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Chapter 3

Metropolis South High 12:00 pm

Alexa walked through the halls toward the cafeteria. As she walked she began notice that nobody was moving. She stopped and looked around.

"Not again." Alexa thought.

Everything was still, even the digital clock (with seconds on display) on the wall. She looked at the clock and then saw the seconds go up one.

Why was everything getting slower? She did not understand what was happening. She walked further and came upon a crowd she could not pass without pushing them out of the way.

"Looks like I am not the only one" a voice said.

Alexa was surprised to hear a voice clearly. Earlier sounds had seemed stretched across time. She could that time was still slowed so she wondered why she heard that clearly.

Alexa turned around to see Brian Taylor. He was walking toward Alexa. She was both relieved and confused. Relieved because she was not the only one moving and confused because she still did not understand what was happening.

"I slowed down time." Brian said.

"How?" Alexa asked.

"I have chronokinesis"

"What are you talking about?"

"Alexa, we are metahumans, my father gave me a power serum. You weren't David made sure of it by giving Kevin a fake vial, so how do you have powers?"

"I do not know what you are talking about."

"Perhaps your father figured it out and created a power serum for you."

"I don't understand."

"I shouldn't say anything more."

Brian began to walk away and time began to speed up until it was at normal speed. Alexa began to wonder what Kevin knew about David. Why had he said David is not a good person?

Alexa walked into the food line. She grabbed a salad and spaghetti. Then she went to the checkout. After checking out she walked back to find a seat.

She found a seat next to Nicole and Isabell. She had befriended them since nobody wanted to hang out with the "disabled" kids.

"Hello Nicole and Isabell"

"Hello Alexa," Nicole and Isabell said.

"How was your break?" Nicole asked.

"It was good" Alexa said.

They heard some commotion across the cafeteria. Alexa looked over and saw a red-haired girl with a match. A supervisor walked over to and escorted her out of the cafeteria.

"Why would she bring a match to school?" Alexa asked.

"Beats me." Nicole said.

They finished eating and walked their trays to the garbage can. They dumped their trash and set the trays on the holder on top.

Alexa walked out of the cafeteria and went across the hall to the library. She noticed that Drake Lucas was coming behind her. She liked the library because it was quiet.

Alexa walked to a computer to occupy some time. She logged in and then opened the internet browser. Then Drake Lucas sat down in the chair next to her.

She logged into her email. She began browsing through the messages and most of them were junk. She glanced over at Drake's screen and saw that he accessed Dream Industries network.

She wasn't surprised since he was the son of the CEO. She wondered why he was getting involved with the family business during school hours. She turned back to viewing her emails. She skimmed through until she had cleared her inbox.

Alexa glanced over again and saw that he was playing games. She wondered how he was able to do that. The games were block on the school's internet.

"How are you playing games, that is blocked." Alexa said.

"I am a computer genius." Drake said.

"Of course you are." Alexandra said.

"Yeah, the apple didn't fall far from the tree." Drake said.

"I am not as smart as my father, even though he wants me to be the heir." Alexandra said.

"I am the heir too, but I prefer to just invent" Drake said.

"My father told me that your dad is not a good man" Alexandra said.

"What did he mean by that?" Drake asked.

"I don't know, but I have noticed that he seems to dislike Dream Industries"

"Well, we are corporate rivals" Drake said.


"Did my dad work at Dream Industries before?" Alexa asked.

"I can find out," Drake said.

Drake turned back to the computer; he went back onto the Dream network. He went to a section with employee information. He typed Kevin Kline into search box.

A result appeared on the screen. Drake began to read it; he saw date of hire and date of departure next to his name along with other details.

"Yes he was, he quit in 2015," Drake said.

"I knew it, my father got a new job that year. Why did he quit?" Alexa asked.

"It does not say; which is weird since other files list a reason for departure." Drake said.

That proved that Brian had been telling the truth. The bell rang signaling that lunch was over. Alexandra and Drake got up and began walking out of the library.

She headed to her next class. Alexa kept wondering why he quit. Why would he quit a successful company and get a job at Plasma Industries? That company rivaled Dream Industries.

Alexa wanted to find the answers. Why has Kevin not told her about this? Did Kevin harbor a resentment toward David? Did David do something to Kevin? Did the power serums have something to with it?

Alexa could not focus the rest of the day as she had been thinking about her time powers, her father and Dream Industries. The first day was mainly where teachers handed out syllabuses anyway, so Alexa did not miss anything.

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