The Dragon Caged

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chapter 3

Waking in an unfamiliar environment is always a shock to the system, i went from zero to 100 before the bedding hit the floor. I was in a defensive fighting stance prepare for an attack that never came. If i had an audience i. Would be sure they would be applauding right now. Instead I was greeted with silence. As my brain registered that nothing was happening. I realised i was in my new bed room and i needed to get my shit together before my interviews, my nerves where strung out like a tight rope, i was tense and I couldn’t work out or spar to get rid of my stress and help me relax. I dressed in one of my most professional looking outfits which consisted of plain black trousers light blue blouse and fitted black blazer. I paired this with my everyday boot’s that had a reinforced point at the toe that would cause some damage, if i had to kick anyone in the head. I then applied some make up and styled my hair grabbing my paperwork for the interview i gave myself a look in the mirror and thought it’s nearly time for me to attend my first interview but i think i have time for a cup of coffee . I left my room and made a bee line for the kitchen hoping to get a cup of coffee before i had to sell myself to a bunch of opinionated twats. Walking in to the kitchen i found nixie and argus at the table nixie was enjoying what looked like a calming tea, “good morning nixie, umm is there any coffee or would it be easier for me to get one from the coffee shop?”

“Oh good morning jess, why don’t you take a seat and i will whip up a cup for you how do you take it?”

With a sly chuckle to myself at the double meaning i answered “as strong as possible, black and enough sugar to kill me” she was then up in a flash and rushing around the kitchen like the energiser bunny on speed, i sat down at the table and watched as she fluttered around, but within moment’s she was back at the table with a large mug of coffe and a plate of toasted tea cakes the coffee smelt amazing and I’m sure i started to drool at the intoxicatingly sweet aroma that was sure to give me the energy i needed to at least get me through to the start of my interview’s

“So jess what are your plans for today?”

I have a few interview to get to and hopefully time permitting i might be able to look at a few local gym’s as well so i can start getting a daily training routine in place”

“It’s good to see you are getting setteled so quickly if you need anything just let lunette and i know and I’m sure we will be ale to help” she scooped up Argus in to her arms and made her way to the garden I’m “going to get some fresh air please have some tea cake’s with your coffee I’m sure having something in you stomach will help in the interviews. Then she was off without another word or look back”


Ater a day of interviews the sight of my front door filled me with joy I slipped my key into the lock and was treated with the sound of laughter , intrigued by the sound of merriment i headed for the kitchen which seemed to be the source of all the noise the closer I got to the kitchen the louder the laughter became, I could also smell devious food and wine that made my mouth water. Walking through the kitchen door I was stoped in my tracks standing as bold as brass was Abigail head thrown back in laughter, caring a tray of food to the table where nixie and lunette sat wiping tears from their eye’s from laughing so hard, as abby she set the food on the table and greeted me “oh jess your back!”

My two flatmates turned in surprise “jess it’s great that your back, Abigail was just making some food for everyone, you didn’t tell us you had a partner or that she could cook,”

Before I could say anything Abigail answer for me ”well jess doesn’t like to brag about me. she’s a bit of a private person,

“She’s right” I reply trying to keep an innocent smile on my face “I just want to keep abby all to my self she’s my fanged ray of sunshine”

They all laugh at my reply and I make an excuse to head to my room so I can change in to something more comfortable. Reaching my room I closed the door and let out a breath allowing my muscles to relax I leaned my back against the wall and slowly slid down, what the hell was the crazy blood sucker thinking, she could have screwed up the entire operation before it had even begun. A timid knock came from the door followed by Abigails voice. “Jess I can explain please let me in” with a huff I got up and let the little blood sucker in.

“Well get on with it I’m listening and this better be good” I growled at her

“Well after our discussion and seeing the footage from the previous fight’s last night I decided you need back-up. Ive cleared it with Alexander. He is the only one that know’s. The rest of the team think’s i’m out of the country on personal business, your new house mate’s think I’m your girl friend, I’m using a glamour that has been keyed to you, the only person that see’s me how I truly am is you.”

“why are you doing this? Do you think im incapable of completing a mission? I know I’m still new to this but I think I have a good handle on everything. I know it’s going to be tough but I will survive if I need to lose a few fights to complete this mission I will.”

“Jess I have faith in you completing this mission but you shouldn’t have to do it alone I just…I worry about you” Abigail finished avoiding looking me in the eye”

“Abigail I appreciate what you’ve done I really do and I guess I am happy to see you I think I might need some help with my fighting style,”

You really are going to need help, your fighting style is more defensive and and subdue. Your going to need to change that and forget defences and focus on attacking, also we are going to have to get you a reputation in the gym circuit you can build your strength and and basic fighting form there but I have a place near by getting prepared that we are going to use for your real training, im going to be drilling everything I know about combat that I know in to you. I’ve fought in gladiator rings and bare knuckle combat throughout history. By the time you go to your first match your fighting style will be unrecognisable, now lets get that cute butt downstairs and act like the loved up couple we are supposed to be”

I froze as she reached for my hand “I don’t know what you’ve told them I have zero backstory, ive never even been in a relationship before I have know clue how to act”

Abby just burst with laughter “you really are unbelievably adorable do you know that” she say’s while trying to regain her composer.

“I don’t understand what’s so funny”

“You will run into a hostile situation with slim odd’s of survival to save a life without even giving it a second thought, yet the thought of romance, love, a simple emotional connection get’s you acting like a cute little rabbit draped in the shine of a cars head light’s” she then lean’s in and grazes her lip’s against mine “I think we will need to work on that” she pulls away and goes to walk out the door turning at the last second, “ and don’t worry I will take care of all the talking,” then in a whisper I could nearly hear she muttered I will always protect you.

I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to hear her say that last part. I squeezed her hand and let her take the lead on what I was sure was a night that was going to entertain me and horrify me in equal measure.

By the end of the night Abigail had befriended both Lunette and Nixie. Argus had claimed a place on her lap, everyone had relaxed and Abigail regaled them with tale’s of past adventures and told them stories about the few social excursions her and I had had since we met. Although she altered them just enough as to not raise any suspicion as to our relationship, the night was growing late, “guy’s it’s been fun but I have another early start tomorrow and if I don’t get some sleep I will be cranky” I made a move to leave giving argus a scratch behind the ear as I went by as I reached the stairs I noticed that Abigail had also excused herself and was following behind me in silences but her eye’s never left me. Making it to my room I held the door open for Abigail to follow me inside she gave me a checky mischievous grin that I just rolled my eye’s to. I undressed and went to bed ignoring her giggles as I turned the light’s off casting the room in to darkness, banishing all thoughts off Abigail until the morning I drifted to sleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

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