The Dragon Caged

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Chapter 6

The next 4 week’s of my life consisted of leaving the house in the morning with Abigail to head to her state of the art abandon wear house where she would train me in way’s that I never thought where possible, as well as teaching me fighting techniques and stances she was teaching me various forms of dance and yoga at first thought this was ridiculous but no matter how many times she told me it was a waste of time she just looked at me and said she knew what she was doing and we had better thing’s to do than argue about her training this alway’s pissed me off but she was going out of her way to help me so I just did as I was told. My work out’s at the gym where progressing well after my first introduction to Kane at his office I rarely saw him instead every day I got to the gym I was taken to a back storage area that had a stairwell tat lead down to a facility that was designed more for paranormals it had weight’s that would crush any human that tried to use them and it was always busy with other supernatural in all shapes and sizes most of them I couldn’t identify some I didn’t even know how to describe . My time here was spit between working on wights that helped build muscle in all the right areas so I could take a hit and keep going. The rest of my time was working on my fighting forms which was a lot different to what abby had been teaching me. Walker the guy that had been assigned as my trainer he would spend time teaching me moves then have me use them in sparing matches against other supernatural that where usually bigger, stronger and faster than me. After one brutal training session I lashed out at him.

“Walker are you trying to fucking kill me or something look I get it im not you choice of fighter’s but that was ridiculous. If you hadn’t finally called a halt to the match it would have broken my fucking back”. I pointed back to the troll that was strolling off like a champion.

“Keep you voice down kid and treat me with some god dam respect. Look I’m being tough on you because I don’t want to see you dead. Now Ive been told Kane want’s to see you in his office before you leave today and ive been given the next 48hr’s off”

“Okay what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It mean’s he’s put you on the roster you have a fight. Wipe that grin from your face and don’t look so happy about it. Your not ready for the cage yet that sparing match with the troll should have proven that.”

“What do you mean I’m not ready? And you told me not to go full strength against him”

“That trolls not even ranked to fight he comes to train so he can brag to his buddies at the pub that he trains with cage fighter’s. I haven’t wanted you to show how strong you really are because then you would be putting an even bigger target on your back than you already have”

“I don’t know what…….”

“Save the bullshit kid I know that you aren’t what you say, I know your definitely doing outside training to get you stronger quick and that’s a good thing. Take the next few days and rest because the match isn’t going to be easy. Also I’ll be working your corner so there won’t be any funny business with people trying to dope your water”

Well shit I had to give it to the guy he was definitely preceptive.

“Thank’s I think”

“don’t mention it, know get out of here so I can enjoy my day’s off” he stalked off without another word and without looking back.

I made my way to Kane’s office before I showered to show that I understood the urgancy of his need to see me, knocking on his door he just bellowed it’s open.

Befor I had a chance to close the door he snapped “just stay there, I have a match set for you this Saturday, be here at nine pm I will have Paul bring you a fighters uniform. Make sure young late. And I don’t want to see you here from not till the fight get some rest so you are 100% on the night” he then waved me out a an after thought, I showered and changed at top speed left the gym and was straight on the phone to Abigail.

“Jess what’s happened ive just seen you on the suer valance system leaving the gym”

“Yeah I’m fine ive just been called to Kane’s office I have a fight scheduled it’s this Saturday”

After a long pause

“Jess get to the warhorse now I will meet you there”

Before I could answer I was greeted to a disconnect tone. Well I better get moving.


As I arrived at the warhorse I could see abby waiting outside she looked as though she was angry about something but I had no idea why.

“Hey what’s happened?”

“Wait till we get in side then we can talk.”

Her behaviour was strange and it set me on edge entering the building a took a weary glance around me to ensure it wasn’t a trap nothing jumped out ready to attack but I didn’t let my guard down. As she locked the door I could physcliy see the tension drain out of her.

“Okay you need to tell me what has you so freaked out”

“They’ve got you fighting already that’s part of what’s freaking me out, not hearing if from Paul is sending up read flags. You aren’t ready I think we should pull you out of the fight”

“What do you mean you want to pull me out of the fight, that’s not your call. You are here as back up. Im sure Paul is updating Alex on everything and I will only stop this assignment when he says so”

Holding her hand’s up in surrender “jess something isn’t right. You haven’t herd from the contact, I know you are making progress but do you think you ready to take a beating?”

“Look I understand you’re concerned but I took loads of beating’s trapped in that cave with jerimaia running his experiment’s on me and I survived that I’m sure I will be able to handle getting beaten up a few time’s”

Abby took a calming breath and reached out her hand, she slowly caressed Jessicas cheek “I know you still have night mare’s about what happened in those caves I had my suspicions before this mission but seeing you sleep and how much pain you radiate as you relive those events night after night. I just want to protect you from more trauma”

“You don’t need to protect me. I signed up for this I knew what I was getting myself into, I knew it was going to be hard, but some one has to stop them.”

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