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Chapter 16

Brian moved toward Alexa; he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. Alexa put up her hands to stop him with telekinesis. She quickly remembered that telekinesis did not work while time was frozen.

"You failed, Alexa. The humans will die; my future self is going to release the virus at the international airport" Brian said.

"You have not won yet; I am still alive" Alexa said.

"That is why I am going to kill you" Brian said.

Alexa closed her eyes and immediately disappeared. She appeared at the international airport. Time was still frozen when she appeared.

Alexa began to hover above the floor of the airport. She began flying above the crowd. She was looking for Brian, she needed to stop him before he unleashed the virus.

The younger Brian was stupid to tell her where his older self was going. He was probably overconfident.

Alexa continued flying over the frozen crowd of people looking out for one person who was moving. The terminal was huge so she had a lot of area to cover.

She found him in what felt like five minutes. He was in the biggest terminal. He held the vial in his hand and set it out in the open on the floor.

"Stop!" Alexa said.

"My younger self didn't kill you?"

"Nope, I got away. Now don't release the virus" Alexa said.

"The humans ruined this planet, why do you want to save them?" Brian asked.

"You would be killing billions of innocent people" Alexa said.

"Humans aren't innocent" Brian said.

"Killing them makes you the bad guy" Alexa said.

"You wouldn't understand; you were raised by a human" Brian said.

"You were raised by a racist" Alexa said.

Brian opened the canister to release the virus. Then time suddenly resumed. Brian quickly smashed the canister against the floor.

"NO!" Alexa yelled.

Everyone turned to look at her wondering why she was yelling. Alexa knew she need to make one last attempt.

"Run, there is an airborne virus!" Alexa said.

"Running isn't going to help" Brian said.

Alexa was furious, she immediately shoved her hand towards Brian. A shockwave went straight for Brian; knocking him off his feet.

Brian fell onto his back. Alexa walked over to him and saw that he was smiling. He slowly got back onto his feet.

"I already won" Brian said.

Alexa respond by making a flicking motion with her hand. This caused Brian to be thrown into a wall. Alexa walked over to the hall. She kept her hand up keeping Brian against the wall.

"You wouldn't kill me" Brian said.

"I would be completely justified since you just killed billions of people" Alexa said.

A crowd was forming around them; they must not have heard Alexa tell them about the virus. She realized that this was pointless. Anything she did would not change what had just happened.

Alexa let her hand down and Brian fell to the floor. He glanced at her wondering what she was doing. Alexa suddenly disappeared.


Alexa reappeared inside her bedroom. She was on her bed; she turned and glanced at the clock to see that it was six o' clock in the morning.

Kerri came into the room and turned on the light. She saw that Alexa was already awake. Alexa stood up and walked toward Kerri.

"How long have you been up?" Kerri asked.

"Hours" Alexa said.

"You were sleeping when I came by thirty minutes ago."

"Time travel" Alexa said.

"You time traveled?" Kerri asked.

"Yes, I just came back from the future."

"Come on out and you can tell us about it"

Alexa and Kerri walked out into the dining room. They saw that Kevin was already there eating breakfast. Alexa and Kerri sat down at the table.

"Dad, I went to the future" Alexa said.

"Really?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, and I saw what resulted from David's plans" Alexa said.

"What happened?" Kevin asked.

"The human race is gone; you gave yourself power serum to save yourself from the virus" Alexa said.

"Did you see David?"

"No, but I saw Brian Taylor." Alexa said.

"He is becoming a problem." Kevin said.

"I have been trying to stop him." Alexa said.

"Tell us what day."

"Next month they release the virus." Alexa said.

"You have until then to stop it." Kevin said.

"Unless Brian time travels back and does it sooner." Alexa said.

"Time travel is never good in the wrong hands"

"Tell me about it, I saw two versions of Brian standing next to each other." Alexa said.

"That is not good" Kevin said.

"They overpowered me" Alexa said.

"Perhaps the next time you meet Brian your future-self will be able to help." Kevin said.

"I hope so."

"You should go practice."

Alexa walked toward the door of the penthouse. She opened the door and walked through toward the elevator. She got inside the elevator; she typed in the sequence that Kevin had earlier and the elevator immediately went down.

The elevator door opened and Alexa walked out. She walked through the lab past Colin. Alexa walked to the gymnasium. She walked inside the gym and turned on the lights.

Alexa jumped into the air to fly over to the controls. Alexa landed back down confused. She jumped up again and fell right back down.

"What is going on?"

Alexa ran out of the gym toward the lab. She ran over to Colin and began to feel dizzy. She regained her balance by grabbing a table.

"I can't fly!"

"I think you have a Markonian virus." Colin said.

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