety of the sofa.

“I’ll end you,” he growls, still behind the kitchen island.

“Nuh huh you’re my bitch, Mr Alpha.” He started muttering incoherently under his breath as I shifted to get more comfortable only to send a jolt through my shoulder, I hiss involuntarily.

“You OK?” He’s next to me in a blink, I’ll never get used to how fast he can move.

“Fine,” I grumble “I think I’ll have a bath after your mum comes back.” I just want to relax some of my muscles, they all feel twisted and scrunched up. “I’ll go run it.” He lays a gentle kiss to the top of my head before heading upstairs. His footsteps echoing above.

Lyn walks back in a few moments later, handing me a bottle of pills. “Your metabolism will be starting to increase with a full moon so soon. You’ll want to take two every few hours.”


“I wish he’d told me, I’d have been able to help,” she sits next to me. I don’t have an answer for her. “I hate to tell you, but next couple of days are going to be hard, the pull of the full moon will start the day after tomorrow,” she warns gently.

“I’m not going to feel worse than right now, am I?” Her face twists in sympathy and she didn’t need to say anything. “I’ll come help you for the first change. What’s important is you let it happen. Don’t resist.”

I bite my lip. What have I got myself into? What has Jackson got me into? A tear glides down my cheek.

“Oh sweetie, I know.” She grabs onto my hand and squeezes gently. “You’re going to be fine. It’s all scary at the beginning but as soon as you have your wolf it’ll all make sense. Where is my son?”

“Running me a bath.” I wipe my tears, I don’t want to cry, but I’ve done that a lot today.

“Oh good, at least he’s looking after you. Don’t worry, you can get your own back, you can mark him after the full moon.” She smiles, a glint in her eye.

“Think I’ll bite his shoulder off,” I mutter.

“That’d be fun, he’ll heal in half a day though.”

“H-half a day?” I blink at her, stunned.

“Oh yes dear we heal much quicker than humans, if you were a wolf you’d be feeling about normal now.” Loud footsteps stomp down the stairs.

“Bath’s full,” Jackson stated before he made it to the final step.

“I’ll be off, dear. I’ll see you evening of the full moon.”

The next day I felt a little better, but the day after I felt atrocious, when previously I said I felt like I’d been hit by a train… well, now I’m being run over constantly. My bones feel like they are trying to bend, my blood boiling beneath my skin. It’s around midday and I haven’t physically been able to get out of bed, I feel like I’m going to throw up from the pain alone.

“Darling?” I hear as the door slams, shaking the bed, all I can do is whimper. Heavy footsteps sound on the stairs before Jackson’s figure appears at the door, “Why are you still in bed?”

“Pain,” I croak.

“Oh, it’s started… I’m sorry… erm…” He looks lost as he runs his hands through his dark hair. He looks around and grabs the pill bottle from the chest of drawers “Have some of these… maybe it’ll help?” He shakes pills into his hand. I reach out weakly, taking them.

After half an hour the pain meds seem to be working so I get out of bed. Jackson went downstairs to make some food. I totter downstairs, the pain still there but at least it’s bearable compared to before. “I was going to bring it up!” Jackson exclaimed as soon as he saw me.

“I feel… better?” I sound unconvincing as yes, I feel better but definitely not good. I sink onto the sofa. Just glad for the small amount of relief from earlier.

Jackson places a bowl of soup in front of me. I pick up the spoon taking a sip, glad for the flavour and sustenance. I dip the spoon back into the bowl and as if a switch was flicked, fire radiates through my body. I yell, then my back arcs, close to the breaking point of my spine. Bones feeling as if they were bending again. I scream. There was nothing else I could do as the pain grips everything, the fire in my blood. Jackson grabs me and pulls me into him. “I’m sorry,” his face contorted in pain.

He can’t fucking talk about pain right now!

Another scream rips from my throat as my legs involuntarily kick out “Wh-When’s full moon?” I whimper, tears streaming down my cheeks. “Tonight, tonight my baby, it’ll be over by tonight,” he coos. I want to coil into a ball but my body won’t let me. It’s trying to stretch, that’s what it feels like as my arms shoot upwards, again like my spine as if they were trying to dislocate themselves. Jackson strokes my hair, but no amount of soothing is going to work right now.

“I can’t do this,” I wail after another scream.

“Yes you can, you’re strong. You can get through this,” he encourages, but I can’t. How can I keep going with this level of pain coursing through me. You know when the hospital says 0-10 on the pain scale? I’m on fucking 100. “I can’t,” I sob, I hear the snap before I feel it. Another scream at the searing hot burn in my shin. Then black.

I wake up… wait… no it’s all black. I still feel pain but it’s stunted. Maybe Jackson managed to get pills into me. I feel a familiar feeling in my stomach. The fuck am I about to orgasm from the sheer pain? I feel lips on my temple. “I do not like this,” I hear Jackson. What doesn’t he like? Me in pain? Well guess what buster this is your fault. My lips open and I hear a moan. That sounded like mine. Eh?

“I’m sorry darling but it’s helping her,” that was Lyn’s voice but she’s muffled like she’s not in the room. What’s helping who? Oh wait it’s not black, my eyes are closed. I peel my eyelids back and see Jackson’s face slightly shadowed in an orange hue. “You’re awake,” he breathes down. I feel something… you know… down there. Wait a minute…


“What are you doing!?” I try and yell… it came out more as a croak.

“Erm… Can I ask a question first? Are you feeling better? Less pain?” That actually was a good question “Well… yeah,” I breathe. The pleasurable heat is building further, my body arching closer to the source of the pleasure - his hand. “OK… pleasure seems to… ya know… help.”

“Hold that…” The orgasm smashes into me, the waves of euphoria spreading through my limbs. Numbing everything. His finger still rubbing over my little pleasure bud while I moan and twitch as the waves quieten to merely lap at my core.

I pant as he removes his hand. “Is that feeling better?” he asks, worry lining his face and laced in his words. I nod “I’m sorry, that felt really rapey.”

“Has it helped?” Lyn’s voice again. I stop… was she… like… listening? Jackson’s face reddens

“Yeah,” he calls sheepishly.

“Right I’ll leave you to it. Remember the change will fully start at about half ten tonight… roughly. I was going to stay dear… but I think Jackson’s got it in hand,” her voice coming through the closed door.




I shakily sit up, realising I’m naked. “Explain,” I bite out. He runs his large hand through his dark hair. “Well… you passed out and I panicked. Went to get mum. She… erm… She,” he stammers, clearly embarrassed. “She… said orgasms numb the pain.” His face turning beetroot red. “Seems she was right…”

“Any reason why she had to listen?” I shoot.

“I didn’t want to…” He’s never looked this embarrassed and vulnerable before. “She wanted to make sure it worked… if it didn’t she was going to think of something else,” he muttered, barely audibly.

“That’s sick,” I scoff

“I know,” he mumbles. Shame leaking from him. “Look… baby the full moon’s going to be at its peak in about three hours, your bones have been breaking while you’ve been unconscious… they’re going to keep breaking until you transform.” Tears spring to my eyes. Why did I agree to this? Why did I try and find him? What have I got myself into?

Jackson pulls me onto his lap. “I’m sorry, I never thought it would be this bad for you.” I don’t even have the energy to scream at him. I let myself cuddle into him just hoping for the pain to not return, because I’ve noticed, I’m not actually in pain, more an ache. I’m sure he doesn’t smell right, what’s that smell? It’s faint though. It smells like it’s just rained but I’m sure it hasn’t. I shrug to myself as his arms wrap tightly around my frame, covering me into his safe and secure embrace.

My lovely pain free(ish) bliss is short lived, I’m not sure how long it was but it was not long enough. The fire’s back, I’m sure actually being burnt would be less painful.

Try me as a witch! I’d prefer it!

Fire courses through me and I find my teeth latched onto Jackson’s t-shirt covered shoulder. I’m sure I felt bones breaking but honestly? I can’t be sure.

I bite hard into him, both stifling my noise and it’s helping a tiny bit as he winces next to me. Ha! Yes bitch, is this how women in labour feel? Squeeze the daylights out of his hand just so he feels something. Why do women have to go through the painful stuff? I’m so kicking him in the nuts when this is over.

“Baby, do you want the pain to go?” I whimper in response, talking isn’t working right now; I’m just fighting to stay awake. (I think you get the drill, bones breaking, blood’s boiling and bubbling). He lays me down, and I look down as his head goes between my thighs… maybe shouldn’t have looked.

Blood is fucking everywhere… I’m guessing it’s mine. My legs are at odd, unnatural angles. My chest is bigger, like my ribs have pushed out and elongated. A dusting of fur has replaced my arm hair, the colour of jarred honey, that deep orangy brown.

My body begins to respond to Jackson nibbling on my pleasure bud. A small sigh escapes my lips as the flames die down. His tongue pokes into my opening, he explores like it’s my mouth before licking in one smooth move between my fold back until his sucking. “Fuck me Jackson… please,” I breathe out, my pain turning to an ache… anything to numb the pain. And besides, he is a god in bed.

He wipes his face and crawls on top of me. And he’s completely naked. His undressing speed is the same as his running speed when he wants it to be. He doesn’t mess about, he slides in, having to thrust a few times for his girth to fit. (Did I say I love him for his mind?) He grunts as he fills me, pulling my hips up so he’s buried all the way in. It feels so good, I swear I can feel him in my stomach.

He crashes his lips onto mine, I can feel his canines close to cutting my lips as he’s extended them. I think it’s kinda hot, I mean have you seen Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire? He releases my lips to thrust harder, a small grunt leaving his lips while I bury my face into his neck, gripping into his shoulders, my nails digging in. There’s warmth trickling over my fingers but I don’t pay it attention, my eyes rolling back in bliss.

He snarls and flips me onto my stomach. He roughly yanks my hips into the air and smashes into me with force. I moan and squeal at the same time with the pleasure, which is all I feel now and it’s sheer euphoria. Tingles erupt over my back as he breaches my cervix and the pain mixed with intense pleasure drives a scream from my mouth.

Warm liquid trails down from my shoulder, I can’t feel anything though, I’m certain he’s just bitten me again. I can feel an itch in my mouth. He changes his movement so he’s rubbing against my g spot. Moans are back to rumbling my chest, the tightening in my lower stomach increasing. I’m hoping he gets me to the edge soon as I’m getting sore down there.... That only usually happens after hours.

“Let the change happen baby, just let it,” he mutters above me, what does he mean? I’ve got hours yet. The tightening in my stomach’s growing and I’m glad he’s holding me up when he slams downward on my g spot then buries himself to his hilt. The orgasm washes over me as he grunts and I know he’s released. He begins to pull out and I feel myself squirt over him while I tremor with the orgasm still rolling through me, sending me to cloud nine.

I look down to my fingers which have gone into the mattress, I pull them out seeing black claws have replaced my nails. I’m not burning but I am itchy. Has he just poured itching powder on me? I start scratching, tearing at my flesh but hands stop me. “Just let it happen naturally.” Jackson’s face in front of me but my vision’s gone funny, he looks more yellow. “Just don’t kill me, I’m your mate, I’m your mate,” he whispers. Why would I kill him?

I’m not sure how long it takes, I twist, I bend. My skull feels like it’s expanding, the pressure making me whimper. Then it’s over. I pant, quivering on the torn up mattress. “Well done gorgeous,” Jackson shouts, why the hell is he shouting? My ears twizzle away from him. “Sorry, you’ll get used to it.” He strokes my head then down my long nose. “My Luna,” he grins before getting onto the destroyed bed, hugging my new form to him.


Well this is it, I’m about to live the rest of my life with wolves and as a Luna (Alpha’s mate so I’m also in charge). I feel strange, particularly as I have no way of contacting my family, I’m sure I’m some missing person’s case. Maybe I’ll leave my pages somewhere… see if anyone finds them.

Oh I think I forgot to mention, the year is 1995, if you’re reading this what year is it? Ha! Who am I kidding, who would read this?

Just in case, don’t look for the clearing… whatever you do. I can’t promise your safety even from Jackson. Any human is subject to death, the only reason I survived was being the Alpha’s mate.

If anyone ever reads my tale, I hope you’re doing well and the human world is thriving.

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