The Dragon Caged

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chapter 9

It was the end of my second week away from the gym, my injuries had all healed and I was already training harder than ever. What ever history walker and Abigail had they didn’t let it interfere with my instruction if anything it made them work harder each trying to one up the other. Today though walker was missing I didn’t miss the constant bickering between him and abbey but the lack of his imposing figure made me worry.

When he entered the wear-house abbey and I where in a sparing match I was focused on her breathing as we circled each other trying to see the moment she tensed ready for attack, I could see the sweat beading down her neck her eyes where eagle sharp roving over my body, looking for any indication that I was going to attack, but I held my ground I would block and evade until she gave me an opening then I would exploit it, the in an instant her moments changed she dropped low and launched forward I immediately dropped to the floor and preformed a sweeping kick to her legs knocking her to the floor then pinned her to the mat prepared to deliver a finishing blow. Abbey held her hands up in surender. “Okay I’ll admit it your getting a lot better but in the cage your opponent isn’t going to give you the time to analyse there movement’s they will be pounding on you whiteout thinking so you need to analyse as you go and adapt mid movement if you need to, don’t commit to an attack until the very last moment so they don’t have time to react”

“Ladies I have some new’s” I looked round shocked at walkers sudden presence

“How longe have you been watching?”

“Long enough to know you kicked the vampier ass”

Looked over at abbey as she walked off in the other direction giving him the middle finger as she went.

“Well she’s as charming as ever, but im serious that was a good take down I know first hand that it’s not easy fighting that vamp.”

“Are you ever going to tell me what the story is between the tow of you. Or am I going to have to keep dealing with you both acting like children” I raised my voices that abbey could hear me and she replied in her most sarcastic tone “ not my story to tell love, maybe if you ask the jack ass nicely he will tell you”

I gave walker a pointed look “maybe another, at the moment we have more important things to discuss”

“what’s happened” came Abigail’s voice from beside me. It still shocks me how fast she can be.

“Well I’m sure you will hear soon but Kane has been asking about your recovery. Not out of any concern but apparently your a very popular commodity and the clientele is begging to see you fight again. He’s arranged you next fight it’s in 3 days

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