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Chapter 20

Alexa looked into the mirror in her room with determination. She closed her eyes and vanished. She appeared in the lab; which was still opened due to Brian.

Colin was surprised by her sudden appearance. He had not expected Alexa to recover this quickly. Nevertheless, he was happy to see that Alexa had gotten her powers back.

"I need some bombs." Alexa said.

"Whoa, what are you planning?" Colin asked.

"Future-me wants me to destroy Dream Research Facility."

"Ok, but a terrorist attack seems too drastic."

"She told me to."

"Maybe it is a test." Colin said.

"Why would she do that?"

"Maybe she is trying to get you to learn a lesson she learned too late."

"I have to stop the virus, destroying the lab would definitely hinder them."

"It is too risky." Colin said.

"I can't stand by and do nothing!" Alexa said.

Colin sighed and glanced down contemplating what Alexa was saying. Alexa hoped he would help her. She desperately wanted to put an end to this charade with Brian and the genocide virus.

"I will help you; but you have to promise me that nobody will be killed." Colin said.

"Of course, I would not even imagine killing anyone."

"Follow me."

Colin walked down a hallway and Alexa followed. They walked through a hallway toward a room that was unlabeled. Colin pressed his hand to a scanner.

The door unlocked and they walked inside. Colin walked over to a shelf. On the shelf was a few blocks of C4. He grabbed the C4 and then put it into a bag.

Colin then walked over to a second shelf and grabbed some detonators. Colin placed them into the bag.

"Alright, let's go to Dream Research Facility." Colin said.

"So you are coming with me?"

"Of course, I am going to handle the bombs."


"Before we go I want to make sure your powers have returned." Colin said.

Colin carried the bag out of the room. Alexa followed him down a hall toward the gymnasium. They walked into the gym.

"Test your telekinesis." Colin said.

Alexa looked around the gym for things to use. She boxes that had been left there since the last time. She gestured her hand toward the boxes.

She lifted her hand upward. The boxes immediately began floating. She made a shoving motion sending the boxes across the gym. Colin smiled seeing that her telekinesis was back.

"Alright, let's go." Colin said.

Alexa grabbed Colin's hand and they disappeared. They reappeared at Dream Research Facility. She just had to something to get Brian's attention. Her heart began beating faster. She grew nervous because of what she was about to do.

Alexa walked down the hall heading towards the viral containment room. Colin walked behind her holding the bombs firmly in his hands. She came to the room and tried to open the door but found it was locked.

Alexa simply teleported Colin and herself to the other side of the door. They walked over to a wall and then Colin exposed the adhesive from the bomb. He placed the bomb onto the wall. He set the timer to one minute.

He walked over to the other wall and set the time again to one minute. He held his thumb over the detonator. Alexa began waiting for Brian to appear.

"Alright, I hacked into the fire alarms so everyone should be rushing out of the building." Colin said.

"Good thinking."

Only a moment later a portal appeared. Brian walked through the portal. Alexa got into a fighting pose. She was determined to end this.

"I cannot let you do this." Brian said.

"I cannot let you use the virus." Alexa said.

"I see you have your powers back because there is no way you got here so fast."

"Do you want to see them?"


Brian created a portal; through the portal you could see David's office. Brian quickly ran through and the portal closed. Alexa shook her head because she had Brian on the run.

Alexa grabbed Colin and teleported him through the door. She released Colin and then disappeared; she reappeared at David's office.

She saw Brian standing near the window. Alexa walked over to him. He turned around to face Alexa.

"I am trying to save the world." Brian said.

"By destroying one?" Alexa asked.

"In order to create a new world you have to destroy the old one."

"You don't even know what happens because of your actions."

Alexa grabbed Brian's arm. They both began to see double images. Alexa was using temporal presence again. They were seeing into the future.

They were seeing the city from a street. The city was falling apart. The place looked completely abandoned.

"Let's find David" Brian said.

"Fine, I can help with that" Alexa said.

Alexa pulled out her phone and typed David Lucas into a search engine. She then showed it to Brian. He glanced at it and his dropped opened.

"He was murdered!" Brian said.

"He was killed by Death, whoever that is" Alexa said.

"I am going back to stop it" Brian said.

"Brian, don't you get it?" Alexa asked.

"Get what?"

"Killing off the human race makes you the enemy of everyone. Everyone will try to kill you. You will not get that utopia because the entire world will be fighting for survival" Alexa said.

"I can go back and change anything, I have all the time in the world!" Brian said.

"You think you are a god or something?" Alexa asked.

"I might as well be."

"No amount of time travel can change what people believe."

Brian put his head down. He was contemplating what Alexa had told him. Alexa wished he could see the error in his plan.

"I will find another way"

Brian pushed Alexa away and he immediately faded into the past. Alexa faded out of the future soon after. As soon as she came back she saw a portal fading away.

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