Curse Of the Dragon

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Kate Brown, 23 is a famous lawyer. From setting examples to always having the best she had found herself at the top. And, having the best wedding with her boyfriend Tom Windsor was her obsession. But the moment her life starts going downhill she came across the reality of her life. Everything until now in her life was nothing but a curse. Her doom is inevitable. Accepting this fact was as hard as choosing to grab the only solution she was presented with. But she is ready to do anything even if it takes her ten thousand years back to marry the last dragon.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Take deep breaths Kate…Kate…” I heard Tiara say and clutched her hand even tighter. His face was all I could recall when I felt all of my insides squeezed and cried harder looking at all the blood between my legs.

“I think we need to call the doctor.” Tiara panicked but I cried out “No,” scratching my nails on her skin.

“She is right. And, don’t worry I am more experienced than any doctor.” Tiara’s mom intervened and dabbed some cloth on my forehead.

“Mom…she is pregnant with a dragon,” Tiara said and tears rolled down my face thinking how different everything could be. Only if he was beside me. That day, his smile…or his hands tracing my skin made me cry even harder.

“Dogan!” I cried out his name and pushed harder.

“I can see the head. Try more Kate!”

This made me sob even harder. How I was supposed to do this? How this baby was going to survive in this cruel world. Is he going to hate me? Just as his dad did?

Tiara came to hug my head and I cried harder. “Don’t worry. You are doing great. Ok? Just a little more.”

I pushed more and literally felt myself splitting in two. And, could feel that same scent. For a second, I looked here and there but then realized that Meghan was putting my baby in my arms. His scent was the same as his father.

“It’s a boy. You have broken the curse, Kate.” She smiled at me but then maybe the lack of enthusiasm from my side made her smile shrink. I closed my eyes in pain the moment I held that small little man in my arms.

“Oh my God, it was true. You just birthed a dragon.” Tiara said looking at the distinctive tattoo on his skin that covered his back. But only I have seen everything. I knew what happens from these edges. I held him to kiss his head and cried. It was fate’s play. Even loving him so much wasn’t enough for us to stay together. But right here, I had his last blessing.

“I am so sorry, darling. I am so sorry.” I only held my baby but all of us jumped hearing a very strong thunderstorm. Tiara ran outside to only come in with a horrid face. “It is raining. It is raining red.” Meghan looked at me with a shocked expression.

“What does it mean?” I asked.

“It rains red whenever a dragon is born but…this will tell many in the world. And, his scent? We have to cover it…or he will be traced with people who won’t be having good intentions.”

An hour passed. I couldn’t stop looking at his face. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. It feels like someone will come to destroy everything. And, not having my Dogan beside me only made me feels so weak.

“I am going to buy more essence candles,” Tiara said before leaving while I found Meghan busy lighting more candles.

“You should rest,” Meghan said and walked to me to look at my baby.

We were staying at Meghan’s hut she had made in the hills. She often comes here to practice the magic to earn bread for her home. And, not knowing what could happen or not while birthing a dragon we chose this very desolate area.

“We will stay here for seven more days. I will try to make a locket to ward off evil. It will also lessen his scent…” She walked to me and stared at my son who was sleeping.

“Have you decided on a name yet?” She asked making me stare deep at his peaceful face.

“He will be called Malack. This is what he used to call him.” Hearing his name he did stir in his sleep. I wonder if he had heard his dad’s voice calling him this name.

Meghan smiled before laughing. “Good name but I guess he needs a more subtle name to go around. What about Mike for other people. You can call him Malack though.” I knew she had a point but I didn’t reply. He will always be my little Malack. The name was given to him by his father.




Somewhere in the world.

“I can smell him. It’s his son.” I gritted looking at the red rain that was pouring hard. The news channels were blowing up with the news while scientists were coming with absurd reasons. Never had I imagined that it will happen.

I heard the door open and could feel how frantic the person was just listening to his breathing.

“How is it possible? We killed the last dragon ten thousand years ago.”

“I don’t fucking care, Loca. Kill his son. I know…I know it is Dogan’s son. I will never let any dragon breathe more than necessary. He has to be killed.”

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