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Chapter 11

Alexa grabbed Kerri and they teleported back to the penthouse. Kerri was slightly disoriented when they landed. Kevin was sitting on the couch watching the news report.

"So, no secret identity?" Kevin asked.

"I can undue anything, Dad. No criminal can harm us" Alexa said.

"Undue? Did you think you could rely on time travel?"

"I made time go backwards twice at the bank. I stopped it from exploding twice" Alexa said.

"The people don't know that do they?" Kevin asked.

"No" I said.

"People would freak out if they knew someone could control time" Kevin said.

"The criminal at the bank robbery was Brian Taylor. He could control time too." Alexa said.

"Then you have to stop him," Kevin said.

"Time manipulation is the wrong hands is dangerous" Kerri said.

"I know," Alexa said.

"I wish I could give you advice, but I do not know what you should do to stop a time traveler." Kevin said.

"My future-self visited me again. I have a strong feeling that it won't be the last time."

"Your future-self would be the only one who could help you." Kevin said.

"My future-self won't be able to help if Brian succeeds."

"Why do you say that?"

"Brian wants me dead."

Dream Industries

Brian appeared in David's office. He saw that it was empty and realized that David must be at his office at Dream Research Facility. He hesitated to create a portal to go there.

David hated bad news. David had told him to get rid of Alexandra Kline. David was his uncle and he hated disappointing him.

A man walked into the room. Brian had not noticed him. The man walked up to Brian and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I am disappointed son," the man said.

"Whatever dad," Brian said.

"This was not the plan," Declan said.

"I was not the one at the bank!" Brian said.

"Who was?"

"My future-self, he was determined to kill Alexandra."

"Don't get in his way; he has more experience than you."

"I know and he has been training me."

"With both of you together I am sure Alexandra Kline will fail."

"I am not so sure since Alexa has her future-self to help her as well."

"You have to be optimistic."

Kline Penthouse

Alexa sat on her bed glancing at the ceiling; Kevin had let her relax for the rest of the day. She was glad her father let her relax, she was exhausted.

She wondered what Brian was doing. Why was he trying to draw her out? What was his plan? What he did mean when he said Plasma Industries was going down? Alexa did not understand what plan Brian had.

Alexa was not ready for this. It just came upon her out of nowhere. He life turned upside down in less than a day. Alexa sat back up and glanced toward the door.

Kerri came into the room with a snack and a glass of lemonade. She gave them to Alexa and then sat down on the bed next to her.

"I know you are probably stressed out right now" Kerri said.

"Just yesterday I discovered powers and now I am a superhero? Life just got crazy" Alexa said.

"I know you didn't ask for any of this. You were born with the Markonian power gene."

"You are Markonian too, how come you don't have powers?"

"My grandfather said that in rare cases a Markonian does not discover his or her powers until late in life."

"Oh, you are fortunate. You don't have to worry about feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders."

"Relax, you are a time traveler and nobody is expecting you to save everyone."

Kerri walked out of the room. Alexa turned on the TV and flipped the channel to the news. It was showing shocking news of what happened that day.

Alexa had anticipated there would be shocking news. First they showed footage of a hero named Blaze. She stopped a villain from killing the President.

Another hero named Morph, which Alexa knew was Kara, saved the Vice President from another villain. Then they mentioned Hyper at the bank.

Alexa smiled at seeing three heroes. She knew she was going to need more help to bring down David Lucas. She began to get curious about Drake Lucas; she had seen him with her future-self. She wondered how he played into this.

A few hours later Kara came home. She and Alexa then walked into the dining room to see that dinner was ready. Kerri brought the food to the table.

They waited a minute for Kevin to get to the table. They began eating immediately.

"We need to find more metahumans." Alexa said.

"Are you thinking of starting a team?" Kevin asked.

"I think I already did; my future-self had a team."

"Who was on that team?"

"Well I only got one name: Drake Lucas."

"Drake!? He is the son of our enemy." Kevin said.

"He was working with my future-self; he even fought Brian."

"Be careful." Kerri said.

"I know, but there has to be a reason my future-self trusted him."

"She has a point." Kara said.

"Ok," Kevin said.

After supper was over Kara and Alexa sat in the living watching a movie called Justice League. It was fitting for what they were planning and it was the only thing they could watch without distractions.

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