The alpha prophecy

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A young she wolf has been separated from her mate by a man she thought was her father, only to find that nothing is what she thought. Forced to flee from her home she finds herself pulled towards her mate and a chance to save her pack when she finds out about her past. Can a prophecy written before she was born really be true? Can she take her rightful place as Alpha or will dark forces stop her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Beginnings and endings

20 years ago

“Layla must stay in here no matter what goes on outside, the pups are all that matters, keep her safe.”
The doctor only nodded in response as the alpha left the room locking the door behind himself.
This would be the last time anyone saw him alive.
“That’s right Luna, you’re doing great just one more push and we’ll get to meet this little one.” The doctor encouraged Layla and with one last push her baby was born.
“It’s a girl Luna, you have a beautiful healthy girl.” He quickly wrapped the baby up and handed her to her mother. “What do you think Nate? You have a little sister,” he said to the little boy that was peeking around the head of the bed. Nate came round to see the baby in his mother’s arms. “She tiny” he said, he was only 3 when his world changed forever.
The doctor tried to mind link with the alpha but he couldn’t reach him.
Just then the door was kicked in and the doctor was attacked by 2 large brown wolves. The Luna screamed and tried to protect her children as best as she could but she was too weak after having just given birth. A tall man walked into the room he stood over the Luna and in a gruff gravelly voice said “the alpha is dead, give up the pack now and you might just live.”
Layla placed her new baby in her crib and pushed her son behind her. “You’ll have to kill me but as long as these children breathe this pack will be theirs.” The man only now seemed to notice the children. He smirked at the Luna and morphed into a huge black wolf, the Luna changed into her silver coloured wolf and stood between her children, and the wolf that wanted their pack. He lunged at Layla and knocked her to the ground, her wolf was smaller than his. He quickly bit down on her neck and she was gone. He was about to turn on the children when another man entered the room.
“Leave the pups, we need them alive for the pack. You are to raise them as your own and do not let them know what happened to their real parents. We need them to keep the rest of the pack in check.” The large black wolf nodded, he changed back to his human form and looked at the children.
“Guess you’re my responsibility now” he said as he carefully picked up the baby, “Alexis would have loved to have pups,” he looked thoughtful for a moment. “Does she have a name boy?” He asked Nate who shook his head to say no “Alexis it is then” and with that the tiny baby girl had a name.

15 years later

“Ugh why do I have to stay here? Why can’t I go on the hunt?” Alexis said to her father, he smiled at her and shook his head.
“You’re the closest thing the Alpha has to a daughter of his own, he doesn’t want to risk you getting hurt, you stay here and you study and I promise I’ll bring you back something alive to hunt in the garden.” Alexis rolled her eyes and huffed she gave her father a hug and ran off to the library.

The alpha lead the hunting party into the woods as Alexis watched from the window of the pack house. She turned away from the window as the group disappeared in to the darkness of the forest. She went back to her studying, she would be turning 16 in 2 weeks, she was reading up on what to expect when she finally met her wolf and what to expect from her first transition. It was going to be a big day for her, her birthday fell on the full moon.
Her brother had met his wolf 3 years ago, she remembered the party they held for him. It was spectacular, the whole pack was there, he became a beautiful white wolf. He had the softest fur and the best howl she had heard but she couldn’t wait to meet her own wolf and it was now just days away. There was just one thing that her father had to deal with first, there was a meeting between their pack the Red Moon pack and the Silver Lake pack. It was just to renew their treaty, a formality her father had said. The hunt was to provide for the feast tomorrow when the visitors arrived. Alexis concentrated on practicing the relaxation techniques she had read about, it was understood that they helped with the transition, it helped to relax her both body and mind ready for the stresses they would undertake.

The hunting party arrived back a few hours later, they had caught a couple of deer and some rabbits. Her father came back with a bag in his hand, Alexis ran out to greet them.
“What did you bring me daddy?” Alexis asked as she jumped into her fathers arms, he carefully placed the bag down and gave Alexis a hug.
“I bought you back a rabbit, think you can practice stalking it? If it gets away I’m not getting you another one until we can go hunting together though” he warned, she nodded her head in agreement and he carefully opened the bag letting the rabbit out, Alexis slunk down low to the ground and silently moved towards the animal. Just as she was preparing to pounce a noise at the front of the house startled the animal making it bolt for the safety of the trees. Alexis huffed at the loss of her new pet but knew that she would get her chance to try again soon, and next time she would be in wolf form. “Sounds like Alpha Samuel is here early, sorry kid only a couple of weeks to wait and you can do that for real, you nearly had him this time princess.” Alpha Markus said, a sense of pride in his voice as he was pleased with how close she had got before the rabbit had been startled. He knew it wasn’t her that was the reason for losing the rabbit. He ruffled her hair and ushered her towards the front of the building. Her father and brother behind them.

“Alpha Samuel, my apologies we only just got back from a hunt I must have lost track of time.” Markus said whilst holding out his had for Samuel to shake.
“No worries Markus, we’re early, was it a successful hunt? And who is this charming little lady here?” He asked whilst taking Alexis’ hand and kissing the back of it, Alexis bowed her head to the alpha and smiled. “This is my Beta’s youngest, Alexis, this is Nathaniel, he’s in line to be our next Beta” he said pointing towards Alexis’ brother who beamed at the compliment from the alpha.
“Dad are these all the files for the meeting?” Came a voice from behind Alpha Samuel, he stepped to the side and there stood a strapping young man, he looked to be the same age as Nathaniel but was much bulkier, and it was all muscle. He had dark brown hair cut in a close cropped style and the most stunning hazel eyes. Alexis was fascinated by him but didn’t know why, he seemed to be eyeing her with the same curiosity.
“This is my son Jacob, he’s learning all about being an Alpha so that he can take over the pack one day. I thought his was a good opportunity for him to meet with you, it’s a peaceful occasion and we’re not expecting any trouble over the next couple of days. I didn’t think you would mind him tagging along, perhaps Alexis and Nathaniel can show him around this evening whilst we catch up?” Samuel suggested, Alexis looked at her father and brother, her brother was looking at her like she had just become the most precious thing he had ever seen and needed to be protected at all costs, her father and the alpha looked worried but she didn’t know why. The alpha reluctantly nodded and agreed to Samuel’s suggestion. The adults walked into the house leaving Jacob, Nathaniel and Alexis outside.

Nathaniel led the tour keeping himself between Jacob and Alexis at all times. When they arrived back at the pack house Nathaniel sent Alexis back inside to get changed for dinner. He stopped Jacob at the door and said “I know what she is to you, she turns 16 in 2 weeks, on the full moon. She doesn’t know what she’s feeling towards you right now and it’s my job to keep her safe. If anything happens here I’ll make sure she comes to you. I can sense that something isn’t as it should be but I don’t know what’s going on yet. My father won’t be keen on your match and will try to stop her leaving. Promise me that if anything happens to me you’ll keep her safe?” Jacob looked confused by this sudden outpouring from Nathaniel and took a moment before responding
“I promise she will be safe, she’s my Luna and I would die before seeing anything happen to her. You have my word. Silver Lake will keep her safe and you as well if you feel that you aren’t safe here.”
Nathaniel nodded and led Jacob into the house. The remainder of his visit he was kept away from Alexis but they stole glances of each other before Alexis knew it the visit was over and Jacob the most handsome man she had ever met was gone.

The next day Alexis heard shouting from the alpha’s office but couldn’t make out what it was all about. An hour later Nathaniel knocked on her door and said he was leaving on a mission from the Alpha, he wasn’t sure when he would be back but he wanted her to have her birthday present before he left. He handed her a box and contained within was a mobile phone, “I have one the same and I have already programmed in my number. I have to go now, remember no matter what that I love you sis. I’ll always believe you and as soon as it’s safe I’ll let you know what is going on” he then turned and left leaving Alexis confused and alone.

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