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Chapter 19

Alexa clenched her fists. She had initially been afraid since she lost her powers, but that fear was gone and replace with anger. She walked toward Brian with determination.

"You can't beat me." Brian said.

"I am still going to try."

"Well, it is your funeral."

A portal appeared above Brian's hand. A gun dropped from the portal and landed in his hand. He pointed the gun at Alexa.

Alexa made a scowl on her face. She jumped and reached her foot up. She swung her foot around and hit the gun. The gun flew out of Brian's hand.

With her other foot she landed a blow onto Brian's chest. The blow knocked the wind out of Brian causing him to hunch over coughing.

"Looks like that martial arts training paid off." Alexa said.

"Why can't I kill you?" Brian said weakly.

"Didn't you read comics? The hero always wins."

Brian saw the gun twenty feet from him. He reached his hand toward it and created a portal. Alexa grabbed Brian's arm and shoved it into his chest.

Then she grabbed the gun as it fell out of the portal. She pointed the gun at Brian. Alexa began to squeeze the trigger. She felt the trigger stop and then the sound of bullet echoed.

Alexa glanced at Brian and saw the bullet hovering in front of his chest. Brian had slowed time again. He pushed the bullet aside and smiled.

"Nice try, Alexandra." Brian said.

Alexa swung her foot upward right into Brian's groin. He immediately began to groan in pain. He fell to his knees and put his hands over his groin.

Brian's pain subsided quickly and he got onto his feet. He shook his head because there was nothing that Alexa could that would be permanent.

Brian walked backwards keeping an eye on Alexa. He gestured his hand pointing above Alexa. A portal appeared and Alexa quickly jumped out of the way.

Lava gushed out of the portal onto the floor where Alexa had previously been standing. The floor around it began to smolder and then catch fire.

The sprinklers immediately turned on. The fire began to dim down; however, the lava was still smoldering hot. The lave created a hole in the floor of the hallway causing some of it to fall to the floor below.

Brian put another portal above Alexa. She quickly got out of the way as the portal began to open. A lightning strike came from the portal hitting the floor making Alexa's hair stand on end.

Alexa realized that she was faster than Brian's portals. She only wished her powers were back so that she could fight back. She was thankful that she was at least still immune to time slowing.

Brian created a portal to the right of Alexa. The other side of portal was space. It became a vacuum sucking Alexa toward it. Alexa grabbed the edge of a doorway.

Colin woke again and saw the scene in front of him. He was behind Brian who did not notice that he was conscious again. Colin began looking around the room; his intuition kicking in telling him what to do next.

He grabbed a photo frame off the wall. He smashed it against his knee. Brian did not notice since the sound of wind and other others rushing toward the portal drowned it out.

Colin took a sharp shard of glass and held it firmly. Colin began walking toward Brian carefully. Colin shoved the glass shard into Brian's back.

Brian immediately felt the sharp pain in his back. Colin had stabbed the shard of glass into his back close to his heart. Brian began to groan and he fell to his knees.

The portal to space had disappeared. Brian began to get lightheaded. A portal appeared beneath and he fell through. A moment later the portal vanished.

Dream Industries

Future-Brian fell through the portal onto the floor. Present-Brian immediately ran over to him. Present-Brian put his hands on Future-Brian's chest. Within moments Future-Brian's injuries began to revert.

"Why can't I kill her?" Future-Brian asked.

Future-Brian got up and turned toward his past self. Present-Brian was near the window staring out. Future-Brian walked toward him.

"You are supposed to be more experienced than me." Present-Brian said.

"You have no right to criticize me!"

"I would not have to if you could finish the job."

Future-Brian grabbed Present-Brian's shirt and shoved him against the window. Present-Brian pushed against him. Future-Brian let up and walked away.

"Clearly we cannot beat her alone." Future-Brian said.

Kline Penthouse

Alexa walked through the door. Colin had returned to the lab since he doubted that Brian would try again. She walked toward her room. Once inside the room she walked to her closet. She opened the closet and grabbed the suit.

Alexa began to change into the suit. She got it on relatively quick. Alexa noticed something right away. A hologram appeared above her left sleeve.

A message appeared on the screen saying: Markonian Virus detected. Alexa felt needles prick her skin. A video began playing on the holographic screen. Future-Alexa appeared on the screen.

"I have just given you the antibodies to a Markonian Virus. You should be back to your normal self soon. Now you need to destroy the biological lab at Dream Research Facility." Future-Alexa said.

The hologram faded away. Alexa smiled glad her future-self had given her a cure for the virus. She began to feel better immediately as the virus was beginning to subside.

"I love time travel." Alexa said.

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