Love me, Mrs. Alpha

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Love, betrayal, lust, and everything in between. All her life, Amelya was set on doing everything right: straight A’s, great school, best female fighter, great manners, and now just graduated medical school, on her way to becoming the pack’s doctor. But she had to, right? She was the Alpha’s daughter, his only child, and the future Alpha herself. So this week was special: before she will start her medical residency, in the pack’s hospital, she will marry her childhood best friend, her protector, biggest love, and supporter, just another milestone on her perfectly set life plan. But life is not perfect, people aren’t always what they seem to be and in a blink of an eye, everything changes and comes crumbling down. Taken by rogues, inches away from her early demise, her only chance to survive is love, but will she be able to let everything that she knows and holds so dear go, and fight for an all-consuming love?

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Lost

Love me, MRS. Alpha


The pain is almost unbearable, not being able to find its source or how to make it stop... the smell of blood is filling my nostrils, coppery and fresh, I think it's mine... I can’t see anything, my wolf senses are numb, and I don’t know where I am... as I try to move, I can feel a new wave of pain burning through me, before realizing that I am firmly secured upright on a wall. Where am I? How did I even get here and why? No, this must be a dream, for sure a nightmare, I have to wake up! Hot tears start rolling down my face and it hurts so bad, my whole face hurts... I finally succeed in opening my eyes and the sight in front of me is even worse than I was expecting! There is a dim light coming from the small window of this old cell, but it’s enough for me to understand that my life is slowly but surely coming to an abrupt and immediate end: small cuts and bruises can be seen all over my body, some are fresh, some are covered with dirt, blood still dripping and I don’t seem to be healing... I’m standing in a pool of blood, but not all mine, there is a vile, unmistakable stench surrounding me ... on the same wall, there are other three people that I don’t recognize... pain and despair written on their faces but undeniable dead.

What happened to me? How did I get here? Who took me?

″Why? Why?″I start screaming without even noticing.

Why is this happening, this was supposed to be the happiest week of my life!

I lean my head back on the cold wall and fall into a deep sleep... I don’t feel the cold anymore, nor the pain, and I know that I am dying so the last happy memory starts flashing before my eyes:

″- Honey, let’s go, everyone is expecting us, we are going to be late!″

"5 more minutes, mom!"

For some reason, my hair is acting up today and I can’t seem to get it just right while rushing to get dressed. Oh, but the dress, my beautiful dream wedding dress!

Truth be told, I was supposed to be getting ready for the rehearsal dinner party, but I just couldn’t stop staring at my beautiful dress and daydreaming about tomorrow, about Julian, my handsome fiance, that is absolutely and utterly perfect and how happy he is going to be to see me in it! We practically grew up together, with him being the Beta’s son and me being the Blueriver pack Alpha’s daughter. We went to school together, practiced together, and bonded because we share the same responsibilities, being the future rulers of the biggest werewolf pack, although since packs kept merging with owers over the years, except for a few small ones, mainly rogues or outcastes, soon there would be only one pack. So that sort of made us royalties and the pressure that we felt could sometimes be enormous. Still, with him, everything seemed easy, he could feel when I was about to snap and made me laugh or made a silly face to distract me because he knew me like no other thus he became my best friend, supporting and pushing each other to become our best version. Time flew by and with it, our feelings evolved and we fell in love with each other and soon we would be bonded in marriage forever!

It was never our plan to fall in love, he was supposed to be my Beta, my right hand, ruling fair over our pack while looking for our mates so we focused our attention on school, on becoming doctors, studying and training, day and night, but at some point, I knew I wanted more.

Our moms were so happy with the news that started planning the wedding right away, just after our graduation. It wasn’t what we expected, we discussed that we would wait for it thill we were fully out of residency, but they seemed so overjoyed that we just went along with it.

″My God, you look breathtaking! How did I get so lucky?″I start blushing hearing Julian saying those words, with him being a man of few words and compliments were even fewer.

″Can I take you on a walk, before dinner? I want to spend some time alone with you, it seems I just can’t get some private moments just the two of us, with all of this ruckus.”

"I feel the same, but there were so many things to take care of, in such a short time, and I wanted everything to be perfect for our magical day! Come, I’ll race you to our secret spot in the woods!"

“You know me so well, Amelya! I was thinking the same! The last one there gives the embarrassing toast tonight!"

"Deal, you might as well start practicing it!" I say while shifting in mid-air and running like there was no turning back... which I didn’t. I never made it to the clearing and never saw Julian again... I start crying and screaming again thinking about how devastated Julian, my parents, and everyone else must be, not knowing what happened to me. But who took me? How and why can’t I remember anything past my starting to run? If I could just fight to stay alive a little longer, maybe they’ll find me, or maybe I’ll start healing and save myself before is too late, but before I drift apart, I hear a familiar voice...

"I thought I heard something! I must say, I’m impressed, I didn’t expect you to make it this far! Must be that special Alpha blood that I kept hearing about! Still, nevertheless, a success! Come, take her down and bring her on the west wing. When she’s ready, call me!"

I tried making any noise, screaming, fighting, but before long everything went dark.

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