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Chapter 7

Alexa was not expecting her future-self to appear now. Maybe that was the point. Alexa though was not in the mood.

"The bad guys are not going to pick a convenient time for you." Future-Alexa said.

"You know what I am feeling."

"Yes, you will get the idea that since you are a time traveler you can fight crime on your own schedule. However, that will not work, I have tried, it is very difficult to use temporal presence and fight at the same time."

"I get it; you are trying to teach me the importance of being ready at a moment's notice."

"Yes, now there is a crime in progress that has become an unsolved case; this would be a great opportunity to practice. Yes, I remember the car you just stopped."

"What kind of crime?" Present-Alexa asked.


"Ok, but why didn't the police solve it?"

"The woman died of mysterious injuries. I suspect a metahuman was involved." Future-Alexa said.


"The park close by."

"Let's go!"

"This is your fight; like I said before it is hard to time-phase and fight at the same time."


Alexa walked out of the room. She walked to the balcony. Once on the balcony, she jumped off and began flying. She flew toward the park.

Alexa flew down into the park. She dropped down into the trees. She heard a woman screaming and immediately ran. She ran out into a clearing.

She saw a woman being dragged by a masked person. Alexa closed her eyes and time slowed down. She walked toward them. Alexa then allowed time to resume.


"Make me," a woman's voice said.

The woman pushed the hostage to the ground. An amber-colored mist appeared around the woman's hands. The woman threw a puff of the amber mist toward the hostage.

The puff of amber hit the hostage in the leg. The amber quickly solidified holding her down. Alexa shook her head and scowled. The woman turned toward Alexa.

"You can call me Amber."

Amber created more amber mist. The mist solidified into blades in her hands. Amber charged at Alexa and began swinging the blades.

Alexa put her hands up quickly. Amber immediately stopped in her tracks, blocked by Alexa's telekinesis.

"You had to be telekinetic."

"I have so much more than that." Alexa said.

"I am out of her."

Amber immediately began running away. Alexa was expecting it to be harder. Alexa turned toward the hostage and realized she needed Amber to break the hostage free.

Alexa jumped into the air. She immediately began flying after Amber. She was able to catch up to Amber easily. She flew in front of her.

Alexa gestured her hand toward Amber. She made a flicking motion which shoved her to the ground. Amber groaned slightly from the impact.

"As a fellow Markonian you should leave me be."

"You should know the Markonian law." Alexa said.

"Yes, but we are superior to these humans."

"Go back there and free the hostage!"

"I don't owe humans anything!"

"Yes, but they have not done anything to you."

"Fine, I will free her."

Amber walked over to the hostage. She put her hands out toward the hostage. The amber around the hostage began to turn back into a mist. Amber began to absorb the mist.

"There, are you happy?"

"Alright, now you are coming with me."

"Let me go!"

"I can't, you would have killed her."

Alexa grabbed Amber by the arm. Amber struggled to get free from Alexa's grip. Amber shoved her other hand into Alexa's face. She released amber mist.

Alexa got her head out the mist before it solidified. The amber fell to the ground beside her. Alexa grabbed Amber's other arm and shoved her to the ground.

"You want to try anything else?"

Alexa heard sirens getting louder. Police were rushing to the scene. Alexa was relieved that she would not have to wait long. Amber struggled to get free; she did not want to get arrested.

The police were soon in the park. Alexa saw their uniforms and realized they were not normal cops. One of the cops stepped forward. He saw Alexa and recognized her.

"Alexandra Kline, we can take it from here."

"Who are you?" Alexa asked.

"I am Charlie Hanson of the Metahuman Intervention Division."

"I have never heard of it."

"We have kept it secret for good reason. I am surprised your father has not told you about it; he was one of the people who helped create it. Perhaps he was waiting until you were skilled at your powers."

"You know I am a metahuman?"

"Of course, it runs in your family."

Alexa grabbed Amber and pulled her up. Amber glanced at Alexa with a weird look on her face. Alexa began to push Amber toward the cops.

"Why are you using the term metahuman?" Amber asked.

"We use that term so that the general public does not know about aliens." Charlie said.

Agents grabbed Amber to put in the back of a van. Alexa stared at her to give her the impression to not try anything. She glared back angrily.

Alexa jumped into the air. She immediately began hovering. Alexa flew upwards and was quickly out of sight.

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