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Chapter 23

Alexa woke up gasping for air. She turned and saw the sword beside her. The wound on her chest was gone. She had healed, she had caused time to reverse.

She stood up and saw that Brian was on the ground not moving. She knelt down and felt his neck. It was cold and there was no pulse. His skin was wrinkled like a ninety-year old man. His hair was white and thinning.

Brian killed himself by aging rapidly. He forced time forward but ended up making his body age. The adrenalin must have paid a toll on Brian's body.

Tears went down Alexa's cheek. She did not want it to end like this. She felt guilty even though she knew it was not her fault. Brian killed himself by pushing himself to hard while overdosing on adrenalin.

Alexa knew she could not leave the body here. She grabbed the body and then disappeared.

She reappeared inside the penthouse. She dropped the body onto the floor. Kevin was in the room and saw her appear with the body. He walked over to Alexa to comfort her. He gave her a hug.

"Well you stopped him," Kevin said.

"At what cost?" Alexa said.

"What happened?" Kevin asked.

"He was trying to accelerate time when he stabbed me. I was trying to rewind time. He ended up aging himself."

"He accidently killed himself."

"I can't do this anymore," Alexa sobbed.

"The world needs you," Kevin said.

Alexa ran to the hallway and went into her room. She slammed the door shut. She immediately began crying more.

Kevin glanced at the body. He smiled because he realized what happened. He figured out that Brian fast forwarded time and aged himself seventy to eighty years or more.

Kevin walked through the hallway. He knocked on Alexa's door and waited for an answer. She did not respond right away so Kevin knocked again.

"Go away," Alexa said.

"You didn't kill him, he killed himself."

"He would not have died if I didn't fight him."

"You did not have a choice."

"He deserved a fair trial."

Kevin did not realize that her sense of morality was this strong. He was happy because this meant she would never turn evil.

"Alexa, you wanted to save the world even when you didn't have powers. You saved billions of people."

Kevin walked away without saying anything more. He was going to let Alexa think about the good she had done.

Alexa began smiling when Kevin said that. She turned the news on and saw the recent events. The bombing at Dream Research Facility.

The news also revealed that Dream Industries had been hacked. Alexa wondered who was behind that because she certainly did not do that.

She continued watching and saw footage of a girl in red spandex fighting a girl in blue spandex. The girl in blue was Olivia Olsen, she had tried to kill the president. The girl in red was Elise Freeman.

The news report also talked about the Metahuman Intervention Division (MID). Alexander Freeman, the MID captain, was being interviewed talking about the new metahuman problem.

She realized that there were people out there against David. They could form a team to take him down.

"David will not go down easily, I am going to need a team" Alexa said to herself.

MID Headquarters

Kevin drove a hearse into the parking lot. Alexa was riding with him. She insisted that she fly or simply teleport, but Kevin however wanted to take the time to talk.

When they parked a medical examiner came out of the building. He wheeled a stretcher out to hoist the body onto. Kevin and Alexa got out of the car.

Kevin walked to the back door and opened it. He then helped the medical examiner get the body of Brian onto the stretcher.

"Alexa go head into the lobby to meet with Alexander Freeman." Kevin said.

Alexa walked into the building. She walked up to the front desk. The receptionist turned her attention to Alexa. She immediately recognized her.

"Did you come for a job?" the receptionist asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Alexa asked.

As soon as she had said that Alexa had remembered that the MID already knew about her.

"You descended from Colin, the son of Captain Alexander Freeman and brother of Elise Freeman."

"I am going to need a team if I am going fight David Lucas."

"Well one of the people you will probably be working with is walking inside now."

Alexa turned around and saw Alexander and Elise Freeman walking into the building. Alexander was wearing a brown trench coat and Elise was red spandex.

Alexa walked over toward them. Alexander stopped recognizing her immediately. Elise recognized her as well.

"Hi, are you here to join the MID?"


To Be Continued...

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