The Dragon Caged

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chapter 12


On the way back to the house after another intense round of matches, my knuckles bruised my arms and leg’s heavy with fatigue “abbey are we making any progress or am I just getting my ass kicked for no reason.” I grumbel while I curl up on the back seat of the car with my head gently resting on Abigail’s lap.

She began to stroke my hair “Jess what you are putting your self through is giving us access to information we have never had before, I know it’s more intense than what any of us ever thought it would be but just a little more and hopefully we will shut down this whole operation. How about we skip training tomorrow morning.?”

“That would be nice” I said feeling drowsy and knowing sleep would claim me soon my body needed to repair the damage id taken and it would do it quicker if I was asleep “ do you think you can get walker to agree you know how much he likes training” I ask. Hearing a snort of amusement come from the driver’s seat

“I think I can be presided in toggling you the day off from training” came walker’s gruff response I wish I could give you a few day’s off so you could really recover kid. But Kane won’t listen. If he had his way you would be in more matches than what he has you doing now. Apparently you are a hot commodity and are making him more money than he know what to do with”.

I knew Kane was a monster. But hearing that he was profiting from my misery made mu stomach turn in revision. Feeling me stiffen in her lap Abigail pulled me completely into her lap and hugged me “ don’t worry Jess when all this is over I will make sure he sees what a real monster is capable off” she growled this promise into my ear but I knew that Paul and walker sitting up front heard her and I couldn’t help but laugh. Sometime’s I forget just how terrifying Abigail is supposed to be .

Sleep took me before we reached the house.


I couldn’t believe it I had just threatened to show my monstrous side to the man that kept putting her in that cage and she laughed this girl really was amazing before I could say or do anything to respond to her laughing her head was tucked in to my shoulder and she had started snoring.

The two men up front must have noticed this and the rest of the drive took place in silence.

Carrying jess up to the room that we shared was straight forward I knew from past experience that I wouldn’t be able to leave her now so as Paul drove away and I began to clime the stairs that would take Jessica and I to seclusion I asked walker to let nixe and lunette know how this evening went. They knew that they could not disturb us once I shut the bedroom door what happened in their is something that I wouldn’t let anyone else see. Jess did’t need the look’s of pitty or sadness that would accompany the discovery.

I lay jess on the beed and as she slept I cleaned her wounds I knew it was unnecessary but I had to do something to feel useful to her she wouldn’t wake from the treatment I would give her so I started to methodically clean and Dres the scrapes and cuts that covered her getting a bowl of water I cleaned the dried blood from her hairline and trued my best to clean her as I changed her in to soft clean cloth’s. The process didn’t take long but to me it felt like an eternity.finishing this ritual I settled her under her blanket. I Sid into the bed with her and she had soon cuddled in to my body making her self as small as passible while still maintaining as much contact with me as she could.

It broke my heart to see her like this, she is such a strong independent worrier she wouldn’t be broken by this. I will stand beside her and protect her from everything I can but this was a battle I couldn’t defend her from.

She began to shake and moan that’s when I knew the nightmares had began. I knew that no matter how hard I tried to wake her nothing could break her from her dreams so I did the only thing I could and held her wishing I could experience this trial for her.



Waking early screaming like always, I was trapped in the cave still a captive of those two crack-pots I knew deep down that I was free but the nightmare’s just wouldn’t stop.t looking up I made eye contact with Abigail she was just looking at me with her signature toothy grin.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

“About as well as can be expected! Did you bandage me up again” I asked looking at all the bangs that covered my body. I knew it would only be Abigail that did it, she wouldn’t let anyone near me when I slept.

“Of course I did.” She said brushing it off as though it was nothing.

I struggled to get myself free from my blanket but once out of my fluffy tourture device I said “I’m going to get a shower then I kind want to speak to every one and see where we currently stand on the investigation.”

“Okay but rember you are supposed to be skipping training so you can rest and recover today that also mean’s relaxing mentaly this investigation must be hard for your mental health as well as your physical so please just get an update then rest” Abigail looked at me sternly as she spoke all humour gone from her demeanour.

“Your the boss abbey, I won’t be long in the shower so ill meet you in the kitchen shortly.” Grabbing some cloth’s I made my escape before she could say anything else.

In the bathroom I took a good look at myself for the first time in a while. The injuries from last night’s fight’s had all more or less healed now all that remains where the slowly fading yellow and greenish bruising. My injuries are healing faster than ever, that in it’s self wasn’t concerning me if anything I was happy about it. What was worrying me was I was getting stronger and faster. The training I was doing with Abigail and walker shouldn’t be showing the progress it is this quickly. I was starting to need to pull my punches a lot more than ever and my opponents where stronger than ever. It was killing me to have to take the beating’s knowing that if I fought properly I would be wiping the floor with my opponent’s.

Letting the water wash the tension from my muscles I began to thing f Abigail with out her her as back up I don’t think I would be able to keep taking the abuse. Getting tourtured in the cage then reliving the year’s in the cave night after night it was all getting to much.

After a while just standing there lost in my thought’s I realised the water had gone cold. Rushing to get dressed I made my way to the kitchen where I found Abigail nice lunette and a grumpy walker holding the giant fuzz ball that was argus the cat.

“Good morning guy’s is there ay coffee” I asked as cheerily as I could while taking an available seat.

Abigail just pushed a large mug off coffee towards me as though she was expecting my question.

“Thank’s abbey your to kind to me” I said I noticed the little vampier blush but didn’t point it out.

“Walker I wasn’t expecting you to be here so early has something happened” I asked

“nah it’s nothing like that. I just figured that since you are having a day off from training you would want to at least have a conversation about any updates so I slept on the sofa and had this thing keep me company.” I looked at Nixe who just shrugged and gave me a smile. She had set the cat to keep an eye on our house guest at this realisation I couldn’t help myself I just broke down laughing they all just looked at me as though I had lost my mind so I just said thinking of big tough walker being kept company by argus some how made me laugh.

Regaining my composure “so has anyone been able to dig anything up on the drug or any low level dealer’s or suppliers just any information would be good “

Nixie and Lunette exchanged a look. “We’ve been asking around, Like talking to other travellers and settlers from other realm’s not really letting anyone know what we are looking for but there is a lot of talk going around at the minute about a new drug” lunette said keeping her head down as she spoke.

“Wow” shocked by this revelation I had known that they had been keeping an ear out for any information but I didn’t honestly thing it would bear any fruit .

Before I could say anything more Nixie chimed in. “Jess I don’t know if your awear but drug’s in other realm’s aren’t really taboo, you see they don’t usually have lasting affects for most paranormal, and any adverse affects are usually delt with by our natural healing abilities so it’s a bit of a culture shock when paranormals from other realms chose to settle here that drugs are so heavily regulated”

Okay I could kind of understand that but I couldn’t see where she was going with this “okay so are you saying that the drug is hard to get hold of or something?”

“No it’s the complete opposite” she tentatively reached in to her pocket looking at lunette for reassurance. “I promise we haven’t taken any and we honestly didn’t expect someone to just give it to us but here I think this is what your looking for” she rolled a vial towards me with a thick black viscous liquid inside.

“Holly shit where did you get this?” i asked looking wide eyed at my house mates. “It was at a meeting with other settler’s it’s supposed to be a place where we can share experience with each other and network. When we were leaving we got approached by someone we’ve never met before. He asked if we wanted to try something a little new. And would take us somewhere we would love to keep going back to.”

I noticed them both shudder at the thought of the guy “I’m assume he was a real creep. So what he just gave it to you no string’s attached ?” I asked

“Not exactly.” Nixie said tentatively “ he gave us the vial and said it’s a sample and if we like it he would be at the next meeting and could get us a regular supply. He treated the whole thing like it was nothing he didn’t look like he cared if we got over heard.

I could see she was worried about it so I decided. “Okay I want you both to pack a few day’s with of cloth’s and take this to my boss at the agency. This might be the drug we are looking for but until we run some test we can’t be sure of that. So to make sure you get there safely walker I want you to accompany them and act as a body gard. If you can’t get back in time for the matches tonight don’t worry we will meet you back here. But this is a fairly substantial break in the case so all of you be careful. Walker do you have anything to report?

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