The Dragon Caged

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chapter 8

My head was pounding my muscles hurt, that must mean im alive but what the fuck had happened to me. I heard and felt the soft grumbling purr from argus I tried to sit up to get more comfortable and to stroke my fluffy guest but the moment i attempted moving, my body sent pains shooting through me, I let out a brief scream of pain that was slowly followed by 3 figures bursting in to the room all looked extremely exhausted but they all broke in to huge smile’s when they saw me awake. Abigail rushed towards me with a huge smile but in contrast had tears spilling from her eye’s “it was touch and go for a little while but I new you would pull through hun just please don’t pull a stunt like this again on me”

Lunette and nix let out strained chuckles. I looked around to see I was on the kitchen table and I was covered in a blood stained blanket. “What …what happen and how did I end up here. Last thing I remember is the fight”

At my question Abigail stiffened her arms that where still wrapped round me stiffened to the point that it was like being wrapped insulin steal she let out a protective growl. It was like she was on high alert for attack.

“Abby calm down, I’m okay but I need to know what the hell happened”

She took in a deep shuddering breath and it looked like it caused her physical pain to relax her grip on me she stepped away making slow and deliberate movement’s. Taking a seat that had been pushed away from the table she began to explain.

“I got a call from Paul shortly after the fight ended you where in really bad condition from the little I could get out of the rat bastard before he fled. Your opponent was given the compound in a huge dose. Apparently you where doing okay, the fight was heading in the direction we wanted. You went for a final attack im assuming to make everything look legit. from what we have been told everyone in the pit heard the impact and you must have broken at least one if not a lot more of the guy’s rib’s, the next thing anyone knows he was using you as a human punch bag and they had to shoot him with tranquillisers to take him down”

As abby told me everything she knew I began to get flash back’s “well if this is how hard these fight’s are going to be im going to need to train harder. “ as I spoke there was a knock at the door that practically shock the entire house.

I tried to move. But Abigail lay a hand on my shoulder and shock her head. She lead the other two towards the front door leaving me with the overly fluffy cat for company.

After just seconds of silence I heard raised voices again, well it didn’t sound like I would be getting rest anytime soon. Lifting argus in to my arms I got up from the blood soaked table the blanket fell from me. I was happy to see I was still dressed in my cloths from the fight looking over myself I could see the purple and green bruises beginning to bloom across my body, me face hurt more than the rest of me. So I was happy I couldn’t see my reflection.

After a seconds hesitation and its no Indication that anyone was coming back to tell me what was going on I took an unsteady step towards the hallway becoming more sure of my footing with every step.i made it half way to the from door before they released I was there.

Abbey was the first to speak “what the fuck are you doing up. Get back there and lay down”

I waved her of “im okay just a little unsteady, who are you yelling at out here?” Then I saw him chest puffed out looking like he was ready to storm an enemy base. “Walker why are you here”

Seeing me standing before him battered and bruised holding a fussy cat seemed to calm him down I’m not sure if it was relief or bewilderment but all fight seemed to evaporate from him but if you looked at him closely his eye’s still held the edge of a murrderuos rage. “Okay why don’t we all head to the garden and discuss everything like civilised adult’s instead of screaming at each other like toddlers.”

They all nodded in agreement but insisted that I get cleaned up first. Looking at myself again I realised that I looked like a survivor from a b rated slasher movie so while walker lunette and nix made their way to the garden, Abigail assisted me to the bathroom where I finally managed to get a proper look at myself while the shower warmed up, as I assessed the damage I could already tell that I was healing most of my more serious injuries, my face was still swollen in many places I could nearly see more than a few inches of skin that hadn’t been heavily bruised or cut. “How long has it been since ive been back here?”

“I think 5 maybe 6 hours”

“My healing ability’s are getting stronger. This sort of punishment would usually take a few days to recover from but at this rate I should be more or less okay by tonight” as I said this I could see true sadness written al over abbeys face.

“Jess please reconsider caring on with this assignment. Seeing you laying there in that condition, seeing you like this. I don’t think my heart can take it”

A lone tear made it’s way down abbey’s face I reached out cupping her cheek in my hand, “im sorry Abigail I shouldn’t have put you through that, but I can’t stop this mission, you didn’t see what that drug did to mal. He is human he shouldn’t have been able to move the way he did. He shpulnt have been able to hurt me with his bare hands, not seriously anyway. I can’t just let these maniacs keep dosing people like this it’s horrible it’s worse than what jeramhia ever did, they are turning these people in to mindless animal’s, at least when I was trapped with druk I still had my free will, I was still able to find refuge in my own mind.” I leaned in touching my head to Abigail’s both of us heading silent tears. “I’m sorry but this isn’t something I can walk away from I can understand if you want to leave you can go back to the agency and tell them everything that’s happened if you wish but I can’t let this go im in it until the end.”

Abbey to took a long calming breath “you still don’t get it do you?” She leaned in a kissed me softly on the lip’s “ i am not leaving I can’t. The thought of not being near you is to much to bear. You are young, pig headed, and far to caring for your own good. And if I wasn’t hear to watch your back then who would be their to pull you scaly hide out of the fire, now im going to wait here while you shower then we are going to have to explain everything to those waiting outside.”

Abby then slapped my ass playful with a grin and waved me away to take my much need shower.

This was going to get complicated but as I undressed and got in to the shower all I could focus on was that lingering kiss, everything could wait in that moment all that mattered was the kiss and the thought that the little blood sucker was just a few feet away from me and she wasn’t leaving.

After a quick shower that felt like heaven, I dressed quickly in a lose pair of yoga pant’s and a baggy t-shirt, then headed straight for the seating area in the garden. Despite the late hour the night was still quite warm and as I enter the garden with the sullen blood sucker in my wake I saw, walker lunette and nixie all sat in silence beer’s in hand and all looking tense, I took the nearest seat to me and felt all eye’s following. “So I guess I owe you guy’s an explanation!”

“That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one” grumbled walker as he took a swig from his beer” Abigail took a seat next to me and just looked at him with a threat of violence if he spoke again.

“Cool your tit’s vampier I’m not here to cause trouble but I want to know what’s going on? There is no way this kid should be walking around after the beating she took and why is she hanging around with a member the vampier council and a high council enforcer to boot”

“Well fuck me sideway’s” I said in surprise. “You two know each other?”

Walker just looked at me blankly as if saying that he would speak no further on the subject but Abigail with her devilish smile in tow said “we have had the occasional run in with each other over the year’s but it’s not really relevant to this conversation. Let’s just say I know he’s a good person and someone that I believe we can trust”

With that reassurance I opened up about the reason we where there, about the drug, about the people we suspected where behind it and what I was.

“Well that explains why you can take that sort of beating and already be this healed upbeat we are going to need to keep you out of the gym for a few day’s at least so it doesn’t raise to many question’s about your recovery” walker announced as though he was now an active part of the assignment.

“What do you mean we?” I asked in shock

“Kid I aint going to stand by and watch someone like you take this on with just a vampire as back up so I’m in I will help you as best I can. I’m assuming you have a training area set up outside the gym where she’s been training you?” He asked nodding towards Abigail.

“I’ve got somewhere that I train her why?”

“Because I’m going to be joining you in your training sessions we will be able to make more progress if we are working from the same training plans that’s why”

I left Abigail and walker to argue about my training and resigned myself to the fact that trying was officially going to suck. I made my way to linnet and nixie “hey you have both been rather quiet through my explanation are we okay” I asked with a nervous shake in my voice. I wasn’t expecting therelesponce to affect me but as I waited I wanted them to forgive me for my decite and except me as though nothing had changed.

Lunette looked longingly in to the clear night sky and cleared her throat “I don’t feel like I have to forgive you Jessica you haven’t decided us for selfish reason’s you just wanted to keep us safe but I ask that you trust us now and let us help you as much as possible. We might not be fighters but we can still help so please what ever you need just ask..”

Nixie nodded her agreement and I felt so happy to find people who where willing to help. I now longer felt so alone. With everything laid out on the table I felt a wave of fatigue hit me like a freight train seeing this nixie instead that I go straight to bed and I was lead to my room by Abigail I don’t recall reaching my room before the darkness of sleep claimed me.

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