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Chapter 9

Alexa began to focus solely on the bank. The school began to fade from her vision. Alexa moved her arm toward where he locker was relative to her. She felt nothing except empty space.

"I can teleport."

Alexa glanced around the bank; she saw now indication that Brian had arrived yet. Her mother had not arrived yet either. Alexa wondered when she would show up.

Alexa glanced down at her watch. She then remembers that her mother usually went to the bank around eleven. It was not even eight and the bank was empty.

Alexa focused on returning to the school. She began to see double images. She focused on the school more and the bank began to fade away.

Alexa walked to her first class. She then realized that time was still slow. She allowed time to resume and continued walking. She walked inside the classroom and took a seat.

Brian walked into the classroom moments later. Alexa did not realize he was in the same class; he must have skipped yesterday. Brian walked past Alexa and smiled.

The way Brian smiled at her made Alexa feel anxious as she was waiting for him to make his move. Alexa wondered why Brian wanted to draw her out; he knew where she was.

Alexa realized that he probably did not want to risk people finding out about his powers. She wondered what was going through his head right now.

She noticed that Brian kept glancing at the clock. Halfway through the period he got up and grabbed a hall pass. He walked out of the room.

Alexa began to anticipate that this was the time he would go to the bank. She began to get anxious as she knew what was coming.

Alexa got and grabbed the second hall pass. She walked out of the classroom. She walked to her locker; she grabbed the suit given to her by her future-self.

She walked toward the restroom. She pushed the door open and walked inside. She walked into one of the stalls. She took off her shirt and pants then dropped them to floor.

Alexa began to put on the pants of the suit first. She put on the shirt next and the shirt immediately fused with the pants to make it seamless. Alexa grabbed the cape and put it onto her shoulders. The cape fused with the shirt.

"This is a cool suit. I wish there was some place I could store my clothes." Alexa said to herself.

"Opening pocket," a computerized voice said.

A small portal appeared above Alexa's left arm. Alexa was initially confused; she had not expected the suit to be electronic.

"You can use the portal to store things." A recording of Future-Alexa said.

Alexa smiled and bent down to grab her street clothes. She dropped the clothes into the portal. Then she saw that she had left a pair of gloves from the suit on the floor.

Alexa picked up the gloves and dropped them into the portal as well. She did not feel she needed them anyway. She tapped her left wrist, which assumed would close it.

Alexa found she was right and the portal closed. She sat down and waited for the call. Moments later her cell phone began to ring.

Alexa quickly pulled her phone out. She clicked answer and put the phone up to her ear.

"Everyone give me your cell phones now!" a loud voice said.

Alexa did not hesitate she immediately vanished from sight. She was using her newfound power of teleportation. She to see that bank from across the street.

The school began to fade out and the view of the bank began to get clear. She was standing on a low building watching the bank.

The cops had not arrived yet. The situation had just started. She pulled her hood over her head to obscure her face. Alexa flew down toward the entrance to get a better look.

She saw that the doors were wired to explode if someone tried to get inside. She knew she had to find another way inside. Alexa closed her eyes and focused. She opened her eyes and time had slowed down to a crawl.

She disappeared and reappeared inside the building. Everything seemed frozen to her. She walked toward the two gunmen. They were holding their guns out urging the hostages to move.

Alexa walked toward the gunman closest to her. It gave Alexa a weird feeling seeing a person so still. He was completely unaware of Alexa's presence since he did not have the perception to see her.

Alexa reached toward the man's gun. She wrapped her fingers around the short barrel. She began to pull and felt tension from the man holding the gun.

The man's grip on the gun was stronger than Alexa had anticipated. She realized that she would have to peel the man's fingers off of the grip. She touched the man's fingers; out of the corner of her eye she saw the man blink.

The man began to move toward Alexa. She quickly backed up, pulling her hand back. The man began to slow back down with the rest of time. Alexa sighed a breath of relief.

For a moment Alexa thought that was Brian. She realized that touching a person brought them into her time. She had to disarm the robbers without touching them.

Alexa then remembered the gloves she had thrown into the pocket. She began to wonder if this was reason her future-self had given her this suit and the gloves.

"Pocket open." Alexa said.

"Would you like to import or export?" a computerized voice said.


A hologram menu appeared with pictures of the contents in the pocket. Alexa tapped the gloves image. The portal opened above her hands.

The gloves fell out of the pocket and then froze in midair. Alexa quickly grabbed the gloves. She slid them onto her left hand followed by her right hand.

Alexa turned back to the gunman. She reached toward the man's finger slowly. Soon she was touching the man's fingers. Alexa kept watching the man's face waiting for a sign to see if he was in her time speed.

The gunman's eyelids were still. His body was still as could be. Alexa sighed a breath of relief; she was glad that this worked. Yet she did not understand the reason it did.

Alexa grabbed the man's index finger and pulled it away from the trigger. Alexa grabbed the man's middle, ring and pinkie fingers next. She unbent them leaving the gun suspended in midair.

Alexa grabbed the gun and pulled it away from the robber. Alexa turned away from the robber. She threw the gun towards the door of the bank. The gun went a few feet and then slowed down with the rest of time.

Now she had just one robber to disarm. Alexa walked over toward the second robber. She began to wonder where Brian was hiding. Why hadn't he revealed himself yet?

Alexa reached for the second man's hands. She grabbed the man's index finger and slowly pulled it away from the trigger. Then she grabbed the remaining fingers. She straightens them out leaving the gun suspended in midair.

Alexa grabbed the gun and pulled it away from the man. She turns toward the door. She throws the gun towards the doors like the other one. It stopped in midair near where the other one was still hanging suspended.

Alexa turns around to see a portal opening. A third robber begins walking out of the portal. He stares at Alexa and walks closer to her.

"Alexandra Kline," the third robber said.

"Brian Taylor." Alexa said.

"I guess I don't need this."

Brian pulled his ski-mask off his face. He threw the mask onto the floor. Brian smiled when he realized that Future-Alexa had told her about this.

"I have been looking forward to seeing you." he said.

"Why?" Alexa asked.

"I want to kill you" Brian said.

Alexa realized she should have known this was the reason. Why else would he lure her out? She then remembered that Future-Brian had threatened to kill her.

"That is not going to happen" Alexa said.

"I want to be the only one who can control time" Brian said.

Alexa shoved her hand out toward Brian, but nothing happened. She gestured her hand toward a chair and tried to move it, but still nothing happened. Alexa did not understand what was happening.

"I don't think you can use telekinesis while time is slowed" Brian said.

"Fine I will resume it"

"I wouldn't do that, the guns you pulled out of their hands were wired to a one second delay detonator, if you resume time this whole bank explodes" Brian said.

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