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Chapter 14

They arrived at a building that blended in with the rest of the city. They landed on the sidewalk and then walked inside. They walked through a hallway and went into a large room.

The large room was filled with beds and a lot of people were sleeping. Most of the people Alexa did not recognize. Haley led Alexa through the room towards a boy.

"Toby, this is Alexandra Kline," Haley said.

"Nice to meet you," Toby said.

"Alexa, this is my boyfriend Tobias Barnes."

"Nice to meet you too," Alexa said.

"What powers do you have?" Tobias asked.

"Chronokinesis," Alexa said.

"You can control time?" Tobias asked.


"We need you, with you help we can defeat David"

"I heard that a lot" Alexa said.

"Well it is my turn on patrol" Tobias said.

Tobias walked out of the room. He walked quietly so he wouldn't wake anyone.

"Patrol?" Alexa asked.

"We scout the area to know if David's army has found us, so we can warn the others" Haley said.

"I see"

"I am going to bed, you should too" Haley said.

"I am not really tired" Alexa said.

"You could join Tobias on patrol" Haley said.

"I think I will" Alexa said.

Alexa began walking out of the room. She ran to catch up with Tobias. He was walking out the door. Alexa walked out behind him.

"Can I join you?"


Tobias stretched his hand out toward a car. The glass from the car broke apart and began floating through the air towards him. The glass pieces began to come together to form a shape of a snowboard.

"I have hyalokinesis, glass manipulation," Tobias said.

Tobias stepped onto the board and the glass wrapped around his foot like a shoe. Alexa looked at him curiously.

"What are you doing?" Alexa asked.

"I can fly with this. I can create invisible glass magnets in the air that the board can attract to" Tobias said.

"That's cool," Alexa said.

"Can you fly?" Tobias asked.


Alexa began to float above the ground. They both flew upwards to watch from the sky. The city was quiet as it was only three in the morning. Alexa knew that it was not going to loud during the day since the population was drastically reduced.

Alexa was still getting used to flying. She was not very skilled with it. Tobias could tell that she was still learning.

"When did you discover flight?" he asked.

"Yesterday" Alexa said.

"Looks like it"

"Oh shut up, you probably looked silly when you were learning"

"Yeah I did" Tobias said.

They flew around the blocks glancing down at the streets below for any suspicious activity. Hours went by without anything happening.

Then at five in the morning they came upon a group that flying around. They seemed to be searching for something or someone.

Tobias recognized them and urged Alexa to hide. She immediately knew that these people worked for David. They both landed on a roof and hit behind a heating and cooling unit.

David's enforcers landed on the roof they were hiding on. Alexa and Tobias kept quiet. They hoped they were not spotted.

"Shouldn't we tell the others?" Alexa asked.

"No, these guys are probably just scouts. They haven't found our hideout" Tobias said.

"How would you know that?"

"If they found our hideout David or one his right-hand men would be with them" Tobias said.

A man on a hover board floated towards them. He stepped of his board walked up behind Alexa. Tobias turned around and saw him. Tobias' face turned white.

"Long time, Toby" the man said.

"William Olsen," Toby said.

"You two know each other?" Alexa asked.

"Yeah, he is against metahumans" Tobias said.

Alexa realized that these people were not with David. They were actually against him.

"You are human?" Alexa asked William.

"Basically, but I have one power. I am immune to the powers of metahumans" William said.

"What do you want?"

"You should know that better than anyone. I want David gone, I want the human race back" William said.

"Humans are gone, you are a metahuman" Tobias said.

"We are not metahumans" a man said.

The man walked toward them holding a hover board in his hand. Tobias was hesitant to believe that humans still existed.

"How did you survive the genocide?" Tobias asked.

"Antibodies from metahumans," the man said.

Alexa now knew how to save the human race from the virus. She thought about going back now, but she needed more information.

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