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Chapter 10

Alexa contemplated what to do next. One wrong move and the whole bank could blow up. She had to keep time slowed down, but she could not use her telekinesis to stop Brian.

"However if you let me kill you I will make sure these people are not harmed." Brian said.

"I will get those bombs out before you even try." Alexa said.

"I also know that if you grab the bomb you will activate it, I discovered that we a time aura around us, things we touch enter our time speed." Brian said.

Alexa realized he was telling the truth. Alexa however, knew a way around it. She had used her gloves which blocked her time aura from reaching the men earlier.

She knew she could grab the bombs, but she knew it would be just as easy for Brian to let time resume. She had to find another way to stop Brian.

"Come on let these people go!" Alexa said.

"Really? You are going to try to persuade me?" Brian asked.

"This is insane, just because you are selfish you want to get rid of me" Alexa said.

"Have fun stopping those bombs."

Brian gestured his right hand toward his feet. A portal began to open at Brian's feet. The portal opened fully and Brian began to fall into it.

Time began to speed up slowly. Alexa began to see the bombs beginning to detonate. She saw small explosions coming from each of the bombs. She saw a chair that she had tried to move earlier was now moving toward where Brian had been.

Alexa closed her eyes and concentrated. The explosions from the bombs began to slow down. She opened her eyes and saw time was slowed to a crawl again.

Time began to speed up again. Alexa knew Brian was forcing it to move forward faster. Alexa began to concentrate harder and time began to slow again.

It was not as slow as before because Brian was forcing time to speed up. The explosion was expanding slowly. Alexa saw that the bank was already engulfed in flames.

Rage began to build up inside her. She was angry that Brian had done this. She wished she could start over. She imagined time moving backwards.

The explosion began receding which made it look like an implosion. Brian rose up through the portal he had just fallen through.

Alexa felt herself teleport backwards; disappearing and reappearing on the rooftop across the street.

"Okay, let's try this again" Alexa said to herself.

Alexa teleported inside and this time she did not bother to freeze time. All three robbers pointed their guns at her. Alexa held her hand out toward the robber with her palm facing them.

The robbers were initially surprised to see Alexa appear inside the bank. Alexa used this moment to walk over to her mom who was sitting near a table.

"Are you alright?" Alexa asked.

"I am fine," Kerri said.

Alexa stood up and saw Brian walking out of a portal. He walked toward Alexa. Brian pulled off his mask and walked toward Alexa.

"I am going to kill you today," Brian said.

A portal appeared beneath of Brian's feet. Alexa immediately thrust her hand forward. Brian immediately went straight to a wall. He let go of a detonator that he was holding.

The detonator clinked against the floor. Brian hit the wall and passed out. The other two gun men were trembling. They started to drop their guns.

"No! Those guns are wired to detonators don't drop them" Alexa said.

"He was going to kill us" one robber said.

Alexa teleported outside and saw that the police had arrived. All the cops glanced at her and pointed their guns.

"Is there a bomb expert here?" Alexa asked.

"Yes, I am," a man said.

"Good, because I am going to need your help." Alexa said.

"Can you teleport me inside?" the man asked.

"I have never teleported with a person before."

"Well, you are going to have to figure something out"

Alexa decided it was best to not try it now. She instead began to look for another way out. She saw no exit that was not rigged.

She realized that she may have to resort to using it. The bomb expert was not going to work on the bombs until the civilians were clear. She also had not way of getting him inside either.

Alexa disappeared and reappeared inside the bank to have another look. She saw nothing she could use as an exit.

Alexa decided to test her teleportation on a chair. She reached her hand toward a chair. She focused and saw the chair fading away as it began to appear outside the bank.

She saw that nothing had happened to the chair. The chair was perfectly intact. This gave Alexa the confidence to try it on a person. She reached her hand toward the closest person.

The person disappeared and then reappeared outside the bank just past the police barricade. Alexa sighed a breath of relief; she was glad it worked.

Alexa gestured her hand toward another civilian. The civilian disappeared and reappeared outside the bank. Alexa continued until she had gotten all of the civilians out.

She the bomb expert standing outside the door. Alexa gestured her hand toward him. He disappeared and then reappeared inside the bank.

"These guns are wired to detonators, can use disarm them and the bombs?" Alexa said.

"I can try."

Alexa glanced over to check on Brian. She saw that Brian was now standing. He was holding the detonator in his hand. His thumb was over the button.

"Boom" Brian said.

A portal appeared beneath of Brian's feet. He began falling and he pushed the button. The bombs immediately began to go off. Time began to slow down again.

Alexa closed her eyes and time began to go backwards. Brian came back through the portal and his thumb un-pressed the button.

Alexa quickly put her hand out and the detonator got ripped from Brian's hand. The detonator flew through the air toward Alexa. She grabbed it out of midair and held it firmly. Brian glared at Alexa with anger.

"I hate you" Brian said.

Brian created a portal underneath his feet and fell through. Alexa let him go as she was too exhausted to continue. She knew that this would not be the last time she would face him.

After about ten minutes the bombs had been disarmed and taken away to be properly disposed. Alexa stayed next to her mom on a park bench.

A group of police came up to her. They were intrigued by her teleporting ability. They of course had no idea about her ability to control time.

"Alexandra Kline, right?" a cop asked.

Alexa realize that her future-self had not given her a mask. She could rewind time backwards again and get a mask on, but she decided not to since she was tired of it for the day.

Her future-self had also not given her a mask. Alexa knew that her future-self was not likely to overlook something like that. Perhaps it was pointless since David knew about her anyway.

"You can call me by my nickname: Hyper" Alexa said.

"I like it," the cop said.

"So what powers do you have?"

"Speed, teleportation and telekinesis" Alexa said.

She had stretched the truth a little. She was not going to reveal that she was chronokinetic.

"We need heroes like you" another cop said.

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