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The Princess of Embrit

By p_dub__ All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Farah's coming of age ball is supposed to be perfect. It's her first ball and starts the count down of days until she takes over the kingdom. But when the ball is crashed by a group of men, the king and queen are kidnapped and Farah is left with only a note from her mother with a prophecy scrawled on it. Farah goes after her parents, all the while trying to figure out what exactly this prophecy means. Will she find her parents? Will they be alive? And what is this prophecy stuff about?


Thunder rocks the castle as servants rush from room to room gathering supplies to birth a baby. Queen Fayette groans as another excruciating contraction squeezes her swollen belly. The baby is so close to being born. Fayette knows that, and welcomes it. She not only is ready to meet the new addition to her family, but she is also ready for the pain of labor to cease. The nurse who is in charge of birthing Fayette's child rushes into the room.

“Are you ready, your highness?” she asks as she spreads a towel out at the end of the bed.

Fayette nods her head, clenching her teeth together as another contraction hits. “You are ready to push now,” the young nurse, Matilda, says calmly.

Fayette cries out as she pushes with all her strength. She feels the baby inside her stomach shift a little. “Again,” Matilda commands. Again, the queen pushes with as much strength as she can muster and feels the baby move downward some more. The pain is unbearable now. “One more big push,” Matilda says. With a loud cry, Fayette pushes as hard as she can. The pain dulls and she goes limp against her pillow.

“Congratulations, milady. You have been blessed with a girl,” Matilda says as she finishes wiping the baby down, handing her to her mother. “What is her name?” Matilda asks. Matilda has always been a curious one.

“Farah,” the queen whispers, feeling drained of energy. She hardly notices the storm raging outside.

“That’s beautiful, milady. I’ll let you rest now.” Matilda takes Farah gently from the queen and turns to leave, ushering out unnecessary servants. She stops abruptly and turns to face Fayette. Matilda’s eyes are clouded over and she has a vacant look in them. She starts speaking in a raspy, distant voice.

“The Princess born on this stormy night, will one day bring us a treacherous fright.

Through hardships and danger she must go, but never must she give up the throne.

Fair skin, dark hair, a glorious sight, but an even more glorious right.

Blessed or cursed, we will not know, for she has been bestowed with powers unknown.

Her destiny is clear, we shall not fear, the Princess will bring peace to an unrestful kingdom, and open up a world of cheer.

Though, how long or costly, we shan’t know, she will banish our lands of snow, bringing joy and peace where ever she may go.”

When Matilda finishes, her eyes clear and she shakes her head in confusion. “I-I’m sorry milady, I don’t know what came over me.” She apologizes then hurries from the room.

What was that all about? Did Matilda just recite a prophecy? About Farah? Fayette wonders in confusion.

Fayette reaches into the drawer of her bedside table and pulls out some parchment. She quickly jots down the prophecy Matilda had said. If it was a real prophecy, then she didn’t want to forget it. One day it could be important.

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1. Prologue
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