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Chapter 15

William pulled a bag off his shoulder and reached inside. He pulled out a piece of paper. He showed it to Tobias.

"I know we have our differences, but we can agree on one thing: we need to rid the world of David Lucas" William said.

"Ok, now what is this?" Tobias asked.

"This the floor plan for David's mansion. I need your help to break inside and kill him"

"It won't be easy" Tobias said.

"What is your ability?" William asked Alexa.

"Chronokinesis" Alexa said.

William's mouth dropped open. Apparently Alexa was the only person he met with chronokinesis.

"Can you time travel?"

"Yes" Alexa said.

"Forget killing David, you have to go back and stop him from releasing the virus" William said.

"I am trying to learn as much as I can so I can get it right" Alexa said.

"You are a time traveler, you have all the time in the world" Tobias said.

"You are right; I can always go back." Alexa said.

"David released the virus on October 2nd of 2020." William said.

"That's only a month after I left" Alexa said.

Alexa closed her eyes and imagined the date in her head. She hoped she would appear on that date. She opened her eyes to see that her surroundings had changed.

The entire landscape around her was barren. There was nothing but grass. She wondered where she was. She pulled out her phone and hoped there were networks.

Her phone immediately updated to the current time and place. She saw that it was July 4th 2305. She had actually gone farther into the future.

She went her maps app to see where she was. The map showed that she was actually in Atlantic City. The city had been destroyed centuries ago.

Alexa jumped up and began flying. She saw no evidence of any humanoid existence. They had cleaned up the city and then disappeared.

Alexa wondered about other major cities. She closed her and concentrated. She disappeared and then reappeared in another city.

This city was still standing, but was clearly abandoned. There were no humans anywhere. Alexa walked down the street to explore.

She saw skeletons of numerous humanoids and they were armed with guns. This is what became of the most powerful species on Earth.

Humans and metahumans killed each other off to extinction. Did David think about how this would end? Did he realized that he would cause the end of humanity?

Surely David did not want this outcome either. Alexa doubted that he would listen to her. She teleported back to where Gaia city had been.

She reappeared on the grassy plain. She jumped up and began flying around. She spotted a settlement of rustic cabins in the distance and decided to fly towards it.

As she got closer she saw people moving about. There were survivors here. She landed close to the settlement and began walking towards it.

She walked into the settlement and saw many surprised looks from the residents. They probably though they were the only survivors.

A man walked through the crowd. He appeared to be the leader. Everyone moved aside to let him through.

"Hello, I am Alexander Freeman" the man said.

"Alexandra Kline"

"Welcome, did you come alone?"


"Well, we are the only survivors of the apocalypse" the man said.

"How did you survive?" Alexa asked.

"You should know, you survived too"

"Actually I time traveled"

"Well in that case, I will have to explain it to you. Everyone here is immortal, humanity fought itself to extinction" Alexander said.

"You are the only ones left?" Alexa asked.

"Yes, and since you are a time traveler you have to go back and fix this" Alexander said.

She decided to try teleporting back. she closed her eyes and disappeared.

She reappeared on a street and was in front of a store. She saw a newspaper dispenser and walked over to it. She glanced at the newspaper through the glass to check the date. The date was October 2nd of 2020.

"Yes!" Alexa said.

People turned their heads and glanced at her to see what was going on. Then people continued walking, going about their business.

Alexa could tell that the virus had not taken affect yet. Alexa wondered how fast the virus spread. It had to be fast in order to be unnoticed until it was too late.

Alexa jumped up into the air. She immediately began flying upwards. People looked up in awe, they were completely surprised.

Alexa was now above the city. She flew across the city towards Plasma Industries. She was starting to get smoother, she was getting better at flying.

She landed on the balcony of the penthouse. She walked inside and saw Kevin sitting at the table. Kevin turned his head toward the balcony and saw her. He immediately got up and ran towards her. He quickly put his arms around her and gave her a hug.

"Where have you been?" Kevin asked.

"I time traveled" Alexa said.

"So you basically skipped over an entire month?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, and I just came back from three years in the future. I discovered today is the day that David kills the human race" Alexa said.

"You have to stop him" Kevin said.

"He is going to use a virus and the only cure is metahuman antibodies" Alexa said.

"I doubt you will be able to save everyone today, but you should go to Dream Industries and find out more"

"I am going to save the world" Alexa said.

"I will see you in the past" Alexa said.

"Very funny" Kevin said sarcastically.

Alexa walked over to the balcony and jumped off. She immediately began flying towards Dream Research Facility. It was not long before she arrived at the building.

She walked through the main entrance of the building. Right away people were suspicious, they knew who she was and wondered why she was here.

Alexa quickly froze time so that she could explore without being interrupted. She walked forward and glanced back. She saw an image of herself and that confirmed that time was indeed frozen.

Alexa walked past the reception desk. Now she just had figure out where David would keep the virus. David surely would not label the signs to tell you where it was.

Alexa walked down a hall that was labeled checkups. She came upon a waiting room. She walked through the waiting room to another door.

She walked through the door and entered a hallway. She saw a door at the end labeled: David's office. She walked towards the doors.

"Alexandra Kline" a familiar voice said.

Alexa turned around and saw Brian Taylor. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt this time. He was also holding a vial in his hand.

"Hello again" Alexa said.

"I had a feeling you would show up here on this exact date" Brian said.

"I can't let you kill all the humans" Alexa said.

"I already did it once" Brian said.

"What are you talking about?" Alexa asked.

A man came out of a room, he was wearing a hooded jacket and the hood was covering his face. The man pulls his hood off. Alexa gasped at seeing his face.

"There is two of you?" Alexa asked.

"I followed you from the future" The first Brian said.

The future Brian immediately created a portal beside him. He walked through the portal and was gone. Alexa immediately concentrated on rewinding time. She could not let Brian get away with the vial that contained the virus.

She felt a resistance against it. She could feel both Brian's willing time to remain frozen. She concentrated so hard her nose began to bleed.

"You are outnumbered, give up" Brian said.

Alexa fell to her knees; she was mentally exhausted from trying to overpower two chronokinetics. Brian smiled at how easy this had been.

"I told you that I would kill you" Brian said.

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