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Chapter 5

Colin's Gymnasium

Alexa was surprised to see herself. The Alexa in the spandex and cape walked towards her. Her suit had a stylized blue H on her chest. Alexa wondered what that meant.

"I am a time traveler?" Alexa asked.

"Yes, however I am still in the future" Future Alexa said.

"I don't understand," Alexa said.

"I call it 'Temporal Presence', basically I am in two time periods at the same time."

"Well, you must have a reason for appearing here." Kevin said.

"Yes, I came here to change the future. David unleashes a virus that kills humanity." Future Alexa said.

"I knew David was planning something like this." Kevin said.

"How do we stop him?" Kara asked.

"I have been working on that, I have found the time when David creates the virus." Future-Alexa said.

"What am I going to do?" Alexa asked

"It takes a lot of concentration to just be in the past so I will not be able to help you much, however I am going to train you." Future-Alexa said.

"Okay," Alexa said.

"Alright, let's focus on telekinesis first since this is our primary power for attack."

Future Alexa walked to the center of the room; Alexa followed her. In the center of the room was a few cardboard boxes. Future Alexa looked in the boxes to ensure that they were empty.

"Alright, focus on lifting these boxes." Future Alexa said.

Alexa gestured her hand toward the boxes. Alexa gestured her hand upwards, but nothing happened. Future Alexa smiled and shook her head.

"Imagine the box is an extension of your arm, then imagine it is going upwards." Future Alexa said.

Alexa nodded and gestured her hand toward the box. She imagined that it was an extension of her arm. The box began to move upwards.

Alexa smiled as she was able to do it. However, she began to wonder how her future-self had learned to control her powers.

"How did you learn to control your powers?" Alexa asked.

"I practiced, I did not have someone to train me."

"What time are you from?"

"Five years from now."

"What else can I do?"

"Be patient, keep practicing the telekinesis and I will be back in a second. I have some trouble to deal with in the future."

"I can help."

"No, if you change the future what I face won't matter."

Future Alexa began to fade away. Alexa ran towards her; she reached her hand toward her before she disappeared. In a split second Future Alexa was gone completely.

Alexa focused on phasing into the future. Her vision began to change before he eyes. She was now seeing double image. One of the present and one of the future.

"I told you to stay!" Future Alexa said.

"So I see you learned to time travel." A man's voice said.

Brian Taylor was standing fifty feet from them. He walked closer to them. An evil smile appeared on his face.

"You are trying to change the past." Brian said.

"I have to stop the apocalypse that David created." Future Alexa said.

"We are trying to create a better world, in order to that the old world had to be torn down." Brian said.

"You killed so many innocent people."

Brian shoved his right hand forward; a portal appeared in his palm. Lightning came out of the portal and went straight toward younger Alexa.

Future Alexa put her hands up. The lightning stopped in midair. A mere second later it dissipated. A glow appeared behind Brian. As the glow got closer Alexa could see it was a man, Drake Lucas and he was arcing with electricity.

"Brian, leave her alone!" Drake said.

"I told you to call me Rift." Brian said.

"Leave us alone!" Future Alexa said.

"Well, I cannot let you change the past." Brian said.

"We cannot let you stop us." Alexa said.

Drake shoved his hand forward toward Brian. A beam of electricity came from his hands. Brian closed his eyes and time began to slow down. The electricity was moving slower through the air.

"Is that all you got?" Drake asked.

"How are you still moving? Brian asked.

"Electric aura mimicry." Drake said.

Young Alexa was surprised while Future Alexa was not. Alexa did not even know Drake had powers. She was also surprised by the fact that Drake was fighting against his cousin.

"I only need to kill younger Alexa." Brian said.

"Alexa go back!" Future Alexa said.

"I can help." Alexa said.

"You go back and change time, and none of this will happen." Future Alexa said.

Alexa nodded agreeing with her future-self. Alexa immediately began to fade out of the future. Brian began to shake his head.

Brian gestured his hand out; a portal appeared two feet from him. Future-Alexa reached her hand and made a flicking motion. This caused Brian to be hurled through the air.

As Brian was moving through the air he created a portal behind him. Brian fell through the portal before Alexa could pull him back. Alexa reached out desperately toward the portal.

"When did he go?" Drake asked.

"Let me feel the residual quantum energy."

She walked over to the portal. She put her hand up to where the portal had been. She closed her eyes to concentrate. She opened her eyes and turned back toward Drake.

"One week after I went back there." Future Alexa said.

"That should give you time to prepare your past-self."

"I wonder if he will go back further when he realizes he went one week off."

"Well you will just have to see, now go before it's too late."

"I cannot let Brian create a time rift." Future Alexa said.

Alexa suddenly fell to her knees. She began to shake like she was having a seizure. Drake suddenly disappeared; the room began to change.

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