The Dragon Caged

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chapter 11


Being summoned to the council of watchers was never top of my to do list but it’s also not something you can ignore even as a high elf I treated the watchers with care. I opened the realm gate in my office making sure everyone knew I would be gone for the forceable and they would be notified when I returned. `stepping through the gateway was a unique experience even in comparison to other realm gates, usually you experience with extreme cold or heat. Cut the one that leads to the watches was different as you sleep through it’s like stepping in to an oven the world round yo becomes a haze like seeing a distorted world of a mirage around you then after a few steps you experience a fringed could and the would cracks and shatters in to a million pieces leaving you surrounded in a reception hall every surface is coated with a sheen that’s always changing and shifting. stretching and shaking off the disorienting soundings I see druk leaning agains a wall, an amused smile lighting her feathers she pushes of from the wall and gracefully walks to me in a black business suit and a crimson blouse she was beyond beautiful. I bowed my head to great her.

“lady it’s a pleasure to see you, but can I enquire why you are in the hall of the watchers.?”

“I can only assume it’s the same reason that you are. I received an urgent summons and came as fast as I could. I was about to head to the council chamber when I saw the portal open and thought I would hang around to see who else was making an appearance. And please stop bowing old friend it is unbecoming of on with your station”

“As you wish old friend. Shall we head to the council chamber then and see what trouble we are in”

Druk looped her arm in to Alex’s and they made there was to the council chamber, passing glorious sculptors and paintings as the went. “Alex can I ask you how is Jessica.?”

“She is well at present from the intel I have received.she I on an undercover assignment at present but I can’t divulge much more than that.the task force is doing well in her absence they are looking deeper in to both alrgides and jeremiads background as well as interrogating all surveying personal from the facilityes we raided”

“What about the children do we have any updates on them”.

“The doctor is still working on a schooling structure but the children are all getting the care they need and those with family have all been contacted but dogma is doing we with it all from what I understand.”

I know he’s been sending me progress reports but I wanted another opinion, his reports are very dry and clinical but I haven’t been able to get to see them. So im happy you’ve been able to give me some peace of mind”

As she finished speaking they reached a solid wooden door. Druk reached out and pushed the heavy doors as if they weighed nothing still impressed Alex how strong dragons could beeves in there human form.

As we entered the council chamber we where faced with four of the watchers, the power that radiated from them in this place was enough to bring both druk and I to a stand still the watchers turned to us as though only just noticing our arrival. These where the beings responsible for so much of the evolution of the human and paranormal world. Every time I was in there presence I was taken aback, I could never be classed as young being that I had been alive for hundreds of years but to these beings I was nothing more than a mewling babe begging for attention.

“Please come and sit with us” Penemue said her voice delicate almost musical if the book of enoch is true she is responsible for teaching mortals the art of writing with ink and paper swell as teaching them the secrets of wisdom.

With her sat sariel taught humankind about the courses of the moon

Baraqel (Baraqiel) taught astrology.

And Armaros taught humanity the resolving of enchantments.

They sat in a comfortable lounge setting and motioned us to join them, taking a seat with these beings was an incredible honour, but I did not trust there motives. “Thank you for asking us to join you”

I took the nearest seat that was available hoping that this would all be over soon. Druk took a seat opposite mine and wore a look of boredom,

“You must be curious as to why you have been asked to join us here” asked sariel. Both druk and I stayed silent feeling it best to let him him finsih and indicate when he wanted a response.

He carried on as though we had spoken “it has come to our attention that little progress has been made in apprehending those responsible for the experiment’s that Aldrich and Jeremiah committed and you are still unaware of adriches location”

He gave me a pointed look “yes sir you are correct progress has been slow but we are doing everything we can to resolve this as quickly as possible.” I rushed with my answer knowing that the watchers aren’t known for their patient’s.

Baraquel spoke up”and we have heard that a drug has been in circulation that maybe connected to these individuals or am I mistaken in my information?”

“No sir, your information is correct, we are currently investigating these incidents as well”

“But you are still unable to tell us who you suspect could be behind these act’s maybe it’s time we take a more forceful hand in resolving ……”

The door’s to the chamber burst open and the temperature dropped. In the entrance stood enlil “what is the meaning of this. Who dares call these individuals in here like children” Enlil bellowed “these are representatives of two of the most powerful beings walking the realm’s I demand an explanation”

At that moment I was struck dumb. Looking over to druk I could see the same was true for her.

“Enlil we meant no disrespect to these representatives we are nearly trying to establish what steps we should take in the handling of the current situation if any” came Armarosa’s measured tone.

“We will take no action as is our role in all, we observe and record our influence can be no more than a guiding one as you all know”

There was a moment silence in witch nothing was said but it felt like much was communicated then flash of light surrounded everything leaving us blinking in confusion once our sight returned it was to find that only Enlil, Penemue, druk and I remained.

Enlil let out a steady breath and faced Penemue “thank you for contacting me about this impromptu visit I will be sure to arrange a briefing with the entire council when any relevant information is attained and I will keep you informed of any suspicious activity”

It was my pleasure but if you won’t be needing me any further I’m sure I have other things that require my attention” she then turned to druk and I “ it has been a pleasure to see you today I do hope to meet with you again soon” before I could reply she just vanished

“Enlil would some one be kind enough to inform me as to why druk and my self have been summoned and why it sounded like we where being interrogated?” I asked trying to pose my question as politely as I could not wishing to offend our one source of information on the subject.

“Yes, I’m sorry I will explain everything but can we have this discussion back at the agency at least that way you will be more comfortable”

Why walked in silence back to the reception are the enlil opened a gate to my office. Stepping through I felt myself relax slightly. At least I was now in more familiar surroundings. I took a seat at the small coffee table that I had in my office and gestured for druk and Enlil to do the same.

“Before we begin let me just get some refreshments brought in. I feel like it will help settle everyones nerves slightly to have some tea wouldn’t you agree druk” I asked hoping she would agree. I needed the few minutes to process everything that had happened so that I could formulate a list of questions to decide my course of action.

“That would definitely be welcomed Alex, thank you.” Soit would seem that druk was of the same opinion I was after all. Please rest a moment I will have the refreshments prepared and brought in momentarily”

I went to my desk and called my assistant. “I am back but am still unavailable I have druk and enlil with me and we are in urgent need of refreshments”

Yes sir someone will be at your office shortly with refreshments.

I hung up and made my way to my office door unlocking to let my assistant bring in the refreshment’s and to give me something to do other than wait in uncomfortable silence but that seem to be inevitable so I took a seat in one of my more comfortable arm chair’s “so enlil are you ready to enlighten us as to what all that was about?” I asked.

He held my gaze for a moment “there has been an attempted breach of the realm gate’s”

Knock knock

“Sir I have you refreshments”

“Please leave them on the table and unfortunately I will be on a do not disturb for a while. I would advise you take the rest of the day off” I told her trying to project a Calming tone.

Before I could turn my attention back to the conversation druk had already started “please enlighten us what you mean by the was an attempted breach and why are we being interrogated about it”

“the council believes that the breach is connected to your investigation, and they are unsatisfied with the progress that you have made in finding those responsible.” Enlil explained. The strain in his voice evident.

I couldn’t contain my anger. “What do you mean you are unsatisfied. We have been working day and night we have shut down the facilities that we have found that are connected to the experiment’s, we have set up a training and education facility for the victims, I currently have Jessica undercover trying to track down the slightest clue as to the nature of this new drug that we are sure is linked to the facilities we shut down and you are unhappy about the progress we have made? You are the watchers council the highest order in all the realm’s. Surly if you are that concerned you can get off your asses and intervene” shouted, suddenly thankful that my office was soundproof.

Druk sat close by mouth a gape,

Enlil took a moment to process what I said” you are right under the circumstances you are doing everything you can, and although the council are unhappy with your progress. I am impressed you have come as far as you have in your investigation’s. As to you statement about the council getting involved. We have tried something is blocking us, we can still observe certain events and interred as we always have. But something is blocking us from seeing thing’s that are connected to the agency. We don’t know how long this has been happening but it would seem that we have become lacks in our duty to stand as guardians for the realm’s. The attempted breach of the realm gates is what made us aware of the issues with our abilities.”

Divulging this information was obviously, making him uncomfortable “so what was done to the realm gate’s and what do you need from us” I asked

“As of this morning the watchers are on lockdown they are circling the proverbial wagons the point in you summons was to attempt to place blame for there sudden seclusion.”

“Why are the secluding them selves? And what was the the attempted breach? I asked frustration colouring my tone

The watchers library and the dragons archives had attempted break ins throug the realm gates as you are both aware that shouldnt even be possible but who ever attempted it managed to make a crack in the wards that protect the library and they where able to get a tome of spells and rituals from the blood wars it contain’s lost magic and forbidden knowledge. I don’t personally know of it’s content I don’t know if any of the watchers do but it has them running scared.

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