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Chapter 13

Alexa saw the metahumans hovering outside. She was confused at first; then she wondered if she could take them.

"What's going on?" Alexa asked.

"You created a dimensional rift, they can track that. Now run before they capture you" Kevin said.

Alexa closed her eyes willed time to slow down. She opened her eyes and saw everything was almost frozen.

She began walking out the door of the balcony. She saw something at the corner of her eye. She turned around and saw a man moving.

"You are not the only one who can move fast" the man said.

"Brian Taylor" Alexa said.

Brian was wearing a long black leather jacket that went down to his knees. His appearance had changed since the last time Alexa saw him.

"You should surrender; I can control time just like you" Brian said.

"I stopped you before" Alexa said.

Alexa jumped off the balcony and began to fly. She hovered in place and turned her face toward Brian. She turned away from him and flew away.

Brian glared at Alexa as she flew away. He focused and time began to go backwards, but only as slow as it was moving forward.

Alexa was now back on the balcony. Brian got ready to grab her. He resumed time and reached for her. Alexa thrust her hand towards him; he was forced through the glass doors into the penthouse.

Alexa jumped off the balcony again and flew away. It was not long before she was out of sight. Brian slowly got up, glass was protruding from his back.

The other men came to help him. One man pulled the glass out of his back. The wounds in his back began to close up.

"It is a good thing you can rewind your injuries" a man said.

Brian dropped through a portal and appeared where Alexa was flying. He dropped down and his shoes lit up; he began hovering in place.

"Isn't that cheating?" Alexa asked.

"It is not cheating if it only levels the playing field" Brian said.

Brian began fly closer to Alexa. He shoved his hand toward Alexa and a portal appeared behind her.

The portal began to draw her into it. She turned to see that she was headed for a furnace filled with fire. Alexa struggled to fly away from the portal.

She was getting closer every second. She shoved her hand toward Brian. She released a telekinetic shockwave that caused Brian to tumble through the air.

The portals immediately disappeared. Brian managed to regain balance; he hovered in place glaring at Alexa.

A small portal opened up near his right hand. A stream of electricity came out of the portal and went straight for Alexa.

Alexa quickly slowed time to avoid being hit by the electricity which was mere inches from hitting her. Alexa quickly flew out of the way before Brian forced time to resume.

The electricity went past her as she gotten out of the way just in time. She immediately flew towards Brian. She grabbed Brian by the shirt and flew him towards a building.

Moments before hitting the building a portal appeared behind Brian. They both went through the portal and appeared fifty feet away.

Alexa let go of Brian and then shoved him with a kinetic shockwave. He tumbled through the air, Brian managed to regain his balance quicker than before.

Brian created a portal beneath him and dropped down into it. The portal closed and he was gone. Brian walked out of a portal just outside of Alexa's sight.

Brian was standing next to another version of himself. He turned toward himself.

"Now we can see if she finds the resistance." Said the Brian who had just fought Alexa.

"There is a benefit to being out of the timeline." The other Brian said.

"What's that?"

"Alexa won't be expecting me."

"You could have killed her at the bank."

"I tried."

"You could have tried harder."

"Shut up! I have lived a different life than you, I did not have someone to train me like you did. I am out of time; I am an anomaly."

"Remind me not to close a portal when I go to the past."

"I don't need you to time travel, we don't need another anomaly in the timeline."

Alexa began flying away since he was long gone. Alexa realized that there was no point in fighting him in the future anyway since she planned on changing the past.

Alexa stopped when she was a couple miles away. She had no idea where to go. She hovered in place and looked down at the city below.

She had to get back to the past, but first she wanted to know how David had created the virus. She did not feel ready to face David and that would probably happen if she looked into it.

Alexa flew down to the street below. She came to a rough landing skidding across the road. The road was not being used, cars sat abandoned.

Alexa walked up to a car and saw a skeleton inside. This person had been dead for some time. Nobody had bothered to take care of the bodies left behind.

She knew that this had to be from the virus. It killed all the humans quickly. Since they were driving they must not have known they were infected. Cars were crashed into each other and into buildings. Which showed they died quickly.

Alexa walked down the street. it was a mess of newspaper and cluttered trash and glass scattered everywhere. Why would David do this? Why did he kill all the humans?

The world look like it was from one of those post-apocalyptical movies. She wondered if people were struggling to survive.

David must see how he had made things worse. The world was falling apart with the loss of billions of people. The world needed that infrastructure.

Rather or not David thought that good could from this he still committed the worst genocide the world has ever seen. Alexa glanced down and saw a newspaper that caught her attention.

The headline was: Drake Lucas murdered. Clearly David created a lot of enemies. One of them was bold enough to kill his son.

Alexa picked up the paper and struggled to read it under the moonlight. She began reading the first paragraph. Then she came across who committed the crime. It read David Lucas kills Drake for betraying him.


Drake betrayed David Lucas? Alexa wondered what that meant. Was Drake on her side or was Drake trying to take his father's place?

A girl flew towards Alexa and landed next to her. The girl had light blonde hair. Her clothes were ragged and dirty.

"Come with me" the girl said.

"Who are you?" Alexa asked.

"You can trust me; I am with the resistance. I know you are not on good terms with the Dream Empire" the girl said.

"Ok," Alexa said.

"Can you fly?" the girl asked.


"Follow me."

The girl jumped up and began flying. Alexa jumped up and followed. Alexa was less experienced with flying than the girl.

"I am Haley Howard," the girl said.


"It is nice to meet you," Haley said.

"You too."

"Wait, are you Alexandra Kline?"


"Kevin said you were the world's savior."

"Yeah, I know," Alexa said.

"Where were you for the past few years?" Haley asked.

"I time traveled to the future and skipped over those years."

"Oh, so you can't see your future self?"

"Apparently not" Alexa said.

"Well that means you see a future where you are not in it. I guess you can't see what will become of yourself"

"Well I have learned what happens with the rest of the world"

"We can fill you in on some more details" Haley said.

Alexa and Haley continued flying through the city. Haley began to slow down.

"We are getting close" Haley said.

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