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Chapter 6

Alexa laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. The news from her future-self had left worried. She wondered if she could even change time or if it was fixed.

"How am I supposed to save the world?" Alexa asked.

She sat up and put her hands to her face. She closed her eyes and put her head down. Objects in the room began vibrating. It was like a small tremor went through the room.

Objects began flying through the room circling around her. She opened her eyes and was completely surprised by the sight around her. Then suddenly everything fell to the floor.

Thankfully nothing was broken. Alexa reached for a book that had fallen. The book began hovering above the floor. She pulled her hand back and the book dropped.

"Well, my telekinesis is coming to me easier." Alexa said to herself.

Future-Alexa appeared in the room. This took Alexa by surprise as she wasn't expecting another visit. She was relieved that her future-self was still alive.

"The future has changed; Brian has made my past even worse. Drake is gone and so is the rest of the heroes." Future-Alexa said.

"What am I supposed to do?" Alexa asked.

"Brian moves outside of time; I only phase through it. So now you are going to have two different versions of Brian to get rid of." Future-Alexa said.

"How am I supposed to get rid of Brian?"

"I wish I knew; I have not defeated him yet."

"How am I supposed to? I am less experienced than you."

"I will continue to train you, but you do have one week until Brian from the future comes. Go to school as normal, we cannot let past Brian get suspicious."


"I am going to talk to Kara, there is a mission I have to give her."

Future-Alexa disappeared from sight. Alexa sighed as she realized the task she had ahead of her.

The Next Morning

Alexa woke up and saw it was still dark. She glanced over at the clock. It read 1:24; she shook her head because it felt like she had been asleep for longer.

Alexa glanced down at her watch to see if the time on her clock was off. Her watch read 7:26; how were they that far off? Alexa knew that someone her watch must be affected by her time powers.

She got up and walked into the hallway. She was still in her pajamas. She was not going to change yet, because she had a feeling that she had slowed time in her sleep.

Alexa walked into the kitchen and glanced at the clock on the microwave. The clock read 1:26; which was about the same as the other clock.

Alexa walked to the fridge; she opened the door and glanced inside. She grabbed the milk and closed the door. She walked over to a cupboard and grabbed a glass.

She poured the milk into the glass and put the carton back into the fridge. Alexa took a few sips and then walked into the living room.

She walked through the living room toward the balcony. She opened the sliding door and walked outside. She leaned against the railing.

The railing began to creak; moments later it broke. The railing fell and Alexa fell down with it. Alexa hoped she could use her telekinesis to break her fall.

Mere moments later Alexa found that she was floating. She reached down toward the falling railing. She stopped it from falling. People below her were oblivious to the fact that almost got hit.

Alexa flew back up with the railing behind her. She landed on the balcony and set the railing down. She sat down on a chair.

"Good to know I can fly."

Police cars with sirens on were chasing after a car on the streets below. Alexa jumped off the balcony and began falling. She began to fly and pushed herself toward the car chase.

She had a hard time catching up. She did not have much experience flying and she was not sure how fast she could go. Alexa decided to slow time to help.

She closed her eyes and then opened them again. The car-chase below seemed frozen. Alexa reached the chase quickly. She flew ahead of the car fleeing.

Alexa dropped down to the road. She wondered how she should stop the car. She saw that the passenger window was open. This gave her an idea.

Alexa walked around to the side of the car. She stuck her head through the window. She reached her hands inside and pulled herself into the car.

Alexa reached for the handbrake then hesitated. The cops were directly behind the car and would crash into it if it were to suddenly stop.

Alexa decided to try something else. She reached for the key and turned it into the off position. The driver was eerily close to her frozen. The feeling was weird to Alexa.

Alexa pulled the key out of the ignition. She crawled back out through the window. Alexa held the keys firmly in her hands. She walked to the back of the car.

She wondered where she should put the keys so that the cops could find it. She then put the key into keyhole in the trunk. She then turned it so that it would unlock.

Alexa walked back to the curb. She closed her eyes and time resumed. She opened her eyes to watch the scene unfold. First the trunk flew open and the perp's car began to slow down.

The perp began to have trouble steering as the power steering was off due to the car being off. The perp was clearly confused as were the cops.

Within moments the cops managed to safely slow down the car. The cops got out of their cars. One went to the trunk and grabbed the key.

The other cops grabbed the perp and handcuffed him. The cops were baffled by how the key was pulled from the ignition and put into the trunk.

Alexa figured it was best to leave. She did not need the attention. At least not yet anyway. She casually walked away minding her own business.

Alexa walked a block and then turned the corner. Alexa jumped into the air and began flying. She began flying back to the penthouse.

Alexa managed to fly faster than she had earlier. She arrived at the balcony and landed. Alexa walked into the penthouse. She walked to her room; inside the room Alexa saw her future-self.

"Ready to practice?"

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