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Chapter 21

Alexa did not see where the portal led to. She walked over to the portal. Alexa put her hand close to where the portal had been. She began to feel the residual temporal and spatial displacement.

"You can run but you can't hide." Alexa said to herself.

Alexa closed her eyes and disappeared. She reappeared over the ocean. She hovered in place; she needed a place where she would not run into anything while being in two times at once.

Alexa began to use omnipresence again. She began to see double images. She focused on the location that Brian had traveled to. The present began to fade slightly.

Alexa heard a loud roar and glanced behind her to see a tyrannosaurus. She had traveled to prehistoric time.

"Is that the best you got?" Brian taunted.

"Let's see you do better" Alexa said.

The tyrannosaurus began lunging towards them. Alexa immediately flew upwards to get out of the way. Brian turned his head to see what was behind him.

Brian reacted quickly and gestured his hand toward the ground by his feet. Brian created a portal beneath his feet and fell through it.

Alexa knew she had to respond fast in order to keep up with him. Alexa closed her eyes and focused casing time to slow. She flew toward the portal.

She felt the time and place before it closed. She began to fade out and then faded into a field of grass and began to look for Brian.

She saw knights running along a rode in the distance. They were riding armored horses and were equipped with swords and shields.

They were in the medieval era in England. Alexa turned toward Brian. She raised her hand and lifted Brian with telekinesis. She made a flicking motion and he was flung through the air.

Brian hit the ground with a soft thud. Alexa flew over to where Brian had landed. She gestured her palm towards him keeping him pinned to the ground.

Brian created a portal underneath him. He immediately fell through the portal. Alexa did not want to lose Brian, she quickly jumped into the portal.

She landed on a roof close to Brian. She began to feel a little disoriented. She realized she probably should not have jump through a portal while using temporal presence.

Brian used this moment to his advantage; he jumped and swung his foot into Alexa's chest. She began gasping for air; and bent over coughing.

Brian pulled out a blade. Brian moved closer to Alexa and shoved the blade into Alexa's chest. Alexa began to fade away as she was unable to hold herself in the time period.

Alexa was now solely in the present. She began to black out as she was falling toward the ocean below. She was far enough up that the fall took a while.

The wound in Alexa's chest began to close. Alexa opened her eyes and saw that she was falling. She immediately began to slow her descent and then started to levitate.

Alexa began to feel for the wound on her chest. She did not feel anything; no pain or a scar was left. Alexa began to smile.

"Colin was right, I am immortal." Alexa said.

Dream Research Facility

A portal appeared in the biological lab. Brian walked through; he glanced around. He saw bombs placed around the lab and shook his head.

"I defeated Alexa when my future-self couldn't, now I have to clean up this mess Alexa left." Brian said.

Brian walked over to the bombs. He quickly saw that the timer was activated. He created a portal on the floor in which to throw the bombs into.

"Don't touch the bombs." Alexa said.

Brian turned around to see Alexa standing before him. Brian sighed and shook his head. He had hoped he had gotten rid of Alexa for good.

"I cannot let you stop us." Brian said.

"I am a time traveler; I can keep coming back to stop you."

"How long did it take you to heal from that wound?"

"Not long actually."

Brian quickly grabbed a syringe off the shelf. Alexa barely caught a glance at the label, which read epinephrine (adrenalin). He quickly injected himself with the liquid.

Alexa began to mentally prepare herself for what was about to happen. She knew she had to act fast. She forced time to move backwards so that Brian would no longer have the adrenalin shot.

Time stayed normal; Brian was pushing it the other way. Alexa concentrated harder; it was considerably harder than it had been before.

Blood began to drip from Alexa's nose. Alexa reached her right hand toward her nose and wiped the blood. Brian was smiling evilly; clearly confident he would win.

Alexa began to fade away. Brian saw that she was retreating and shook his head. As soon as Alexa was gone Brian walked over to where she had been. He began to feel the spatial residue.

Brian quickly gestured his hand out; a portal appeared close to him. Brian walked up to the portal and walked through. He immediately saw Alexa on the other side which on the roof of Plasma Industries.

"I am going to end this now!" Brian said.

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

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