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Chapter 2

The drive to the school did not take long. She arrived within fifteen minutes. She drove into the parking lot past the sign that read Metropolis South High School.

She drove around the parking lot looking for a place to park. She began to wish she had gotten here earlier due to it being hard to find a spot. She finally found a parking spot and drove into it.

She turned the car off and opened the door. She quickly got out and grabbed her stuff. She began walking toward the front door.

Alexa walked through the doors and into the lobby. There was a table there with schedules on it. Alexa walked to the table and waited in a line.

The line was pretty long since there was a lot of people who went to her school. She waited for about five minutes. Then her turn came; she walked up to the table.

"Your name?" A woman asked without looking up.

"Alexandra Kline," Alexa said.

She was surprised that they did not know her. She was sure she was well known since her father was famous. Maybe the woman was just not paying attention since she did not even look up at her.

The woman began searching through the schedules until she found the one. She handed the schedule to Alexa and she took it. Alexa began walking away.

Alexa glanced at the schedule to see her locker assignment. It was the same locker she had the previous year. She was glad since she did not want to memorize another combination. She began heading towards her locker. The bell rang signaling that it was time for class.

It felt like she had no time. She spent five minutes in a line which used a lot of her time. She glanced at a clock and saw that she had ten minutes to get to class; which was more time than she had thought.

Alexa walked through the halls until she reached her locker. Her first class was nearby. She put her bag inside her locker and then took a folder and notebook out and then walked to her first class.

She got there with a few minutes to spare. She chose a seat in the middle and sat down. Other students began to come into the room. The bell rang again and then a couple students came through.

"Late, that was a warning" the teacher said.

All the kids were seat and the teacher walked to the front. The teacher went over how she taught, graded and other things.

Alexa could not focus; she kept thinking about what Kerri had said to her. What had David done that upset her father? Did he work for David and then quit Dream Industries?

"Alexa, can you read the next paragraph?" the teacher asked.

Alexa was still zoned out. The teacher waited a few seconds before repeating herself. Alexa still did not respond. The teacher finally clapped her hands to get Alexa's attention.

"We are at the paragraph that talks about quizzes, and pay attention I will not tolerate any sleeping or day dreamers"

Alexa began reading, although she was not really paying attention to what she just read. Her mind was still thinking about what her parents meant.

The bell rang at the end of class and everyone got up and left the classroom. Alexa was the last one to leave. She was so distracted that she did not notice them leave at first.

She got up and walked out the door. She walked through the hall to her second class. Her second class was not far. She arrived with several minutes to spare.

She chose a seat and sat down. A boy came in and sat down in the seat next to her. It was Brian Taylor, the nephew of David Lucas. Alexa never got along with Brian, mainly because he was affiliated with Dream Industries.

"Your father go bankrupt yet?" Brian taunted.

"Shut up, Brian." Alexa said irritated.

"Your father is a traitor, he left Dream Industries" Brian said.

Alexa realized she could be right. She had theorized that they worked together. According to Brian, Kevin did work for Dream Industries at one time. Alexa wondered what caused him to leave.

"I told you to shut up."

Alexa was getting irritated by the constant talk about Dream Industries and her father's connection to it. Mainly because she was not getting a straight answer.

"Plasma Industries is going down." Brian said.

"We are not going bankrupt anytime soon." Alexa said.

"Just you wait," Brian said.

Alexa got up and walked to another seat; she wanted to distance herself from Brian. He was getting on her nerves. Brian smiled and shook his head at seeing her move.

The bell ran signaling that it was time for class to start. The teacher closed the door with a loud squeak. The teacher then walked and stood in front of the class. He began to talk about what the class was about.

The teacher began to hand out a syllabus to each student. Alexa grabbed hers and began to skim through it. She still could not focus and ended up setting the paper down on the desk in front of her.

Alexa glanced down at the paper and forced herself to follow along as someone began reading. She did not want to lose focus and risk missing something important in the syllabus.

The student reading suddenly stopped. The student did not continue reading. Then Alexa noticed an eerie silence in the room. She glanced up and began to look around.

Everyone was completely still as if they were frozen. Alexa did not understand what was happening. She stood up and looked around some more.

She noticed the chair where Brian has been in was empty. Alexa looked toward the door and saw that it was open when it had been closed earlier.

Alexa could not make sense of what was happening. She had not heard Brian get up, nor had she heard the door open. She would have heard since it had a distinctively loud squeak.

Suddenly Alexa heard a squeak that sounded like the door. It became prolonged as if being stretched out. Alexa immediately put her hands over her ears.

Alexa began to theorize what was happening. Was time slowed? Why was she the only one seemingly immune to the effects?

Alexa pulled her hands off her ears and sat back down in her seat. She slid her hand across the desk knocking the paper off. Alexa quickly reached to grab it when she saw that it was floating very still.

Alexa pulled the paper back toward the desk. Alexa began hear something that sounded like a moan. She realized that it was the student reading. The sound of the voice was stretched making it sound like a moan.

Alexa wondered if she should be worried. This was something she sure nobody had ever felt before. She began to hear the prolonged squeak of the door again.

She began to put her hands to her ears again. The squeak suddenly stopped. The voice of the student immediately became clear. Everything began to move at normal.

Alexa heard a chair moved and turned her head. She saw Brian back in his seat. She was confused; just a few moments ago he wasn't there.

The class ended an hour later and Alexa walked out. The next class was pretty much the same; the teacher went over the syllabus.

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