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Chapter 4

Kline Residence 3:00 pm

Alexa rushed through the door and ran to the living room. Her parents were sitting there looking at paperwork from Plasma Industries.

"I can control time!" Alexa said.

"That's great!" Kevin said.

Alexa noticed right away that he did not seem surprised. She began to see that Brian was right. Kevin must have created a power serum.

"Brian told me that you gave me a power serum."

"Yes, a serum that David created."

"No, he said David made a fake serum for you."

"I knew it was fake." Kevin said.


"I saw him replaced the serum with a sterile solution before I came into a room." Kevin said.

"So you made a real one?" Alexa asked.


Alexa was now confused; how did she get powers? The serum she got from David was fake and Kevin did not give her one either. She did not understand what this meant.

"What?" Alexa asked.

Kevin saw the confusion in her face. He sighed and took a deep breath. He realized that she was ready for the truth.

"There are those with powers on your mother's side. They are from a planet called Markon." Kevin said.

Alexa was initially speechless; she was not expecting Kevin to say she was an alien or at least part alien. She was expecting a different answer.

"I am part alien?"

"Yes, you descended from Colin; he is a Markonian."

Alexa was beginning to wonder how much Kevin was hiding from her. She had not known that Colin was related to her. He looked young, too young to be even Kerri's father.

"Colin has powers too?"

"Yes." Kevin said.

"How old is he?"

"759; he has immortality."

"That explains why he looks young."

"Yes and you are the third generation from him."

"Does mom have powers?"


"Why not?"

"I am not sure, genetics of Markonians is not my strong suit. Colin does not know much about it since Markonians don't usually breed with humans; it is against Markonian law."

"So she would have been a carrier?"

"Apparently that's all she was."

"What if she is a late bloomer?"

"Markonian powers develop during puberty. She would have discovered them by now." Kevin said.

"So, what am I supposed to do?" Alexa asked.

"First you should practice; you can't go up against David unprepared." Kevin said.

"Now I know why you had Colin give me self-defense lessons."

"Yes, and we have to continue that training."

"Okay, but where?" Alexa asked.

"I have just the place."

"Let's go."

Kevin walked down the hall toward the door. He opened the door and walked through. Kevin and Alexa walked toward the elevator.

Kevin pushed the button and the elevator opened. They walked inside and Kevin pushed a sequence of buttons like a code. The buttons glowed until he finished the sequence.

The elevator began to move down. Alexa watched as the elevator began to countdown floors. She saw it goes past the garage level which was supposed to the very bottom floor.

There was a hidden place beneath the building? Alexa wondered how they built it without it being in the blueprints or officials finding out about it.

"How did you get a secret lab in here?" Alexa asked.

"It is Colin's lab, we have been working together to expose David and stop him." Kevin said.

"That doesn't answer the question."

"There is no basement, it is actually a pocket universe."

"Why does the elevator move?" Alexa asked.

"The entrance is in the elevator shaft."

"So the elevator goes through the entrance portal?"


The elevator opened and they walked out into a large laboratory. The room was filled with tables with various lab equipment on them.

Alexa and Kevin walked out of the elevator. They walked past the tables; Alexa looked around curiously. She saw various shelf with various vials on them.

"What are all those vials?" Alexa asked.

"Markonian hormones." Kevin said.

"Markonians have different hormones?"

"Yes, and each Markonian is slightly different."

Alexa and Kevin turned down a hallway and walked down toward a set of double doors. They walked through the doors into the gymnasium.

The gym was large; it was plenty big enough to practice. There was a cargo net, a climbing rope, a rock climbing wall, a set of targets, a few facades to simulate city environment and a stack of boxes in the center.

"There is plenty to do for practice." Kevin said.

They saw a woman standing in the middle, near the stack of boxes.

She wore a blue and purple spandex suit with a purple cape. She looked like superhero you would see in a comic book. She turned around and they saw that it was Alexa.

"Hello Alexa," the girl said.

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