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Chapter 22

Alexa shoved her hands forward creating a kinetic blast. The blast wave went towards Brian. A portal appeared in front of Brian, the other side of the portal was behind Alexa.

"Now you can watch your city burn!" Brian said.

Alexa was initially confused by what he meant. Then Brian reached his hands toward the sky. She saw the sky becoming full of portals. Lightning immediately began striking through each one.

"I can bring anything through those portals, I can destroy this city anyway I please." Brian said.

Alexa looked over the city and saw smoke rising from several places. She could also see faint glows of fire as well. She turned back to see Brian with a long blade in his hand.

"All you have to do is sacrifice yourself and I will reverse that damage on the city."

"You won't keep your word."

Alexa gestured her hand toward Brian. She made a slapping motion in the air. Brian was forced off his feet causing him to drop the blade. He began going through the air toward a wall on the roof.

A portal appeared on the wall just before Brian hit. Alexa didn't see the other side of the portal. Brian went through the portal; Alexa immediately turned around.

She saw the other side of the portal. Brian was emerging form it; Alexa grabbed Brian's arm. She pulled down forcing him down onto the roof.

Brian groaned when he hit the roof. He had not been expecting Alexa to be ready for his surprise attack. He pushed himself up and got onto his knees.

Alexa swung her foot towards Brian's head. Alexa's foot made contact with Brian's head. The force of the kick sent Brian onto his back.

A portal appeared underneath Brian. Brian fell through the portal before Alexa had a chance to pull him back. Alexa quickly turned around.

Brian was nowhere in sight. Alexa knelt down toward the spot where the portal had been. She began to feel the spatial residue.

Alexa immediately vanished. She reappeared on the street a few feet from Brian. He was holding a civilian with a knife to her neck. Alexa began to shake her head.

"Surrender, or I will kill her!" Brian said.

"Let her go Brian." Alexa said.

"Let me kill you and I will." Brian said.

Alexa glanced past Brian. She saw a glance bottle on the ground. Alexa began to plan what to do next. She got down on her knees; Brian began to smile.

The bottle began to float as Alexa concentrated. The bottle moved toward the back of Brian's head. Alexa got ready to pull the knife back.

The glass bottle hit the back of Brian's head and shattered. Alexa immediately began to pull the knife away from the civilian's neck. Brian began to release his grip on the civilian.

Brian began to put his hands toward his head to feel the extent of his injury. Alexa made a slapping gesture with her right hand. Brian was immediately lurched off his feet causing him to drop the knife.

"Thank you," the civilian said.

Brian had hit a car parked on the opposite side of the road. He stood up and began walking toward Alexa. He began to get furious.

Brian gestured toward Alexa. Portal appeared around Alexa. She knew was going to happen next. Alexa closed her eyes and concentrated. Within a second she disappeared.

Alexa reappeared behind Brian. She opened her eyes and got ready to make her move. She quickly reached her arm around Brian's neck.

Alexa pulled on Brian's neck. Brian began to gag as Alexa was choking him. Brian grabbed Alexa's arm; he began pulling her arm down trying to get it away from his neck.

Brian concentrated and time began to move backward. Alexa struggled to move it forward, but Brian was too strong. Within moments she was surround by the portals.

Alexa glanced over at Brian. Then she quickly vanished. Brian turned around expecting Alexa to appear behind him. She had not appeared yet.

Brian felt an invisible force pick him up into the air. The force pushed him against a wall. Brian could not see where it was coming from.

"After I defeat you, Dream Industries is going down."

Brian turned toward the voice. He looked upwards and saw Alexa floating above him. He glared at Alexa and shook his head.

A portal appeared on the wall behind. Brian immediately fell through the portal. Alexa kept an eye out for Brian; she did not see him anyway in sight.

Alexa flew over to the top of a short building. She glanced in the direction they had been fighting looking for Brian. Had he fled and given up?

Suddenly Alexa felt a sharp pain in her back; she saw a sword protruding through her chest. Alexa became scared; her face became white. She realized that Brian had gotten the edge by waiting for her to be unprepared.

Alexa struggled to rewind time. She was struggling to cling on to life. Time felt like it was going slower, but it wasn't getting slower. Alexa realized that the sword had not hit her heart.

She knew the wound was still fatal if she didn't act fast. She continued to force time backwards. Brian was working against her making time go faster. Alexa's nose began to bleed from the concentration.

"Just let it go, I have won," Brian said.

Alexa glanced at Brian and saw that he looked older. His face was showing signs of age. She wondered what that meant. Why was he making himself look older?

"You won't win," Alexa said weakly.

Alexa struggled with her last breath to force time backwards. She saw Brian's hair began to turn white, and then he became bald. His skin became wrinkled.

Alexa's vision became blurry; her hearing became dulled. She began to feel disoriented. Alexa passed out and everything became black.

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