The Dragon Caged

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chapter 10

Sitting in the changing area with Paul and walker I really wished that Abigail was with me. My anxiety was hitting an all time high. I was focusing on my breathing trying to calm myself but I could see Paul pacing back and forth fidgeting and muttering incoherently to himself. I closed my eye’s concentrating on keeping calm. Abigail had said that keeping calm was the key and preparation. I don’t think I could be anymore prepared walker and abby had been training me harder than ever for the past two weeks. I know I needed to loss again but it really got to me that I was training so hard just to lose.

BANG!!! My eyes sprang open, walker was standing before me having just dropped a gym bag next to me.

“What the fuck was that for, are you trying to give me a heart attack, or are you trying to screw with my concentration.?”

“sorry, Didn’t mean to spook you” he said as he knelt before me, he reached out taking my hand’s in his. And began to wrap them gently making sure they where tight but still comfortable and I still had the range of movement needed.

“I’m going to be there just out side the cage and I will get you out if things are looking bad.” He said this just as he finished and the announce called my name. “I know walker, promise you won’t need to intervene. Ive learned my mistakes from the last time I will give them a show but will be sure to lose.”

I left them both standing there watching me enter the ring. My thought’s kept drifting back to my watch with mal. The smell and taste of dried blood the are brought back an image of him standing above me pounding his fists in to my body like a deranged animal. But I needed to push past this to much was riding on this case so I made my way to the ring not looking at those around me I was determined not to get distracted. In the cage as a lamia. Not exactly what I was expecting but I could work with this, surveying her I could see she had sustained damage from previous fights, she had missing scales and was heavily scarred but looking at her eye’s told mesh was a proud worrier, I passed her making my way Tony corner of the ring, she flicked her tongue towards me as I passed tasting the air, I reached my designated corner and the fight began. she moved lighting quick her tail like lower body propelling her like a snake across sand had no time to defend or even move as she landed a heavy blow to my gut and following up striking me with her tail which sent me flying toward the other side of the cage. It didn’t take her long to start charging at me again, I expected this and met her head on deciding to aim my blow for her jaw this seemed to shock my opponent and her brief moment’s hesitation was all I needed hitting her with enough force to break her jaw. I heard the crunch of my opponent’s jaw but she acted like it was nothing and began raining down blows once I managed to block and evade most of the strikes while still landing a few hit’s of my own, this back and fourth carried on for a few minutes the commentate sounded as though he was creaming his jeans in excitement broadcasting a blow by blow to those watching the on looker where shouting and cheering. Started to drop my defence and allow my opponent to get in a few hard hits. Then as she made an obvious faint I blocked in the wrong direction allowing her to land a knockout blow. I went out like a light and just hoped that I made it look realistic

I woke up to something burning my nose and saw the looming face of walker above me. “What the fuck is that stuff I feel like your trying to melt my face off”

He offered me his hand and helped me up “well at least that went better than last time.

As I got up I realised I was still in the ring, the lamia was making her exit an just nodded in my direction as she saw I was up

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