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Chapter 12

Alexa woke the next morning she turned toward her clock to see that it was only two in the morning. Although it felt like she got eight hours of sleep.

She glanced at her watch and saw that it was seven. She had slowed time in her sleep again. Alexa sat up and looked across the room. Something looked different, but without the light she could not put her finger on it.

Alexa decided to get out of bed. She lifted the sheets off her bed and stood on the floor. She walked over to the shelves where she had set her clothes.

The clothes were gone and there was a film of dust on the shelf. She was confused, why were her clothes gone? She was stuck wearing her pajamas.

She walked towards the door and opened it. She walked out of her room. She walked toward the balcony. She glanced over the city lit up with lights.

She leaned against the railing and looked down at the street below. She remembered the last time she had lean against the railing and it broke.

Alexa walked back inside. She walked to her parents' room. She closed her eyes and time came to a stop. She did this so that she would not wake them.

She walked to Kerri's closet. She was about the same size as her mom so her clothes would fit. She picked out some clothes and then walked out of the room to get changed.

She walked down the hall to her room and quickly changed into the clothes. She walked out and went toward the kitchen to grab a snack. She walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a box of crackers.

She walked over to the living room and opened the box. She sat down on the couch and began eating the crackers. She lifted the TV remote with her telekinesis and directed it towards her.

She turned on the TV and quickly muted it. She did not want to wake her parents. She began watching a show to occupy the time.

She walked back to the kitchen to grab a drink. She noticed a newspaper had been left on the table. She found that odd since her parents always threw it away.

She walked over to it and saw the front page story: Alexa Kline still missing. She could not believe what she was seeing. She checked the date. It was September 4th 2021 when the newspaper was printed.

"That does not make sense" Alexa said.

First the disappearance of her clothes and now this newspaper article. Was her future-self putting her through some kind of test? What was this going to teach her anyway?

"What is going on here?"

She read the article and it stated that she disappeared on September 4th 2020. That was the day after Alexa discovered her powers.

She glanced at the wall and saw a calendar and it was showing April of 2022. She was beginning to wonder if her future-self actually did this. Would she put so much effort into this?

Alexa pulled a chair out which made a squeaking noise against the floor. She hoped it did not wake anybody up. She sat down in the chair and began to read the article.

Alexa heard a door open; someone must have heard her and woke up. A man walked out into the kitchen he held a blade in his hand. He walked toward Alexa cautiously. He quickly turned a light on.

"Alexandra?" the man asked.

"Hi dad" Alexa said.

The blade in Kevin's hand receded turning into a finger. He walked over to Alexa. He put his hands out and gave Alexa a big hug.

"Where have you been?" Kevin asked.

Alexa could tell the sincerity in his voice. She realized that she was gone for three years. Real time travel was not what they showed in movies. If you got to the future, you can't see yourself.

"I went to bed and woke up here" Alexa said.

"You time traveled!" Kevin said.

"I guess I did" Alexa said.

"I missed you so much" Kevin said.

"What happened while I was gone?" Alexa asked.

"Where do I even begin?" Kevin asked.

"So a lot has happened?"

"Yes, and most of it is horrible. You have to go back and stop it" Kevin said.

"Stop what?" Alexa asked.

"The end of the human race"

Alexa could not believe what she was hearing. How could the entire human race be gone? What had David done?

"Metahumans are the only hominids left" Kevin said.

"Are you-" Alexa started.

"Yes, I am a metahuman, I took the shot to save myself and hopefully get a power in which I could stop David. However, the power I got was not enough" Kevin said.

"What did you get?"

"Matter mimicry as you probably saw with my metal finger earlier." Kevin said.

Kevin began to demonstrate again by transforming his hand into rubber then to metal. Then his hand returned to normal. Alexa watched and smiled.

"How did the humans die?" Alexa asked.

"Virus that only affected them, David created that virus" Kevin said.

"I have to stop him" Alexa said.

"You have to be careful, David has been keeping track of superpowers and he has killed people who had ones he did not like" Kevin said.

"He won't like the idea that I can time travel" Alexa said.

Kevin and slight humming sound he glanced out the window and his jaw dropped. He saw metahumans standing on a force field platform. There were five of them each bearing the symbol of Dream Industries.

Kevin began to shake his head. He realized that David's army had found Alexa.

"Alexa, run!" Kevin said.

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