The Dragon Caged

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Jessica finds herself investigating anew drug that’s hit the streets and turns its users homicidal. To get to the bottom of things she must compete in gladiator style MMA fights

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

“The crimson cloud is a new drug that’s hit the streets it’s based on paranormal medicines but has somehow been obtained by the same individuals behind the facilities you and your team shut down recently. We first found traces of it in dive bars and junkie hangouts but it’s spread and is now classed as the go to club drug. the drug itself is a mix of both shapeshifter saliva and vampier venom mix with medicinal herbs and cooked with magic, whoever is making this is getting people strung out with free samples then extorting them for everything they can. And that’s only if they don’t have a bad trip and end up going be homicidal” said Alex his face appeared more serious than normal,

“Okay so have we got anyone low level that we can apply some pressure on to try and find the manufacturing facility or any solid leads at all?” I asked looking toward’s Alex’s guest.

They shared an uncomfortable glance “Miss Jessica your reputation proceeds you, but I didn’t expect you to look so young. Alexander I don’t think putting her in this situation is going to be a good idea, the fighters they use are dangerous before the take the drug but after they will destroy her”

Whoever this prick is he is really pissing me off “ look i don’t know who the fuck you are but i will not have you speak about me like I’m not even in the room” i growl through gritted teeth. “Now if there is nothing else i have on going investigations to get on with and if you ever want to test how strong i am just meet me in the gym and I’ll hand you your ass you pompous prick......” i stood abruptly and began to proceed towards the exit of Alex’s office.

“Jessica please, I apologise for our guest rudeness. But we do have a lead that we need you to follow. This is Paul and he is going to be working as your inside contact.”

I raised my eyebrow “ and what exactly is he supposed to be connected too that well help our investigation?”

Paul took my question as his opportunity to interrupt. “ I’m a sort of event promoter, i specialise in gladiator style contests. I pit fighters from various different fighting styles into battle royal or one on one MMA style competitions.”

“Okay but what if anything does that have to do with any of our current lead’s” i said

“Because i have recently been informed that contestants have been using performance enhancers. That in it’s self doesn’t concern me. The even’t being what they are. Well they are unfair, so we allow advantages and enhancements as long as they aren’t using things like fire arms or explosives everything else is fair game. But these drugs are wrong, i have seen a lot of fights and what these people are doing and enduring is beyond anything i have ever seen. So i managed to get some trace samples of blood after one of the fight’s and brought it to Alaxanders attention” he stoped here looking towards the boss but refusing to say anything more.

Alexander sighed “ I ran the blood and compared it to anything we had on the system, it’s a much more potent and polished version of crimson cloud, the analyst tells me that comparing both compounds it seems that the street drug that we’ve been tracking is just a knock off of what Paul has brought to us so even if you managed to trace it back to its source it isn’t likely that it will lead us to who we are after.”

Well that’s just fucking peachy “ so let me guess you want us to infiltrate this set up and what try and take out who ever is running the drug operation?”

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