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Chapter 18

Plasma Industries

Colin carried Alexa onto a table. He quickly got some supplies. Moments later Kevin and Kerri rushed into the room. They ran over toward Alexa.

They saw that the bullet had hit her heart. Kerri was crying uncontrollably and Kevin who was crying also was trying to comfort her.

Colin walked over to a cabinet and grabbed a syringe. Colin walked over toward Alexa. Kevin looked confused; he saw that nothing was in the syringe.

"What are you doing?" Kevin asked.

"Something we discovered on Markon."

"What was it?"

"We can borrow each other's powers."

"Won't you get the virus?"

"Yes, but I already had it so I am immune."

Colin turned Alexa onto her side. He pressed the syringe into the back of Alexa's neck. He pulled the plunger out drawing some spinal fluid.

Colin took the syringe and jammed it into the back on his neck. He pressed the plunger down. Colin immediately began to feel a new sensation.

Everything around him began to slow down. Colin began to focus and time resumed. He put his hands close to Alexa's chest. He focused on the wound reverting it back.

The wound on Alexa's chest began to close. Moments later Alexa opened her eyes. She saw Colin standing next to her. She immediately began to feel her chest.

Colin suddenly began shaking and fell backward. He began convulsing on the ground. Alexa was completely confused and glanced over at Kevin.

"He took your spinal fluid and borrowed your powers." Kevin said.

"He saved me." Alexa said.

Colin stopped shaking and just laid on the floor. Kevin knelt down to feel his pulse. He felt a steady pulse. He was relieved that Colin was going to alright.

"I am going to find Brian and end this!" Alexa said.

"Not now, you are not in a good enough condition to fight him." Kevin said.

"Villains are not going to wait for a convenient time for us. We have to realize that and take the risk."

Kevin still did not think she was ready; however, he smiled because Alexa had learned a valuable lesson about being a hero.

"Do you even have your powers back?" Kevin asked.

"Let's find out."

Alexa dropped from the table and stood on the floor. She jumped off the floor to see if she could levitate. She came back down onto her feet.

"I still can't levitate."

Colin's eyes opened and he slowly got up. He grabbed the table to help himself up. He turned toward Kevin and Alexa.

"That is why Markonians are forbidden to experiment." Colin said.

"Did you know this would happen?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, but it was worth the risk. Besides I am immortal."

"I still don't have my powers." Alexa said.

"I could not rewind you back far enough." Colin said.

"How long will I be powerless?"

"Like I said before, time will tell. Some had it for a month and others for a few days." Colin said.

"If Brian knows I am alive, then he is going to come back!"

"We will have to fake your death for a month." Kevin said.

"That won't work, because sooner or later I will have to reveal that I am still alive and then Brian will time travel back." Alexa said.

"She does have a point." Colin said.

"I did notice that I was still able to move while time was slowed. I don't know how that will help thought." Alexa said.

"I expected that." Colin said.

"We should get you an armored suit." Kevin said.

"Future-me gave me a suit." Alexa said.

"Is it armored?" Colin asked.

"I don't think so, but I haven't spent much time examining it since I think it is just a regular suit." Alexa said.

"She gave that to you for a reason."

"I am going to get it."

"I am coming with you, just in case."

Alexa and Colin walked toward the elevator; Alexa pushed the button and waited. The elevator door opened and they quickly walked inside. Colin pressed the button to the penthouse.

The elevator immediately went upwards. Within moments the doors opened again. They walked out and walked toward the Kline Penthouse.

"You should have stayed dead." Brian said.

Brian Taylor stood behind them. A portal closed behind him. Brian walked closer to Alexa. He gestured his hand toward her. A portal appeared beneath Alexa.

"I should have done this in the first place."

The portal opened revealing a location in space. The portal quickly became a vacuum drawing them in. Alexa began to fall as Alexa struggled to fly.

Time suddenly began to slow down. Alexa grabbed onto the floor and quickly climbed out of the portal. She began walking when she noticed Colin.

He was glaring at Brian; his nose was bleeding due to the stress Alexa's spinal fluid was putting on his brain. Brian saw Colin and shook his head.

"I saw you with my clairvoyants; you took Alexa's spinal fluid to borrow her powers." Brian said.

"How did you see into the pocket universe?" Colin asked.

"I figured out a way to keep the pocket open."

"So you plan on telling David this?" Colin asked.

"It would be very useful to him."

"It kills everyone who ever tries it." Colin said.

"You are still alive."

"I have a very bad migraine and had a seizure a few minutes ago."

"I saw that; it was funny."

"It is over Brian!" Alexa said.

"It is far from over." Brian said.

Brian began walking toward Alexa. Colin then fell to the floor. He fainted from the stress the spinal fluid was putting on his brain. Time then resumed and Brian smiled.

"It is just you and me now." Brian said.

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