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Captain my Captain

A snippet of a story I am working on. Half elves, changlings, dwarfs and more!

But here’s the scene you probably want most ;)

He finished his meal before her, whilst her meal was continued, he cracked the brown shell of the karýda fruit in half revealing the white. Halving it again, he offered a quarter to her before wrapping the fruit in a cloth.

“Are you not having some?” she asked with intrigue as she finished her fish.

“I feel I will need it after my plan.”

“Do I wish to hear of this plan?” She crunched into her fruit.

“You are to be in my bed.”

She choked.

“I think you are mistaken.”

“You are under my every command until-”

While she had to obey his command for a full day... that surely didn’t encapsulate that. “That is not something you can command!” She set her fruit down. “Thank you for your company, I will be in my hammock.”

The Captain was around the table before she’d made it two paces. A band of steel wrapped around her waist, crashing her to his hard body. “You have lusted for me the moment you met me.”

“This is wholly improper.”

“Is it proper a merchant girl be bunking with men? Is it proper a merchant girl be on a ship at all? Is it proper a Warren work for a mere cut?” His deep voice cascaded over her, his breath whispering over her ear.


His free hand flattened over her belly, sliding down. “Have you not dreamt. Dreamt of your standing be reinstated?”

“Baron, please.”

Yes, yes all the gold in the land, yes take me to bed.’

“I like my name on those delicate lips. Will you obey your captain?” He twisted her, their chests bound together by his unrelenting hold.

Peering up with purple eyes, she tried to plead with him. What she was pleading for… who knew? She was tearing in half. She wanted him, there could be no denying that in her own mind. However, sleeping with the captain was against every rule. He could use then discard without any thought.

“I will make an honest woman of you.”

It was a promise she would never have expected. Was it even a promise?

“Accept my command. My request. I can see your desire.”

Swallowing hard, she feebly attempted to back out of his tight embrace. “I’ll burn you,” a whispered threat she wouldn’t carry out.

“I do not feel you will. Let go of yourself.” Caressing her cheek, his rough thumb brought a comfort she never deemed possible. Her eyes flickered shut, leaning into his touch. “Much better, My Pouco. I’m in charge.” Gently gripping her chin, he tipped her head. Opening her eyes, she melted just a little more with his nose brushing hers, slipping until their lips connected. His hand tangled into her braid, tugging whilst his lips explored. Pressing harder she couldn’t help a heady whine vibrate her throat. His lips opened and instinctively, her’s matched.

With tongues twisting together, her hands snaked around his neck, bringing her impossibly closer on her tiptoes, so much so, he was mostly holding her weight. Nerves fluttered in her belly while arousal boiled in her veins. A gasp left her lips to be swallowed by him as he lifted her into the air, elbowing her legs around his waist. A hardened heat rubbed between her legs, zapping pleasure through her very being.

He broke away to trail warm kisses down her jaw and the column of her throat. Unabashed moans left her lips without consent. She had never been touched with such… passion, before. It felt a drug, a drug stronger than rum, more euphoric than opium. His teeth clashed against her collar bone, the pain zinging pleasure so consuming her back bowed, her pelvis snapping against his. “Captain,” she groaned, her heart hammering against her chest.

“You will scream Baron by the end of the night,” he growled against her skin, nipping her throat whilst he thrust his hips against her. More pleasure zapped through her making her wonder how much better it would feel without their fabric barrier.

Cradling her against him securely, he kicked the door of his chamber open, carrying her to his cot and gently setting her down. The door swung shut with a clunk as the latch engaged. “The crew will talk.”

“Let them,” he rumbled, looming over her, straddling her hips.

“I don’t think this is a good-”

He captured her protest within his mouth, silencing her to a moan. His work beaten hands slid down her chest to cup her breasts.

He released her lips, “Let me worry about the crew. Let me worry about it all.” He buried his nose into her neck, his breath tickling, “Let me take all those concerns.”

“Y-you can’t.” She desperately wanted her burdens to be released, his promises were too good to be true. No one man could take her problems, they were too great.

“I possess big shoulders.” With hands roaming down her own shoulders, heading south until he reached the hem of her shirt, she did indeed feel very small. He was a bear while she, a mouse. She was caught in the trap with no hope of escape. A spider vs a fly. A shiver tumbled down her body, a hope he deemed it from the chill as he lifted the shirt up, discarding it all too quickly. Her arms slammed over her naked chest.

“No need to hide, my Pouco, I will be worshipping every inch.”

“I feel it is improper of me to be in a state of undress while you are still fully clothed.”

A smirk landed firmly on his lips as he rose back to seating. “I agree.” Grabbing the hem of his own shirt, he whipped it over his head, allowing the fabric to float to the ground in a linen puddle.

Her breath sucked in involuntarily. While she’d known he worked hard, she hadn’t truly expected the masterpiece before her. A swirling tattoo began below the waistband of his breaches, coiling around to his back. His stomach held ridges of pure power. His arms, the sight of a true sailor. “Drop those arms.”

Her teeth sunk into her lip… but it was an order. Her arms slid to her sides, feeling vulnerable under her captain’s gaze. “Who must I thank for this sight?” he breathed, his golden eyes roaming over every inch of flesh displayed.

She decided it was a question that did not warrant an answer. Reaching up, she spread her fingers over his hard chest, smoothing the smattering of hair that resided. With an urge to caress him as he had for her, she pressed a hand to his cheek, warmed when he leant into her palm, a sigh of what could only be described as contentment leaving his lungs. “You are distracting me, Pouco,” he hummed.

“If it is to see the face before me, I’ll continue to distract you.”

“I would never believe that behind that shell of fire, there would be a soft sea pup.”

“Sea pups grow to be sea griffins… who spit acid.”

Threading his fingers through hers, he yanked her arms up towards the ornate twisting headboard, “Indeed, you are fearsome, I will admit, I’m enjoying this gentle side.” With fingers unbuckling her belt, he peeled her trousers from her. Not that she were to protest. Sinking her teeth into her lip, she was unsure how to act, what to do. Her worries melted when his tongue began trailing over her skin. Tasting her as if she were a fine sugar lick found across the deepest seas.

Letting out a groan, snaps of fire exploded in her mind when his tongue reached between her thighs. “Captain!”

“Baron,” he growled before diving back down, relishing the sweetest scent.

A high pitched moan she had never heard from her lips escaped her. Pleasure far from anything she knew vibrated from his tongue to her belly.

“My name, Karlya, say my name,” his commanding voice muffled with his lips and tongue so preoccupied.

“Baron!” she yelled in abandonment. She never thought anything could feel as it were. Her stomach tightening in a way she didn’t understand. Fluttering butterflies exploded within her. “B-Baron. It… stop.” She could only associate it with queasiness, but it felt nothing like that. Fear of what she were feeling bubbled in her chest.

“Relax, Pouco. Ride it, let the pleasure engulf you.”

His words were both a balm, and a miniscule explanation. But she needn’t be told twice. Her legs shook as the most euphoric, intense feeling overwhelmed her. A thick lump squashed a scream she wished before it disappeared. And she did indeed, scream. It was all she could do as she floated into a cloud she had no idea existed. It was blissful, it was beautiful, it was beyond serenity.

She became aware of the cabin when a rough thumb caressed her. “Pouco? You’re OK, will you come back to me?”

Her cloud floated back to the mattress she found herself on, a warm heavy body smothering her in pure protective comfort. “Baron?” she whispered, not sure what had occurred.

“Shh, my little one. You’re OK.” A pressure flew her eyes wide. “I am almost in. Be still now.”

Unwanted tears sprung to her eyes, sure something snapped. The painful sting wasn’t something she expected compared to the bliss from five minutes prior.

“It- it hurts.”

He kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her lips. Holding perfectly still. “Do you feel my warmth?”


He moved his hand, pressing a part of her that arched her back.

“Do you feel my thumb?”

“Y-yes!” she wailed, that butterfly feeling returning despite the discomfort.

His thumb moved in such a way she thrashed on the mattress, feeling the uncomfortable stretch disappear. Her eyes rolled back until all she saw was darkness, but his movements were cascading light around her. Staggeringly amazing light.

“Baron,” her wail one of pure ecstasy.

“I love my name on your lips,” his voice rough and uneven as his movements became harder, faster, punishingly delightful.

“You will release as I. I want to hear you.” His thumb tapped with more vigor before sliding from side to side in a manner that sent her closer to the edge she felt before, only stronger.

“I feel it,” she moaned, her thoughts of him and only him.

“You’re mine, Karlya, understand?”

“Yes! Yes! Yours!”

Her hips clamped to his as her inside clenched so hard he let out a guttural roar, warmth spread through her before she shattered with a spasming moan. Her body trembling and thrashing so hard he felt complied to hold her still.

“My good girl,” he murmured, crashing beside her, the scent of their lovemaking evident. She was thankful when he bundled her into his arms, “Sleep, Pouco.”

His warmth, his safety, his security, she had no qualms drifting into the most peaceful sleep she’d ever experienced.

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