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Chapter 1

Kline Penthouse 9-3-2020

Alexandra Kline woke up before her alarm went off. She leaned over towards her clock. The clock read 6:45; she reached her hand over it. She pushed the button on the clock so that it would not ring.

She pulled the blanket off and turned herself around and let her feet hit the floor. She stood up and walked toward her bathroom. She was glad to have her personal bathroom; it gave her more privacy.

She looked into the mirror and grabbed a hairbrush and brushed her brown hair. She walked out and went to grab some clothes to put on.

She chose blue jeans and a blue shirt. She also grabbed a blue hooded sweatshirt. She walked out of the room and went down the hall toward the kitchen.

Her parents were already up. They were at the table eating cereal. Alexandra walked over to the table to join them.

"Morning, Alexa," her mother said.

"Morning," Alexa said back.

Alexa grabbed a bowl and the box of cereal. She poured the cereal in the bowl and then grabbed the milk. She poured the milk into the bowl and then grabbed a spoon and began eating.

"You ready for school?" Kerri asked.

"Yes and no." Alexa said.

"I know what you mean." Kevin said.

"You will do fine, you got A's and B's last year." Kerri said.

"I know; I just wish break wasn't over." Alexa said.

"Well in real life you don't get breaks that long." Kevin said.

"I suppose that is true, so I shouldn't complain." Alexa said.

Kerri handed Alexa a glass of orange juice. Alexa took a sip and then set the glass down. She took another spoonful of cereal, followed by another sip of juice.

"I have been thinking about a career." Alexa said.

Kevin nodded his head as he took a spoonful of cereal. He set his spoon down. He seemed to be hesitating to respond.

"That's great, you can always work here, but it is your decision and I will be happy no matter what you choose. As long as you don't go to Dream Industries." Kevin said.

"Very funny dad, like I would work for your rival." Alexa said sarcastically.

Alexa wondered why Kevin would mention Dream Industries. The thought of working there never ever crossed her mind. She did not want to work for her father's rival.

"Well, I would hope not," Kevin said.

"David is not a good man," Kerri said.

Kevin looked over at Kerri and shook his head. Kerri put her hand to mouth as if realizing she spoken something she shouldn't have. Alexa wondered what was going on.

"What do you mean by that?" Alexa said cautiously.

"We will tell you later." Kevin said.

Alexa was wondering why they were hesitating to give her a straight answer. Alexa simply nodded instead of pressing the issue.

"Well you better hurry, you don't want to be late" Kerri said.

Alexa finished eating and grabbed her bowl and took it to the sink. Then she walked out the door. She walked down a hall toward the elevator.

She lived on the top floor of Plasma Industries. It was where the board members' apartments were. Since being hired at Plasma Industries her father had been promoted all the way up to the board.

Alexa clicked the button to the elevator and waited. The elevator opened a minute later and Alexa walked inside. She pushed the button for the garage. The doors immediately closed and the elevator quickly descended.

Alexa began to wonder what she was going to do after high school. It would be easy to get a job at Plasma Industries. Alexa though was unsure she wanted that or if she wanted to pursue her own path.

The elevator stopped a minute later and then the doors opened. Alexandra walked out and went towards her car. The lights in the parking garage flickered.

"They still haven't fixed that" Alexa said to herself.

She stopped at her car and opened the door then sat down inside. She started the car and put her seatbelt on. She immediately drove the car out of the parking garage. She drove the car onto the road.

Alexa began thinking about what her mother said. She had mentioned that David wasn't a good man. What did she mean by that? Alexa wondered what he had done.

Were Kevin and David associates at one time? Had David done something to Kevin that he could not forgive? Alexa wondered what it was. Had Kevin worked for David before? Were they high school friends? Alexa had feeling that she would get the answers eventually.

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